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Got Any Stingers?

Often times, intel comes to us in various forms, requiring us to parse it, vet it, sort it, collate it, confirm it and then compose a release/report for public consumption. In this instance, the intel will be released as is for it needs no process as described above. Some of these facts were already known, others not, but now we have the…

Reverse CSI 14: Poster for Bridge on The Twin Towers Dead Pool – First Ladies’ Spots on Con Air Clocks

David ‘Sherlock’ Hawkins, co-founder of Abel Danger with Field McConnell, is developing reverse-engineered CSI storyboards for 3-act radio dramas and/or theatre plays to give injured communities a scene-by-scene analysis of high-value-target or mass-casualty events which appear to be associated with the negligent, wilful, reckless or fraudulent use of patented devices to spot fix the times of death and body counts for dead pool operations on the federal bridge certification authority (FBCA) network.

How Money Rules

Let us first ascertain that the Banking Cartel is indeed the hegemon. And this can be proven by one simple statistic: the World is indebted to them to the tune of $247 trillion dollars. That is three times World GDP. This debt costs about $12 Trillion per year to service, which is about one sixth of World GDP. It is known that all this…

Competition of Ideas and Systems

After President Ronald Reagan’s speech to the British Parliament on June 8, 1982, Reagan traveled to Berlin to give a speech in front of the Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin, June 11, 1982. The purpose of the speech was to accept Leonid Brezhnev’s challenge and to issue a challenge of his own – a competition of…

Fresh Perspectives on Nutrition and Energy

For a convenient, on the go, raw food meal, visit us at David Wolfe discusses the benefits of raw food smoothies and raw foods in general. Abel Danger takes a step back from the seriousness of their economic forensics and criminal networks to enjoy life a bit more with raw foods.



Suppression of Treachery by Amazon

The email received today from Amazon provides no reason for the suppression. Please provide your justification for this action. I find this action troublesome since the material addressed in TREACHERY supports with physical and forensic evidence the murder of hundreds of American military personnel.

Pedophilia & Fake News

Another Day In the Life Of Pedophile Infant Rapists

In one of the most disgusting cases ever to come across the radar of the Free Thought Project, a police officer has been sentenced to 16 years in prison after he was caught by his fellow officers—raping a baby. The now former cop, 48-year-old Dean Roberts filmed himself abusing a helpless infant while on duty. He then distributed the…