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US Quite Invasion of Syria

Etienne J. Murphy, 22, was an infantryman assigned to Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment at Hunter Army Airfield, Georgia. Spc. Murphy, died in Al-Hasakah, Syria, of injuries sustained during a vehicle rollover related incident, according to the Pentagon.

Psychologically Preparing the Minds of Americans For War

Newsweek Magazine published its latest edition [United States] (26 May 2017) with an image of Vladimir Putin on the cover with the ominous title: “The Plot Against America.” As to be expected there is no mention of any “plot against Britain” when it has been Britain at war with Russia for the past 200 years.

The History of the Neocon Takeover of the USA

This is the interview I just did with authors, Elizabeth Gould and Paul Fitzgerald, who have written a definitive 4-part article on the origins and the history of the Neocon movement. The influence of the Neoconservatives has been catastrophic to the American government – and to much of the world, yet as they point out, it never seems to end.

Bombshell Intel on Former FBI Comey

Ed Note: This intel report comes from our own (New York insider) Ziad Abdelnour (Blackhawk Partners) and he wants you to know the extent of how serious the Trump / Swamp situation is and for this intel to be spread worldwide via your contacts. He also states that President Trump is fully aware of each detail of this report. Corporate Fakestream Media have strict orders to avoid discussion of Comey’s close ties with the Clinton crime network. – Dave Bertrand




Veterans should be aware of the military installations listed by EPA as among the most toxic environmental sites in the US. The information on the health effects of toxic exposure can save their lives.

Neither the VA or Veterans Service Organization like the American Legion, VFS, the DAV, and many others post this critical health information on their websites. This omission supports that the Congressional Affairs Committees are negligent in their oversight responsibilities.

Whistleblowers and Investigative Journalists

Be a Whistleblowers and Investigative Journalists