Syria Demands War Reparations From Illegitimate “US Coalition” for Destroying Their Country

Source: RT News

‘Illegitimate coalition’ must pay for destroying Syria – Damascus to UN

FILE PHOTO: Smoke rises over Syrian town of Kobani after an airstrike. A U.S.-led military coalition has been bombing Islamic State © Kai Pfaffenbach / Reuters

July 23, 2017

Syria wants the US and its allies to pay for the destruction of Syrian infrastructure and to bear legal responsibility for “illegitimately” bombing civilian targets, Damascus has told the UN, demanding that the American-led coalition strikes stop.

The Syrian “Government insists that these attacks must come to an end, and that the members of this illegitimate coalition must bear the political and legal responsibility for the destruction of infrastructure in the Syrian Arab Republic, including responsibility for compensation,” the Permanent Mission of the Syrian Arab Republic to the United Nations said in letters addressed to the UN Secretary-General and the President of the Security Council.

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Stating that the ongoing US-led anti-terrorist airstrikes “continue to claim the lives of hundreds of innocent Syrian civilians,” Damascus claimed that the bombings had led to a “near-total destruction” of homes and vital infrastructure, including the “utter destruction” of oil and gas facilities.

The attacks, along with US and EU-imposed economic restrictions on Syria “are impeding the maintenance of those economic facilities and jeopardizing the prospects for development and reconstruction” in the country, the letters, written last week, said.

To support their claims, Syria’ correspondence referred to two recent cases where the coalition’s jets destroyed oil and gas facilities. Damascus also said the May 27 bombardment of Hasu Albu Awf village in the Hasakah governorate, “completely” destroyed many homes and killed at least eight civilians, “most of them children.”

On Friday, the US-led coalition announced the demolition of a number of oil and gas facilities in various parts of Syria which allegedly belonged to the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) terrorist group.

Targeting the terrorists’ illegal oil trade and jihadist infrastructure has been a cornerstone of both American and Russian strategies in Syria. But while Moscow coordinates its strikes with the Syrian government, the Washington-led operation has been harshly criticized for its indiscriminate bombing practices and doing so without communicating with Syrian government forces.

Please go to RT News to read the entire article.


This is a good one. Mattis suggesting there is “no military force that concerns itself more  about preventing civilian deaths than the US military”. The illegitimate US coalition just obliterated the city of Mosul, Iraq. To demonstrate their great appreciation of the Americans for destroying the city of Mosul, Iraq just ordered Russian-manufactured T-90 tanks.

Mattis: No One More Sensitive to Civilian Deaths

Over 230 killed under rubble after ‘US-led raid’ in Mosul

Scores feared dead in ruined Mosul building hit by coalition airstrike – witnesses

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Russian Military Could Force The U.S. Out of Syria, Army Official Says [AD note: This is a Newsweek article and readers will be amused to learn that Newsweek took down fabricated Sputnik-Trump collusion stories after a settlement was reached.]

‘Trump decision to end CIA covert ops in Syria will be severely attacked by Neocons’


Finally, the US destroys Syria, or attempts to, while China begins investing in rebuilding the country of Syria. This really has people scratching their heads:

While the US drops bombs, China invests $2 billion in rebuilding Syria


Defense Audit Reveals $1 Billion in Missing Receipts

Source: Straus Military Reform Project

By Holly Carabbio | July 12, 2017

Photo in Creative Commons Flick’r User

A declassified audit of a major anti-terrorism program recently made headlines after Amnesty International reported that the Army had “failed to keep tabs” on receipts for over $1 billion worth of military equipment in 2016. Amnesty obtained the Department of Defense Office of Inspector General (DoD IG) audit through a Freedom of Information Act request.

The DoD OIG audit detailed (or rather, did not detail) over $1 billion worth of lost receipts for military equipment for the Iraq Train and Equip Fund (ITEF), an effort authorized by Congress in the FY 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) to combat the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL). This Fund is part of the larger Operation Inherent Resolve, which was formed in 2014 to “degrade, and ultimately destroy” ISIL in Syria and Iraq. The NDAA had allocated over $2.3 billion for the DoD to provide a broad range of assistance to the Iraqi government, the Kurdish Peshmerga, and tribal forces to defend “Iraq, its people, allies, and partner nations” by reclaiming lost territory. The equipment, which ranged from Kevlar helmets to mine resistant vehicles, was intended to arrive in Iraq and Kuwait in order to support military operations fighting ISIL.

According to the audit, the DoD failed to completely process the equipment’s journey from the United States to Iraq and Kuwait, leaving the Army without “accurate, up-to-date records on the quantity and location of ITEF equipment in Kuwait and Iraq.” This is partly because the Army’s 1st Theater Sustainment Command (TSC), the officials leading the effort, did not use a centralized database to account for ITEF equipment. Instead, Army officers used multiple Microsoft Excel spreadsheets to record the quantity and dollar value of equipment shipped to Iraq. At each US military site, different officers “maintained their own spreadsheet” to track equipment being transferred to the Iraqi government. Manually inputting data into multiple spreadsheets for over 13,000 pieces of equipment greatly “increased the risk” of inaccurate receipts. As a result, the 1st TSC “could not provide the immediate quantity, dollar value, and location of equipment on hand in Kuwait and Iraq.”

