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Attention NYP and Milwaukee S-J, FBI NY & Milwaukee, copy Feingold:

Regarding the question sent to me about Hillary-Huma-Kristine Marcy pedophile issues refer to the YouTube video and letter, both below:


Attention fbi: Action please – Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) – false flag – Senior Executive Service (SES) – crown agents

Attention FBI Atlanta:
23:47 eastern
18 Nov 2010

I wish for you to forward this to Robert Swan Mueller III, Director.

I am the Plaintiff in Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) and in communicating with the Court on Monday, November 8, 2010 I broadcast a threat window of 8-11 November for a False Flag event involving aviation.

The mystery missile was a Raytheon THAAD that failed when the second stage didn’t fire. While China, Canada and Russia are kicked around the FBI and DoD need to arrest SES, Senior Executive Service. My sister is an early member of SES and her behavior going back over 30 years suggests extortion involving Crown Agents and proponents of a pedophile-LGBT inside attack on America. I fear for her life if she tries to escape ‘service to Crown Agents and pedophile-LBGT parties.

On 14 February, 2007 Robert Swan Mueller III received a ‘threat warning’ from me, Field McConnell, indicating that “Adam Air 574 would not be the last hull loss”. On 5 May, 2007, Kenya Airways 507 was downed consistent with Adam Air 574 and my credible, precise and timely warning. Last Monday I warned that 8-11 November was a TW and the THAAD event occurred. If SES is not arrested it is my personal opinion that air traffic in the USA is vulnerable between 1600/24 Nov to 1800/28 Nov.

The Senior Executive Service and Crown Agents need to be investigated for charges up to Treason and I demand action to protect my sister’s life. I am currently scheduled for a Jury Trial in Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) where I, the plaintiff, will prove that I was constructively discharged from a 29 year career at Northwest Airlines regarding my reporting to FAA-FBI and Air Lines Pilot Association the illegal modifications that downed Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507 and Air France 447.

All parties will receive this letter ASAP with electronic proof of delivery.

Field McConnell
United States Naval Academy, 1971
United States Marine
218 329 6190
715 647 4880

* Raytheon used on 9/11 also please recall

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