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British Intelligence Behind “Russiagate”

When President Donald Trump said in March 2017 that GCHQ (Government Communications Headquarters) was monitoring Trump Tower, he was right. The initial claim, made on Fox & Friends by senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano, was ridiculed by Establishment media and Fox soon backed away from the story.

British Brains; American Muscle

When it comes to creating bogus news stories and advancing false narratives, the British intelligence services have few peers. In fact, the Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6) has led the way for its American “cousins” and Britain’s Commonwealth partners – from Canada and Australia to India and Malaysia – in the dark art of…

The Art of the Bait and Switch

In 1987, Donald Trump wrote a book titled The Art of the Deal. It appears now that Donald Trump is going to demonstrate The Art of the Bait and Switch. I expected it from the moment I heard that Trump was bringing Larry KRUDlow (sic) into his administration. Years ago I gave Larry Kudlow the…

America Matters Live! Interviewing Abel Danger Field McConnell!

This is a discussion with Field McConnell with April LaJune of America Matters Radio Show on April 18th, 2018. Field compares our circumstances to “an uncontained engine failure and when the engine becomes unbalanced it throws shrapnel out in every direction. If the engines fail that is a huge problem for passengers re 9/11.”