Army manuals have strict procedures for maintaining property accountability. The 1st TSC’s actions blatantly ignored Army Regulation 710-2, which outlines supply policy: all property must be logged into the Defense Property Accountability System (DPAS) for coordinating logistic and financial operations—every piece of equipment, including lost, found, donated, or abandoned property, must be entered into this system. According to the audit, the 1st TSC did not record “identification data, gains, losses, dues-in, and balances on hand or in use” for thousands of receipts. This is also a direct violation of Army Regulation 735-5, which requires consistent recordkeeping for Army property “from the time of acquisition until the ultimate consumption or disposal of the property.”

A report released by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) last month raises additional concerns about the accountability of US military equipment provided to Iraq and Kuwait through the ITEF in 2016. The report determined that official protocol was neglected during all three stages of the arms transfer: acquisition and shipment, staging in Kuwait and Iraq, and transfer of arms to the Iraqi government and the Kurdistan Regional Government. Without recording this data, the Army “cannot ensure that the equipment has reached its intended destination.” Out of the 13,674 items sent to Iraq and Kuwait in 2016, only 566 had receipts. Not only is this ratio incredibly small—roughly 4 percent—but out of these receipts, none recorded all of the required information. While 256 of the receipts (about half of the reported number) revealed when the equipment arrived at its “last point of departure” in the United States, none of the receipts recorded the date it was shipped out. Furthermore, none of the receipts included the date of arrival in Iraq or Kuwait, or even the date of transfer to the appropriate military forces. All Foreign Military Sales are required to have a unique case identification number to capture this information, but only 95 receipts included one. Finally, the GAO was “unable to determine whether [they] were provided all the equipment transfer and receipt forms.” In other words, the GAO cannot determine how many receipts the 1st TSC should have written to begin with.

These regulations, audits, and reports are meant to combat a number of problems that arise in military operations. First, accuracy is essential to maintaining efficiency in any program. As the audit points out, unreliable data “could delay the fulfillment of a request” or could prompt “duplicate” requests, thus creating an unnecessary backlog of forms. A lack of records could be perceived as lost equipment, resulting in over-requesting unneeded equipment. Without receipts, the DoD “cannot ensure that the equipment has reached its intended destination, nor can program managers conduct effective oversight of ITEF-funded equipment,” thus allowing problems to worsen.

But tracking equipment prevents a much more dangerous situation: lost or stolen weapons. In a 2015 report, Amnesty International documented the size and composition of ISIL’s stockpile by analyzing images, video clips, and other sources from Iraq and Syria. ISIL’s stockpile is a conglomerate of weapons that vary wildly in size, age, and origin. While some of their weapons reflect previous conflicts, such as the Iran-Iraq War (where many soldiers brought their arms home), a number of arms used by ISIL are American-made, partly because “over the past decade successive Iraqi governments have made large purchases of arms…from China and later from the USA.” According to Amnesty International, the “fragility of the Iraqi armed forces” and “multiple failures by the US-led occupation administration to manage arms deliveries and stocks securely” has partially fueled ISIL’s stockpile: American semi-automatic rifles, ammunition, and anti-tank missiles form part of ISIL’s inventory. The report surmises that decades of “multiple failures by the US-led occupation administration to manage arms deliveries and stock securely,” along with poor security controls in Iraq, has led to ISIL’s mixed arsenal. Historic mismanagement of arms may exacerbate the issue the ITEF was created to solve.

While the $1 billion in lost receipts made headlines in both domestic and international media, it’s not a new issue: improper documentation consistently plagues the DoD. In its Agency Financial Report for FY 2016, the DoD recounts that “property accountability has been a continuous challenge…in both Iraq and Afghanistan,” and admits that the Army lost equipment worth over $586.8 million in Afghanistan in 2014 alone. Surprisingly, the ITEF’s 13,000 untracked pieces of equipment is a massive drop from the 135,000 untracked items supplied to the Afghan National Security Forces in 2009. Officials in Afghanistan “did not maintain reliable records, including serial numbers” for these weapons, thereby placing a considerable amount of arms “at serious risk of theft or loss.”

At this time, the DoD has not fully disclosed why they failed to document all ITEF equipment. However, the Department agreed to comply with most of the GAO’s proposed solutions. Along with identifying the “root cause” of the issue, the GAO encouraged the DoD to “develop an action plan with associated milestones and timeframes” to ensure that tracking information is captured in the Security Cooperation Information Portal (SCIP), a database started in 2011 intended to be “a source of information for all aspects of U.S. Foreign Military Sales.” US military personnel, international recipients, and officials from other agencies can view and enter information into SCIP. In order to “maintain complete visibility and accountability of ITEF-funded equipment in SCIP,” the GAO urged the DoD to investigate any possible “inoperability and data reporting issues” within the database. The GAO also suggested that the Secretary of Defense provide written procedures for including equipment transfer dates in this database, and to reflect these procedures in the 1st TSC’s operating manual. In response, the DoD pledged to provide the root cause to the GAO within 30 days after the final report, develop an action plan, and alert the 1st TSC of amended protocol. Fortunately, manuals are “easy to fix,” and the DoD has “already implemented corrective procedures and written them into guidance.” Better recordkeeping goes a long way in strengthening US forces and reducing ISIL’s, and can stop both lost arms and unnecessary spending. It also paves the way for more effective oversight: accountability is difficult when information has disappeared—or never existed in the first place.

