Another Commercial Assault (the Pharmaceutical Carnage – Patent ‘738)

We Have a Serious Problem Here With Pharmaceutical Corporations

“Our Children Are Being Sold To The Pharmaceutical Industry”

Welcome to the Wellcome Trust – The Human Genome Project – The Benefits Will Invariably Go to Pharmaceutical Companies – Health Care System Will Be Converted Into One Gigantic Biomedical Research Project – What Will You Pay for Medical Privacy? – From Eric Arthur Blair to Tony Blair – Here, Little Piggy – Oink, Oink

Cloud-Centric Crime Scene Investigation (C2CSI) Radio for August 25, 2015 – Rebuttal to Article – Searching for Light in the Darkness of Insanity – So, How Many More People Are Going to Have to Be Killed? – 56 Percent of Ireland’s Exports Are Linked to Pharmaceutical Production (€47 Billion Market) – Leave the Children Out of This Controversy

Vermont: “The First Medically Fascist State in the U.S.” – Australia Is a Medical Police State – Callous Hypocrite Tony Abbott, the Pope of Forced Vaccinations – Profit-Mongering by Pharmaceutical Companies – Stand Up for Vaccine Choice!

IG Farben Chemical–Pharmaceutical Octopus – Producing Synthetic Compounds for World Industrial Domination – Rockefeller–Standard Oil–Farben Connection – Ongoing Chemical Warfare Against the Population – American Corporations Wreaking Destructive Havoc – The Pharmaceutical Empire

Abel Danger Explains Gun Control Agenda – The Military Pharmaceutical Complex – The Military Industrial Complex – The Military Media Complex

What Is the Verdict on the Ebola Virus?

“When We Say ‘Pharma Greed Kills,’ This Is What We Mean”: Critics Respond to Possible Purdue Bankruptcy

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