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By Vicky Davis • April 22, 2018

The vocabulary word of the day is regime. In news reports on war activities in the Middle East, the term regime change has been used giving the impression of toppling governments as they did with Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and for the last several years, the attempt to take out Assad from Syria.

A couple of days ago, I encountered a new term that puts a whole new light on the American government and the perpetual war that is being waged in our names. The term is regime theory. Given that there was a theory associated with the word regime, I thought I should look it up. It turns out that when the media is talking about regimes, they are talking about definition 2a:

One of the search results for the term regime theory was a powerpoint. The first slide defines regime theory:

Slide 21 gives an examples of regimes

The name of the agreement for participation in the World Trade Organization was the Marrakesh Agreement. The legislation: H.R. 5110 passed by the House on November 29, 1994 and by the Senate on December 1, 1994. It signed by Clinton on December 8, 1994 becoming Public Law 103-465.

So, we now know that the WTO is a regime that is the regulatory body that governs international trade. By extension, the way the international economy has been structured with the United States being the buyer for goods produced in all the third world countries – including India and China, the WTO rules over our economy by extension of the rules that govern international trade. So when the Congress passed H.R. 5110, they were transferring sovereignty over our economy to an international body – an international regime, a regulatory authority called the WTO.

So now that we understand what a regime is, we can look at the Five Eyes Pact. An article on CNN’s website asks that very question in the following article:

What is the Five Eyes Intelligence Pact?

Britain briefly stopped sharing intelligence with the United States about the Manchester bombing after American officials leaked information — a remarkable development between two Five Eyes nations that have the deepest of intelligence relationships.

The US and the UK are two of the so-called Five Eyes — along with Canada, Australia and New Zealand — that share a broad range of intelligence in one of the world’s tightest multilateral arrangements…

The United States and Britain had a smooth intelligence relationship in World War II, and they formalized it after the war with the BRUSA (later called UKUSA) Agreement in 1946.

[Keeping in mind that the Soviet Union was an ally during World War II] “There was in the United States a creeping realization that maybe the Russians weren’t going to be their friends in the 1950s,” Gustafson said. As former UK dominions exercised greater sovereignty, Canada (1948) and Australia and New Zealand (1956) began representing themselves in the intelligence pact…

The United States also maintains intelligence-sharing relationships with allies like France, Germany and Japan. In the Middle East, the US formally and informally shares information with several countries in the fight against ISIS and other terror groups. They include Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Turkey, among others…

Helping to make it work: The five nations have similar security standards and classification systems.

Britain late Thursday resumed intelligence sharing in the Manchester investigation. “Fresh assurances” ensure that “we are now working closely with our key partners around the world, including all those in the Five Eyes intelligence alliance,” said Mark Rowley, assistant commissioner of the National Police Chiefs’ Council.

In that article, you can see the evolution of an agreement between two countries during war time to a global regime that not only includes many countries but has also reached down into those countries to include local law enforcement in the intelligence sharing regime. It should be noted that the national security state was created in 1947 with the National Security Act of 1947. That legislation created the regime of national security behind a curtain of secrecy in the U.S.

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