John McCain: Out of Touch, Out to Lunch and No Longer Fit for Public Office

September 9, 2013 By 21wire

21st Century Wire says…

As train wreck politicians go, it would be difficult to top the case study of Republican US Senator John McCain from Arizona.

Many people were shocked to see images of McCain this past week, playing video poker on his iPhone while a Senate Committee debated the very war of which he is a chief architect. After being caught in the act, he then crassly tweeted: “Scandal! Caught playing iPhone game at 3+ hour Senate hearing – worst of all I lost!

Welcome to the wonderful world of John Sydney McCain III

This past week, at a Town Hall meeting chaired by John McCain, an audience member stood up and proceeded to articulate his views on the hypocrisy and illegality of US foreign policy in Syria, and went on the accuse McCain and others in the US Federal government of committing treason against the American people, before finally called for the arrest of McCain and others who have been lending their support and military backing to al Qaeda in Syria. After being completely exposed and given this dressing down by a member of the general public, the Senator then tried to make a joke and defended his prestige of standing in eight elections. He appeared noticeably shaken, and became confused and began stumbling on his words.

It was a rare sight to see: a seemingly confident, arrogant and extremely wealthy politician being knocked off his perch by a member of the public, exposing the incredibly thin veneer of credibility and status which many politicians are propped up on by the mainstream media. Below is the video of John McCain’s shocking face to face confrontation with a member of the public:

John McCain DESTROYED By True American Patriot

Please go to 21wire to read the entire article on McCain.


Additional reading on “Lump Jaw” from 21 Century Wire:

John McCain and The Cancer of Conflict


Kelly 40 – Freescale MH DNA, Rothschild Stealth By Serco Demons, Canadian Bridge To Drag And Drop

Field McConnell, USMC 0116513
Abel Danger Global Private Intel
P O Box 39
Plum City WI 54761

via fax to 202-612-1976 fax to John Kelly’s secretary

The Honorable John F. Kelly
Secretary of Homeland Security
Washington, D.C. 20528

From the Cloud Centric Crime Scene Investigators of Abel Danger

July 21, 2017

Dear Secretary Kelly:

We ask you to accept Brief 40 from Field McConnell – United States Marine and Global Operations Director of Abel Danger (AD) – on the need to compare the DNA of the MH Flight 17 crash victims with the DNA of the Freescale employees on MH Flight 370 who may have been killed to conceal investments by Jacob Rothschild, a member of the International Advisory Board of The Blackstone Group, in patented Freescale image-processing devices (CN101523481A) for stealth technology, Serco Demon face recognition software and Canada’s keys to a drag-and-drop facility on the the federal bridge certification authority network.

Anonymous Blows The Missing Flight MH370 Mystery Wide Open [VIDEO] – Anonymous – Rothschilds & Malaysian Airlines MH370 Connection

Note root key for USPTO and the US Treasury is held by the UK MOD which Serco serves as proxy

Copy of SERCO GROUP PLC: List of Subsidiaries AND Shareholders! (Mobile Playback Version)

Yours sincerely,


Field McConnell
USMC 0116513
P O Box 39
Plum City WI 54761



Digital Fires Instructor Serco – Camp Pendleton, CA Uses information derived from all military disciplines (e.g., aviation, ground combat, command and control, combat service support, intelligence, and opposing forces) to determine changes in enemy capabilities, vulnerabilities, and probable courses of action.”

“Now rebel commander blamed for downing MH17 says ‘bodies aren’t fresh’ claiming corpses at crash site have been ‘dead for days’
Igor Girkin claimed corpses around the wreckage died before plane took off
Pro-Russian rebel said they were drained of blood and decomposing
He was said to be one of the laughing rebels who filmed the attack
Tweeted after the attack: ‘We warned you – do not fly in “our sky”.’
PUBLISHED: 18:15 EDT, 18 July 2014 | UPDATED: 09:45 EDT, 23 July 2014”
For immediate release: May 3, 2001

“MDA Wins Key U.S. Aviation Contract
Richmond, B.C. – MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates Ltd. (TSE: MDA) announced today the company has been awarded a contract by the United States Air Force to develop a system to be used by specialists at Air Force bases to design Instrument Approach Procedures (IAPs).

IAPs are published instructions to pilots specifying a series of aircraft maneuvers that must be executed for the aircraft to transition safely from an en route airway to a runway final approach when flying by instruments. MDA’s system ingests digital terrain and elevation data, air navigation data (such as the locations of navigation aids, runways, buildings and towers) to build and display a virtual model of the physical environment surrounding an airport. It then develops the complex surfaces that define a safe approach corridor for any of the dozens of IAP variants, and determines whether any of the defined surfaces are penetrated by terrain or man-made obstacles. It flags these incursions to the operator, who can quickly modify the approach procedure through a drag-and-drop user interface.

