Yawn…back to square one…POTUS blinked…

President Trump went from this on Afghanistan…

…to this. Got spooked did you? Wtf, Don: “9/11 was planned and directed from a cave in Afghanistan”? Sixteen years of agonizingly painful research into the actual events of 9/11 and Donald Trump is bringing the American people back to post 9/11 plus one? You sound like George Bush, Don?

Trump announces US troop increase in Afghanistan

“After 16 years American presidents are still trying to convince the American people I planned and directed dropping three buildings in New York from a cave in Afghanistan…hahahahahaha….”

“Look what I found?! Yeah, this is definitely it. The cave in Afghanistan from where Osama bin Laden planned and directed the events of 9/11.”

“What can possibly be stated succinctly enough about order followers? They like to smile?”


Russia knows the reason why US troops are being placed back inside Afghanistan:

Russia Warns the US Over Afghanistan


Afghan security forces have lost 35 percent of their forces as of February, 2017 from attrition. They aren’t going to kill other tribal members – not unless they are paid very well. Opium production is up 43% as of early 2017. The US/NATO does not want to lose this income source to China, Iran, Russia and other countries including Israel from their participation in drug rat lines.

Drug War? American Troops Are Protecting Afghan Opium. U.S. Occupation Leads to All-Time High Heroin Production


Just as soon as Steve Bannon is ejected from the White House US troops to Afghanistan announced which was months in the planning:

Back at Breitbart, Steve Bannon launches first strike in his war on Trump’s White House


The US will not tolerate interlopers on its heroin trade (rat lines) out of Afghanistan:

The Spoils of War: Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade


It’s just too profitable to walk away from Afghanistan. This is an American-made terrorist phenomenon which is a major cash cow. Terrorism is the gift that keeps on giving:

U.S. Contractor Bought Luxury Cars, Paid Fat Salaries to Partners on Afghanistan Contract, Audit Finds


Did anyone actually think otherwise? Terrorism aka imperialism:

Afghanistan – Trump To Announce Four More One-Year Wars

What the Media Won’t Tell You About Afghanistan


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  • Very disappointing

  • When I see Sean HannityMcClown–dual loyalist (at best), and Linda Gramhamstein—dual loyalist (at best) splurge in their pants when weighing in on this wondrous speech I get more than concerned. Both traitors who need to be arrested, tried and hanged forthright. At least Steve Mnuchinsachs confirmed FT. Knox is “full of it”–I’m a little less concerned. Lots of Tungsten ready to electroplate is my read. Did John McTumor weigh in? Thats my question for this traitor who will be in the same line as the previously stated along with hundreds if not thousands of others.

    Not to give less credit to these traitors but as “Constitutional Attorney” and self proclaimed “expert” on our Constitution also splurges in his pants on his radio show “expertly” analyzing said speech I thought——–Neo-Cons–We Hardly Knew Thee.

    More war? Brilliant move Mr. President. The Banksters are gonna go goo goo for you again. Stepping on The Snake or kissing it? The Squid knows all and controls all…..until it doesn’t! “Ink Gets In Your Eyes”–Sing it with me!!!!–Squid ink. Also known as Blowback. Hard Blowback.

    I piss on all of the named as I bypass The Head and use the named as The Head for bladder relief.

  • Said radio host and “Constitutional Expert” I would be referring to Mr. Mark “Kill The Trrrrrrrerrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiissssssssttttttssss” Levin. The other Mossad plant(s). Where’s Glenn “I write 14 books a week” Beck weigh in? Must be in bankruptcy court again. His channel has done so well.

    Hey Levin, what did the Framers say and warn about Foreign Entanglements? Hmmmmm? Does your book have Gold Fringe? Bet it does.

  • What’s with Martha ?? She looks and sounds like a strung out addict waiting for the next opium crop to harvest . This is really bad news , he knows full well911 was an inside job , but then again it was his buddy who helped build it and if what the Russian stated is true that demolition charges were built into the foundations when it was built thats puts a whole different light on things . Thats the end of Trump , he will never get elected again after lies like this . They have the goods on him for sure .

  • “Unequivocal 9/11 Nukes” interview with James Fetzer on YouTube

    “Steve Pieczenik Turns on Trump and InfoWars” at BeforeItsNews.com

    The swamp rats have turned Trump.

  • This is a VERY BIG DEAL. Trump does not want the war in Afghanistan. Restored Republic and Gesara have sent detailed msgs back and forth regarding They’re being in control of the White Staff. You’ve had your mission with the child ring but they’ve taken a very Global approach. This Coupe against Trump involves Obamas shadow Governmen, which includes the Generals. They are saying Paul Ryan is our President. All of the TDA or GSR money is going to other countries. If you listen to the Restored Republic or GESARA channel. The high key players all seem to have a part in this. NASA, Chemtrails and balloons released full of bacteria during the Eclipse, Military Industrial complex that just can’t stand not to be at war, McMaster the hideous ObAma and Islam lover. This is so massive it’s biblical. Soon NASAs going to introduce “aliens” which are of course demons. Take the most hideous parts of the Shadow Government and link each piece of their puzzle and this is their way to destroy America. if you watched Trumps Afghanistan speech he was so unhappy. Please At least research it. President needs our help but even more our Troops really need help.

  • They haven’t turned Trump, his clone will resign and humiliate him, VP Pence will pardon the Clone but our real President will be killed. If you listen to even 2-3 recordings of Restored Republic YouTube you’re know what they are seeing, the plan becomes obvious. They’ve been at it for months. God forbid the demons would loose their billions of dollars. It’s so bad by now I don’t know how it can be stopped unless our own military fight against the hired militants hiding in DC.
    I know Americans would fight and our veterans but I’m just one researcher. I have no clout to get people to listen