Zionist Agitprop Operation VICE Interviews the Vultures of Dull Music … We Mean, “Eagles of Death Metal” Crisis Hams

VICE News Eagles of Death Metal FAKE Interview Exposed

Eagles of Death Metal Interview = Crisis Actors
FAKE Terror in Paris: Brought to You by Israeli MOSSAD 
Eagles of Death Metal Crisis Actors Revealed 
Eagles of Death Metal Speak Out About Paris Attack Vice Interview Reaction (Redsilverj)
Eagles of Death Metal Discuss Paris Terror Attacks (VICE propaganda/ham actors) 
Scuzzy Vultures in Tel Aviv 
Paris Massacre: Eagles of Death Metal band just ended Israeli tour 
Paris Attacks False Flag Jewish Owners Sold Bataclan Theater JUST BEFORE ATTACK!
Another Crisis Actor from the Bataclan 

More revelation of the stagecraft:

Infamous Bloody Bataclan Photo Is a Fake That Could Have Been Staged Anytime


Psyop in Paris – “Bombing”/Shooting Spree – Media Manipulation – « Je Suis Crisis Actor » – Multi-Site SAMU (EMT) Exercise on Nov. 13 – NATO–Gladio–Zionist Strategy of Tension – Trauma-Based Mind Control for the Masses – Manufacturing a Pretext for More Domestic Repression & Foreign Wars – Western “Intelligence” Agencies & “Security” Services Steeped in (Rothschild) Fraud and State Criminality – Stratégie Triangulaire, Sous Faux Drapeau (False Flag)

Toxic “Think Tanks” and Sordid PR Firms – Flaming Jewish Princesses on the Warpath – Neocon Wars of Aggression – Zealots’ Lies, Hoaxes, Propaganda – Messianic Zionism and “Ethnic Cleansing” of Palestinians – The Temple Mount’s Three-Ring Circus – Polarized Culture – Christian Zionism Is “Biblically Anathema”

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  • The Lindt chocolate café located on the ground floor in the building at Martin Place, Sydney also apparently sold some months before the Man Haron Monis "hostage" late December 2014 event, where several people allegedly shot/killed, one by anti terror hit squad. similarities with Bataclan chinese building for 'le canular'?

  • I recall training in preparation for "the box" or Iraq, Afghanistan around 2005. Cardboard targets everyone had to take a couple shots (blanks) of Arab civilians as well as pretending to be bad guys wearing he black and trying so lie your way through a guard point to get on a base, making arrests searching for bombs in vehicles, weird instructors who did not seem to be regular military. It was the beginning of the realization that something was not the same with the US military. Even we all had to get got off a bus entering our wearing our uniforms and were searched and hasseled by civilian guards contractor guards until world got to a base commander to let us alone and in the gate. Nothing really making sense like these weird events and actors Psychic sorcery behind it for sure. Feel like you need to wash after watching it.

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