This initial award, valued at $2.9 million (CDN), consists of a fixed price element to develop, integrate, and test the system. The next phase will include installation, government testing, and operator training. The contract includes an option for the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to adapt the system for their needs. The U.S. Air Force also has options to field the successful system at up to 108 air bases around the world, and to award T&M support contracts for up to 8 years. MDA plans to team up with Air Navigation Data (AND) of Ottawa to offer a custom solution, based on AND’s “Final Approach” product.

MDA President and CEO Daniel Friedmann said: “This is a significant project for MDA that has the potential to improve the safety of air transportation for many other air forces and civil aviation authorities world wide.”

Related Websites:

“Interoperable Security and PKI Solutions Entrust is a recognized leader in public key infrastructure — commonly known as PKI — and information security solutions among defense and civilian government agencies and private sector organizations. Headquartered in Addison, Texas, Entrust provides interoperable PKI and non-PKI solutions to more than 1,700 customers around the world who have stringent security requirements and complex environments. Entrust technology also serves as the foundation for the vendor-neutral U.S. Federal Bridge Certificate Authority (FBCA), which enables digital certificate interoperability between various domains internal and external to the U.S. Federal government.”

“VANCOUVER, B.C.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–June 29, 1995–MACDONALD, DETTWILER (TSE,VSE:MDA) MacDonald, Dettwiler and Associates, Ltd. announced that its data communications unit, The PSC Group, has reached an agreement with Northern Telecom Ltd. of Mississauga, Ont. Under the pact, PSC is providing certain services for a new Nortel security product called Entrust.

The PSC-Northern Telecom relationship is part of a new trend, called functional outsourcing, that is helping PSC to achieve rapid growth. Outsourcing allows independent consulting firms like PSC to provide training and other support for the customers of large multinational computer and communications companies.

Over the past two years, PSC has developed its first outsourcing relationship, with computer network equipment manufacturer Cisco Systems Inc. of San Jose, Calif. Under this relationship agreement, PSC has become a leading trainer for customers of Cisco around the world. Cisco itself is growing quickly. Its sales nearly doubled in 1994 to $1.2 billion (U.S.) and customer demand for training is very strong.”

Serco Processes 2 Millionth Patent Application for U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
March 19, 2013 RESTON, VIRGINIA – March 18, 2013 – Serco Inc., a leading provider of professional, technology, and management services to the federal government, announced today that their Pre-Grant Publication (PGPubs) Classification Services team recently processed their 2 millionth patent application for the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). Each application was also processed within the contractually required 28-day window.”

Serco has supported the USPTO under this program since its inception in 2006, and currently processes approximately 1,600 applications a day, and over 400,000 applications annually. Under the contract, Serco has been instrumental in assisting the USPTO as it transitioned to a new international classification standard called Cooperative Patent Classification (CPC) and will continue to provide services within CPC that enables the USPTO to align and lead within the global intellectual property environment. Work on this program will continue to take place in Harrisonburg, Virginia.”

“This was posted on facebook in a discussion of the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370
Here’s what you all need to know. Spread this information everywhere:

Four days after the missing flight MH370 a patent is approved by the Patent Office 4 of the 5 Patent holders are Chinese employees of Freescale Semiconductor of Austin TX.
Patent is divided up on 20% increments to 5 holders:

Peidong Wang, Suzhou, China, (20%)
Zhijun Chen, Suzhou, China, (20%)
Zhihong Cheng, Suzhou, China, (20%)
Li Ying, Suzhou, China, (20%)
Freescale Semiconductor (20%)

If a patent holder dies, then the remaining holders equally share the dividends of the deceased if not disputed in a will.

If 4 of the 5 dies, then the remaining 1 Patent holder gets 100% of the wealth of the patent.

That remaining live Patent holder is Freescale Semiconductor.

Who owns Freescale Semiconductor?

Jacob Rothschild through Blackstone (what an interesting name for a company) who owns Freescale.
Here is your motive for the missing plane. As all 4 Chinese members of the Patent were passengers on the missing plane, and that patent was the breakthrough. We have entered the future proper, and four men was just murdered so that the last, still living member can keep this for himself to either hide or profit from.”

“Missing Malaysia plane: The passengers on board MH370
17 January 2017
After nearly three years, the hunt for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 has been suspended by authorities.

… The co-workers Also on the plane were 20 staff members from a US technology company, Freescale Semiconductor, which makes powerful microchips for industries, including defence. Twelve employees were from Malaysia and eight were from China. The company said it was “deeply saddened” by the news, in a statement on its website.”

