Yandex Slowly Replacing Google in Russia as a Search Engine

Amazing New Features from Russian Search Giant Yandex
While Google Censors Dissent


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America’s SECRET Police Forming A Civilian Army

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Should America’s Tech Giants Be Broken Up?


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  • Roland Edgar Dent

    The European Union will be building fences TO KEEP PEOPLE INSIDE. We are heading toward a STASI controlled locak down totalitarian FASCIST alliance.

  • Could it be possible that the technology is missing something? Is everything about us actually being looked at? Each recorded conversation, video and all that is being used to calculate future outcomes, is it really looking completely inside of each of us? Everything that can be known? The entire blueprint, no mysteries so if so then it makes sense those who make plans could succeed. If not, those who use such data to predict the future may not be aware of something far more powerful than they could imagine if errors in their calculations go unnoticed.

  • Roland Edgar Dent

    Incisive post David. Note the smug attitude of the guy who invented the Windows software and his foundation..the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the Microsoft corporation. He has the disposition of an omnipotent deity.

    Here in the UK a major change to the further/higher education system was made in 1992, ostensibly the change was made to empower people who had “missed the boat” at the age of 15 to 18. This enterprise relied heavily on IT and Microsoft, lets call this social lever number 1.

    Social lever number 2 was in the financial world as the IT advantage was applied to stock and currency trading.

    Social lever number three is the collection of personal data to predict the politics of society, of nations, and moreover of the global economy.

    Unfortunately for the DEEP STATE and SHADOW GOVERNMENT some nations were not exposed to the same stimuli we had in the West. viz China and Russia and some states like N Korea.

    “may not be aware of something far more powerful than they could imagine if errors in their calculations go unnoticed.”

    Indeed the Western DS and the SG have had a shock, the algorithm predictions have failed. The best practical example I know in a physical sense was the failure of the Rolls Royce T-972 turbofan engine which was designed by a group of Oxford academics using probabilities.

    The establishment did not find this fault because the establishment is the establishment and the establishment was happy to accept destruction and loss of life as a consequence of its perpetuation. The unknown factor came from the people, and people will always adapt to an environment. I also believe people will always default to peace rather than war and conflict.

    So I agree the DS and the SG have understimated people..and we clearly see that here on this thread and in the studios of HANNITY on Fox News. The will always be people like reporter Sara Carter of “Circanews”who seek the truth.