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imperium - jew hollywood

Jew Hollywood Brainwashing White Ethnicity as Terrorists

Unlike “The Believer,” “Romper Stomper,” or “American History X,” “Imperium” — directed and scripted by first-timer Daniel Ragussis — is not principally concerned with exploring the political or psychological dysfunction that drives young men to join violent hate-groups. Indeed, though based on a story by former FBI agent Michael German (who based much of the narrative on his own undercover experiences), “Imperium’s” depiction of the white-nationalist underground is ultimately background for a straightforward potboiler, and the film is at its best when it stays in that arena.

Clinton Foundation Donations - Special Access

Clinton Foundation Donations Linked to State Deptartment Favors

The recent release of additional private emails from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s private email servers based at her New York home provide a clearer picture of the “pay-to-play” connections between Clinton’s State Department, her and her husband’s and daughter’s Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative, and the private investment consulting and investment firm of Teneo Holdings, Inc. in Manhattan.



colonel james sabow murdered - cia drug trafficking

Treachery – Forward

The murder of Colonel Sabow involves numerous forensic scientists (resulting in expert v. expert), the FBI, the US Attorney General, the South Dakota State Crime Laboratory, numerous US senators and congressmen (especially Congressman Duncan Hunter Sr., Chairman of the Armed Services Committee at the time) and twice instructions in the House DOD Appropriations Bill to investigate the death (which has been skillfully subverted both times). There is no question that the most powerful organization in the world does not want the true nature of Colonel Sabow’s death revealed.

Judge Anna Von Reitz

Judge anna von reitz

Hello? Earth? This is Anna……. Houston? We’ve Got a Problem Here….

Until you go to court and adopt a name, you don’t have one. Your Mother gave yours away to them by mistake.

You’ve just been allowed to use your own name all these years. It doesn’t actually belong to you.

And this is how the “government”—- which is just a privately owned corporation like Walmart— contrives to control everything you do, lays hold to everything you own, and maintains an iron fist over your head from cradle to grave. You are a “Missing Person”.

Literally. You disappeared from the Public Record when you were a few days old and so, you are literally “presumed dead, lost at sea” and all your property is “presumed” to belong to the government corporation—-which belongs to the Holy See.

Whistleblowers and Investigative Journalists

Be a Whistleblowers and Investigative Journalists