“Image processing apparatus for superimposing windows displaying video data having different frame rates WO 2008044098 A1

Publication number: WO2008044098 A1
Publication type: Application
Application number: PCT/IB2006/054685
Publication date: Apr 17, 2008
Filing date: Oct 13, 2006
Priority date: Oct 13, 2006
Also published as: CN101523481A, 4 More
Inventors: Christohe Comps, Sylvain Gavelle, Vianney Rancurel
Applicant: Freescale Semiconductor, Inc.
Export Citation: BiBTeX, EndNote, RefMan
Patent Citations (5), Referenced by (5), Classifications (7), Legal Events (3)
External Links: Patentscope, Espacenet”

Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild, 4th Baron Rothschild, OM GBE FBA (born 29 April 1936) is a British investment banker and a member of the prominent Rothschild banking family. He is also Honorary President of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research.[2] …. From 1963 Rothschild worked for the family bank N M Rothschild & Sons in London, before resigning in 1980 due to a family dispute. The chairmanship of the bank had passed from his father, who had chosen to follow a scientific career and had lost control of the majority voting shares, to his cousin Sir Evelyn Robert de Rothschild, and Jacob felt that his aspirations would be thwarted. He sold his minority stake in the bank, but took independent control of Rothschild Investment Trust (now RIT Capital Partners plc), an investment trust listed on the London Stock Exchange.[4]

Sir Evelyn De Rothschild, the richest man in the world, Interviewed on CNBC, Sept 2009.

After resigning from the bank in 1980, Jacob Rothschild went on to found J. Rothschild Assurance Group (now St. James’s Place plc) with Sir Mark Weinberg in 1991.[5] In 1989, he joined forces with Sir James Goldsmith and Kerry Packer, in an unsuccessful bid for British American Tobacco.

Rothschild is Chairman of RIT Capital Partners plc, one of the largest investment trusts quoted on the London Stock Exchange with a net asset value of about £2 billion.[6] He is Chairman of J Rothschild Capital Management, a subsidiary of RIT Capital Partners plc.[7] He is also a Member of the Council for the Duchy of Cornwall for HRH The Prince of Wales[8] and a member of the International Advisory Board of The Blackstone Group.[9] [Who are the financial actors behind the WTC complex?] He also retains many other venture capital and property interests.

From November 2003 until his retirement in 2008, he was Deputy Chairman of BSkyB Television[10] and until 2008 he was a Director of RHJ International.[11]”

Motorola announced that their semiconductor division would be divested on October 6, 2003 to create Freescale. Freescale completed its IPO on July 16, 2004.

On September 15, 2006, Freescale agreed to a $17.6 billion buyout by a consortium led by Blackstone Group and its co-investors, Carlyle Group, TPG Capital, and Permira.[26] The buyout offer was accepted on November 13, 2006 following a vote by company shareholders. The purchase, which closed on December 1, 2006, was the largest private buyout of a technology company until the Dell buyout of 2013 and is one of the ten largest buyouts of all time.[27]

Freescale filed to go public on February 11, 2011 and completed its IPO on May 26, 2011. Freescale is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol FSL. At the time of the IPO, the company had $7.6 billion in outstanding debt on its books,[28] and the company is being investigated for misconduct related to this IPO.[29]


Freescale is being sued by Marvell Semiconductor for infringing seven patents held by Marvell. The case is being litigated in the US District Court for the West District of Texas.[30] Freescale recently lost a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Tessera Corporation and was forced to pay an undisclosed amount as part of the settlement.[31]”

Further to announcements made by Serco Group plc (the “Company”) on 12 March 2015 and 30 March 2015, 549,265,547 New Ordinary Shares of 2 pence each will be admitted, nil paid, to listing on the premium listing segment of the Official List of the UK Listing Authority and will be admitted, nil paid, to trading on the London Stock Exchange’s main market for listed securities at 8.00 a.m. today

…. J.P. Morgan Securities plc, which conducts its UK investment banking businesses as J.P. Morgan Cazenove, Merrill Lynch International, HSBC Bank plc, Barclays Bank PLC and Crédit Agricole Corporate and Investment Bank (together, the “Underwriters”), which are authorised in the UK by the Prudential Regulatory Authority and regulated in the UK by the Prudential Regulatory Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority, are acting exclusively for Serco and no one else in connection with the Rights Issue and will not regard any other person as their respective clients in relation to the Rights Issue and will not be responsible to any person other than Serco for providing the protections afforded to clients of the Underwriters, nor for providing advice in relation to the Rights Issue, the contents of this announcement or any transaction, arrangement or any other matters referred to herein.

N M Rothschild & Sons Limited (“Rothschild”), which is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority in the United Kingdom, is acting exclusively for Serco and for no one else in connection with the Rights Issue and will not be responsible to anyone other than Serco for providing the protections afforded to clients of Rothschild nor for providing advice in relation to the Rights Issue.”

HSBC hires Rothschild to lead private bank overhaul
By Alex Steger 21 Dec, 2015
HSBC is set to restructure its private banking division in the wake of criticism surrounding its Swiss arm, which earlier this year was alleged to have helped clients avoid tax.

According to the Financial Times, HSBC has appointed Rothschild manage a restructure of its global private banking division, which will involve the sale of riskier portfolios and shrinking its global footprint.

The private banking division is profitable. It made $261 million (£175 million) before tax in the first nine months of 2015, but this was down on the $554 million it posted in the equivalent period last year and the division has been hit by conduct issues – not least allegations of tax dodging surrounding its Swiss arm.

In February the BBC reported HSBC had helped wealthy clients avoid paying millions of pounds of UK tax, after it had seen leaked documents from HSBC‘s private bank in Switzerland which showed that out of 7,000 British clients, many had not declared their accounts.”

