Zuckerberg’s Faceborg and Russia

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Zuckerberg “Admits” Facebook Conspired With Russians To Tank Hillary’s Campaign

This is all starting to make a lot more sense. For nearly a year now we’ve reported on leak after leak and rumor after rumor from the likes CNN, The New York Times and Washington Post alleging that Trump conspired with Russians to rig the 2016 presidential election all while being completely astonished by the lack tangible evidence being presented by those outlets in support of their rather serious allegations.

But, what if CNN was right all along except it wasn’t Trump conspiring with the Russians to stage a coup in the U.S., but rather an evil, billionaire, tech mastermind with his eyes dead set on a 2020 run? What if, knowing that Hillary Clinton was on track to win the 2016 election in a landslide and likely to occupy the White House for eight years, Mark Zuckerberg knew something had to be done to clear his path to D.C. and sprung into action to undermine her campaign?

Moreover, what if we were to tell you the whole thing only cost $50,000 (insert Dr. Evil laugh) to orchestrate?

We’re on to you, Zuck…

For those who didn’t pick up on our ‘subtle’ sarcasm above, allow us to clarify…that was a joke.

That said, we can only assume that Facebook’s press release today regarding alleged Russian advertising campaigns on Facebook was intended to be completely serious.

Apparently, after digging through advertising data for the better part of full year now, Facebook felt compelled to let us know that they found a staggering‘ $50,000 worth of ad buys that ‘MAY’ have been purchased by Russian-linked accounts to run ‘potentially politically related’ ads.

No really, Facebook, a $500 billion company, actually thinks that $50,000 worth of ad revenue is news and quite literally could have changed the course of American history.

Of course, if that kind of influence can be purchased for a mere $50,000 then Procter and Gamble needs to drastically rethink their advertising strategy.

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Source: Gateway Pundit

SWAMP: Mark Zuckerberg Gave Robert Mueller Data For Trump-Russia Investigation

September 6, 2017 • by Joshua Caplan

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe into Russian interference in the 2016 election has taken yet another strange turn. This time, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has transferred data on ads “likely” purchased by Russian entities.

Whatever that means.

CNBC reports:

An internal Facebook investigation has found it is “likely” Russian operatives spent $100,000 on ads with “divisive messages” between June 2015 and May 2017.

A blog post on the issue, which was published on Wednesday, said the operation involved 3,000 separate ads over a two-year period and was likely to have been run out of Russia. In addition, Facebook found 470 affiliated fake accounts and pages.

The social media giant has turned over all information about those ads to special counsel Robert Mueller, , a source familiar with the matter said told Reuters on Wednesday. That includes copies of the ads and the identity of the buyers, the source said.

Former FBI Director Mueller is investigating Russian efforts to influence the 2016 election and whether the Trump campaign colluded with the Kremlin.

The news comes as former Trump campaign aides are saying things do not look good for Paul Manafort in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. Associates believe Manafort may go down for an array of financial crimes.

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Source: The American Mirror

‘F*ck Zuck 2020’ street art appears as Facebook founder hires Hillary strategist

As Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg begins to surround himself with political consultants, street art appeared in California recently that shows not everyone would “like” his rumored political run.

Los Angeles street artist Sabo recently posted several Facebook photos showing his latest work: “F*ck Zuck 2020” street art in Pasadena.

The poster features the familiar Facebook hand with the blue cuff, except Sabo modified it with a middle finger:

Please go to The American Mirror to read the entire article and view more images.


Facebook’s owners (CIA/private intelligence) and executives created third party fake and traffic networks to rig elections apparently. Facebook charges that all of the fake traffic and likes on Facebook are “Russian” and “Indian Rogue Programmers” is, well guess what, bullshit. Facebook knew it was fake since Barack Obama ran for office.

Mark Zuckerberg, David Plouffe and other senior Facebook executives knew their traffic and system of likes on their Faceborg platform were fake since before 2006 and Faceborg encouraged it to rig votes for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. The democrats turn out to be fascist-like controllers of tech firms like Facebook. The egregious aspect about Faceborg is that if you as an individual decide for whatever reasons to use an alias online with Faceborg to protect your online identity like many people do, Faceborg will threaten to close your account unless the individual reveals their actual name. This in spite of Faceborg’s nefarious activities.

Facebook/Fakebook (Faceborg) is a fraud manifested for political control as weaponized information. Facebook also allows fake traffic and fake likes as long as they are for the Democratic National Committee. Imagine in 2020 President Faceborg being the first president in US history to be voted president through a platform like Facebook controlled by the DNC? It also looks as though fake Facebook ‘like’ networks exploited code flaws to create millions of bogus ‘likes’:

Fake Facebook ‘like’ networks exploited code flaw to create millions of bogus ‘likes’


Be sure to check out Zuck what’s his name make a big shout out for the new world world at the 14:00 point and just prior to that, encouraging everyone to get involved in “stopping climate change”…organizing the Faceborg masses…sure hope the CIA energizes him for the 2020 presidential election before the voting public gets on to the fact he is about as charismatic as a cold slab of bacon sitting in the refrigerator…yada…yada…yada…

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg delivers Harvard commencement full speech

Hillary Clinton’s chief campaign strategist has been hired by Zuckerberger.


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