Support Services for Starwood Hotels Group Starwood Hotels Group, owner of some of the [Innholders] world’s most prestigious hotels, has appointed Serco as preferred bidder for a £7m contract to provide a range of support services to the Sheraton Grand in Edinburgh, the Westin in Dublin and the 5 star Turnberry resort on Scotland’s west coast. The contract, which has a 5 year term, is an extension to services already provided to other [Innholders] hotels in the Starwood Group and includes buildings maintenance and security, engineering support and [WiFi] help desk services.”

The National Crime Squad co-ordinated arrests of suspected paedophiles across 19 separate countries on 28 November using information supplied by Demon Internet.

The Internet service provider was approached by the National Crime Squad and agreed to allow officers to access its servers. This led to the recovery of data showing the activity of nearly 1,500 newsgroups during a two-week period.

From this data, officers established that almost 10,000 Internet Protocol (IP) addresses had accessed more than 30 of the Web sites carrying paedophilia. For operational reasons this number was whittled down to just over 400 addresses of those specifically distributing paedophiliac images.

The information was then distributed via Interpol to the countries identified with the suspects, and evidence packs on each of the targets were distributed to the relevant police forces

Detective Superintendent Peter Spindler, leading the investigation for the National Crime Squad, said: “With the assistance of Demon Internet and the support and guidance of the National High-Tech Crime Unit, we are able to show that those accessing these newsgroups did so regularly and with purpose.

“We also learnt, not surprisingly, that those abusing the Internet have learnt from recent police successes how best to protect their true identities,” he added.

The National Crime Squad and Serco, its IT partner, have developed facial mapping software that they hope to use to identify the abused children featured on the paedophiliac sites.”

SERCO: ‘The biggest company you’ve never heard of’
JULY 7, 2013 BY 21WIRE
21st Century Wire says…

As politicians asset-strip the public’s portfolio of properties, infrastructure and services, one multinational corporation has grown as a result – and its scope and reach may shock many people who have not been paying attention.

All around the globe, our governments are busy outsourcing public-sector services like health, education, police, prisons, money delivery and military – to the esteemed private sector. It’s sold to the public as a solution to avoiding higher taxes, while retaining better services. But it’s simply an accountancy shell game, where the government kicks the can down the road by spreading the bill to the taxpayer over a longer period of time, in order to avoid any large upfront payments – all the while, allowing a private corporation to extend its influence over society. This, by definition, is fascism.

They are called SERCO, and they run countries…

The Biggest Company You’ve Never Heard Of

As well as thanking God for his success, CEO Chris Hyman is a Pentecostal Christian who has released a gospel album in America and fasts every Tuesday. Coincidentally he was in the World Trade Centre on 9/11 on the 47th floor addressing shareholders.

Renta Kids

Malia and Sasha Obama Were Loaned by Their Real Parents so America Would Accept the Fake First Family

July 14, 2017

(Before It’s News)

I know this briefly made the rounds last year…but I’m not sure everyone saw it and I have been meaning to post a blog about it and just get it down in black and white for safekeeping and also so the facts are preserved. I don’t want anyone to forget how cheated and lied to we were by this last presidential puppet they installed. I mean, they took it to a whole new level with the creation of Barry Soetoro.

And I feel like we are constantly inundated with so much information that sometimes important details that should be preserved are swept away with the tide and forgotten about…never to return. So here it is:


(I originally posted the following on Facebook in December of 2016):

I saw the video that Fisher of Men did on this titled “I Found Malia and Sasha’s Real Parents”. So just to note…he’s the one who originally made this connection. After he made that video he was visited by the secret service and is now in prison on trumped up charges….they say he is a “domestic terrorist”, but we all know that means he’s simply a threat to them.

So people in the alternative media have wondered for a long time who Malia and Sasha’s real parents are (being that Michelle is most likely a man). This is a great piece done on the topic in 2013 by Dr. Eowyn at Fellowship of the Minds. She did a very thorough investigation and it is definitely worth the read.

Where are Obama’s daughters’ baby pics and birth records?

I won’t go into all the details but here are a few basic points from it. None of the ancestry or genealogy sites have any record of either girl. has no birth records for Malia or Natasha Obama. In fact no birth records can be found on either girl ANYWHERE.

There are no pictures of the Obama’s with the girls when they were babies. (Actually only ONE single photo has been found and I’m no expert on photoshop but it doesn’t take an expert to see that it’s a very sloppily flung together photoshopped picture. It’s almost embarrassing to look at really…they did such a bad job.)

If readers can stomach it, by all means, please go to Before It’s News to read the entire article on renting kids for the White House stay.


Will Maxine Waters bring renta kids to the White House too?

Democrats’ most committed Trump hater Maxine Waters heads to New Hampshire amid speculation she’ll run for the White House (and lots more could follow)


Please Just F#cking Die Already (“Affectionately” Known Around AD as “Lump Jaw”)

Source: Medium

by Caitlin Johnstone
Rogue Journalist
July 18, 2017

A study by the Journal of Patient Safety says that somewhere between 210,000 and 440,000 patients die every year as a result of medical errors. If there was a God, murderous warmongering neocon John McCain would have been one of them.

Checkmate, theists.

If you’re waiting for the part where I say I’m just kidding and would never wish death on anybody, please allow me to make myself clear: I sincerely, genuinely hope that Arizona Senator John McCain’s heart stops beating, and that he is subsequently declared dead by qualified medical professionals very soon. I don’t wish him a painful death, I don’t wish him a slow death, I don’t wish him an unnatural or violent death; I only wish that he becomes incapable of facilitating the merciless slaughter of any more human beings.

And yet here he is, as if taunting us all, crowing after a major surgery at 80 years of age about how he can’t wait to get back to work.

This evil man has supported every US military bloodbath in his obscenely long lifetime, and has been actively involved in both promoting and manufacturing support for every single despicable act of military invention throughout his entire career. A 2013 Mother Jones article from back before that publication became another establishment smut rag titled “Map: All the Countries John McCain Has Wanted to Attack” describes how McCain has sincerely pushed for military escalations in countries not even the insatiable US war machine has gone for.

This man has such a hardon for World War 3 he went so far as to publicly accuse Rand Paul of “working for Vladimir Putin” in March for opposing NATO expansionism. On the Senate floor. In real life.

Eighty years is a long time. John McCain has led a good, long life, had a lot of grandkids, gotten a lot of people’s guts ripped out with cluster munitions. He can take it easy now. There’s no reason anyone should still be going to work at 80 years old. He can die a proud, happy man. And he should. Like, yesterday.

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Canadian allegedly behind shuttered Dark Web market AlphaBay

Source: The Globe and Mail

Alexandre Cazes is pictured in an undated Facebook photo.

by Tu Thanh Ha and Colin Freeze • July 20, 2017

Earlier this month, Alexandre Cazes, a computer whiz from Quebec, was living in Bangkok. He had a villa in Phuket, a Lamborghini and a Porsche, along with bank accounts in Thailand, Liechtenstein and Switzerland.

But the 25-year-old millionaire planted the seed of his downfall years ago, when he left his Hotmail e-mail address visible online. It was that clue which led police to detain him as the alleged mastermind of AlphaBay, a Dark Web site that served as the world’s biggest anonymous online marketplace of illegal goods.

Within days of his arrest on July 5, Mr. Cazes was found dead hanging in a Bangkok jail. His apparent suicide occurred ahead of his extradition to the United States, where he was indicted on 16 criminal counts, including racketeering, narcotics conspiracy and money laundering.

Details of the investigation that led to Mr. Cazes’s demise and the dismantling of AlphaBay are outlined in U.S. court documents released Thursday. This case amounts to the second time this year that American federal agents have successfully targeted an ostentatiously wealthy Canadian computer expert in his early 20s while unfurling a global conspiracy.

U.S. Attorney-General Jeff Sessions announced the charges in Washington, telling reporters the AlphaBay bust stands as one of the most significant criminal investigations of 2017. He said such marketplaces are directly linked to a deadly continuing opioid epidemic, which is now killing one American every 11 minutes.

“We know of several Americans who were killed by drugs [bought] on AlphaBay,” Mr. Sessions said. “One was just 18 years old when in February she overdosed on a powerful synthetic opioid which she had bought on AlphaBay.”

The RCMP assisted the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation in its probe of Mr. Cazes and started a parallel criminal investigation of him after being tipped by U.S. authorities in January.

While the Mounties have lately been redoubling their own efforts at tackling cybercriminals and halting fentanyl smuggling, a chief superintendent has publicly lamented how Canadian efforts have been stalled by clandestine transactions done anonymously on the Internet, through sites that bear a close resemblance to AlphaBay.

Please go to The Globe and Mail to read the continuing news on this nasty shit.



More dirt on the deep web:



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Taking Down the “Deep State” One Organization at a Time

Source: The Hill

Trump declines invitation to address NAACP

By Jacqueline Thomsen • July 20, 2017

President Trump will break with White House tradition of speaking at the NAACP convention, deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Wednesday.

Sanders told reporters Trump had declined the invitation from the oldest civil rights group in the country to speak at their annual convention in Baltimore next week.

“My understanding is that the invitation has been declined for this year, but certainly the invitation for dialogue with that group would happily take place, and we would certainly like to be able to continue to do that,” Sanders said.

Presidents going back to Ronald Reagan have addressed the NAACP.

NAACP Board Chairman Leon Russell told the Associated Press that he questioned Trump’s commitment to black Americans after declining the invitation. The organization learned that Trump would not be speaking from reporters.

“During his campaign, President Trump asked us ‘what do you have to lose?’ “Russell said. “We get the message loud and clear. The president’s decision today underscores the harsh fact: We have lost — we’ve lost the will of the current administration to listen to issues facing the black community.

“When President Trump is ready to listen to us and the people we serve, we will be here,” Russell added.

Trump last year was also the first GOP presidential nominee in years to not speak to the NAACP — Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney both addressed the convention during their presidential bids.


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Anti-Semitic Backlash to the NAACP

Jewish Dominance and Exploitation of the Black Civil Rights Movement


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The silent Jewish control of Black Lives Matter, Civil Rights Movement and the NAACP

Large Scale Land Grab In South Africa Will Initiate Civil War (Race War) – Stop Murdering White Farmers – Julius Malema Sings “Shoot the Boer, Shoot to Kill” – US Military Exercise In South Africa

Is South Africa Headed For Civil War? | Steve Hofmeyr and Stefan Molyneux



‘Bury them alive!’: White South Africans fear for their future as horrific farm attacks escalate

March 25, 2017

By Frank Chung


LAST month, British woman Sue Howarth and her husband Robert Lynn were woken at 2am by three men breaking into a window of their remote farm in Dullstroom, a small town in the northeast of South Africa, about 240km from the nearest capital city.

The couple, who had lived in the area for 20 years, were tied up, stabbed, and tortured with a blowtorch for several hours. The masked men stuffed a plastic bag down Mrs Howarth’s throat, and attempted to strangle her husband with a bag around his neck.

The couple were bundled into their own truck, still in their pyjamas, and driven to a roadside where they were shot. Mrs Howarth, 64, a former pharmaceutical company executive, was shot twice in the head. Mr Lynn, 66, was shot in the neck.

Miraculously he survived, and managed to flag down a passer-by early on Sunday morning. Mrs Howarth, who police said was “unrecognisable” from her injuries, had multiple skull fractures, gunshot wounds and “horrific” burns to her breasts.

“Sue was discovered amongst some trees, lying in a ditch,” writes Jana Boshoff, reporter for the local Middelburg Observer newspaper. “Her rescuers managed to find her by following her groans of pain and then noticing drag marks from the road into the field.

“Her head was covered with a towel. Her eyes were swollen shut. She was partially clothed with just scraps of her shirt remaining. Her breasts and upper body was bloody. The plastic bag, shoved down her throat, took some effort to remove because her jaw was clamped down tightly.

“How she managed to breathe with the bag in her throat remains a mystery. One of her rescuers later recalled how Sue was unresponsive except for the constant groaning. Whilst the man ran back to the road to see if an ambulance has not arrived yet, she managed to curl one of her arms around her breasts in a last attempt to protect herself.”

She was rushed to hospital and placed on life support, but died two days later. Due to her British nationality, her murder attracted an unusual amount of overseas media attention.

Please go to to read more about these horrific attacks on white farmers in South Africa that are escalating daily now.

Fistfight erupts during Zuma’s State of the Nation speech

Malema defies court ruling – sings “shoot the boer, shoot to kill”

Terrorist Nelson Mandela engaged in “calculated terror…the mining of roads, the bombings of public places all designed to bring about further repression.”

President Jacob Zuma sang “Shoot the Boer” at the ANC Centenary Celebration event in January of 2012.

The clenched fist of Jacob Zuma.

Above: “Kill the boer”. – Julius Malema – This is South Africa today: Misrule. Corruption. Violence. Poverty. Decline. Black Supremacy. These are the fruits of the “Rainbow Nation.” The fake news media doesn’t talk much about South Africa these days.


Violent communist revolutionaries take over South Africa with the intent to completely erase the history of South Africa:

As to be expected from western media sources not reporting what is happening in South Africa, white South African farmers are on the brink of being forced off their farms they are still paying loans off for to the same banks connected to the Zuma government. The world needs to open their collective eyes to the unbelievable brutality that is happening this very moment in South Africa. The government controlled media in both South Africa and America are not letting any of this information get out, this needs to be spread to the world about these escalating farm murders discussed by Steve Hofmeyr of South Africa and Stefan Molyneux in the first video posted above.

White Genocide in South Africa is REAL! Farm Murders and Attacks!

Farm Murders in South Africa


Further reading on farm attacks in South Africa and what appears to be South Africa turning into a communist thug state:

FACTSHEET: Statistics on farm attacks & murders in SA

70 farmers killed in 2016 – attacks more sophisticated

Police to protect lawmaker critic of South African President‎ Zuma

White South Africans Are Preparing For “Removal of All Whites Within Five Years”

South Africa’s President Zuma ‘risks race war’ as he demands land owned by white ‘occupiers’ can be taken without compensation

South African white supremacist leader Eugene Terre’blanche ‘hacked to death at home at home by workers’


Simon Roche – Suidlanders: Preparing for Disaster in South Africa

Start preparing white South Africans (constituted under the aegis of international law):



South Africa is a communist state heading towards chaos and disaster. As the violence and murders increase, white farmers continue to leave South Africa if they can, or are increasingly being forced into “white slum camps” where they will be easily targeted. If this continues in South Africa there will subsequently be violence (race war), civil war and this will ultimately lead to food shortages and economic disaster. If the video above is watched of the fight that broke out inside the South African parliament during Zuma’s “state of the nation” speech, the participants look like thugs in a turf war.

Wake Up World South Africa is Becoming A Communist State


Finally, why is the US military in South Africa in joint training exercises with the South African military and what are these military exercises being conducted for that began July 14, 2017 and will conclude on August 4, 2017? Is the US military in South Africa conducting these joint military exercises in anticipation of any potential violence should the Zuma government act to confiscate white owned farms without compensation? This is a UN-mandated military exercise under the pretext to prepare for “offensive action against rebel groups.” Considering the content of the previous material published above on South Africa, could the increasing potential for white South African boers (farmers) to organize to protect themselves against any coming violence perpetrated on them be considered “rebels” under this US military joint exercise in South Africa?

US military C-17 aircraft to join South African exercise



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