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Serco awarded new European External Action Service IT contract

Serco has secured a new service contract to deliver a central management service for IT classified systems. The services will be delivered in Brussels with all staff executing the service holding security clearance up to ‘Secret UE’ level to access the classified zones. The duration of the contract is 4 years and it is valued at 9,000,000 EUR.

The European External Action Service is the European Union’s diplomatic corps. It supports the EU foreign affairs chief (High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Catherine Ashton) in conducting the common foreign and security policy. It has Delegations around the world working on behalf of the people of Europe and representing the EU as a whole. The EEAS manages the EU’s response to crises, has intelligence capabilities and cooperates with the European Commission in areas which it shares competence with.

The EEAS operates classified information systems (CIS) in order to securely exchange and process classified information. Serco are responsible for ensuring these CIS will be maintained, supported and monitored on a daily basis to ensure reliable and performing services.

The service’s that Serco will be responsible for include,setting up a Service Centre to manage the services in a global approach, beyond pure support. This Service Centre will resolve all tickets and service requests related to CIS:

It shall act as a single interface for receiving and recording of all calls, incidents and requests regarding CIS;
It shall restore as quickly as possible the service in order to minimize the impact of an incident.

Serco will also support and maintain: 

End User Desk Services 

Computer Devices
Printer/scanner Devices

End User Application Services 

Secure Voice
File Sharing

Core IT Services 

Core Appliance Services
Shared IT Services
Database Service

Infrastructure services 

IT Infrastructure Services (Power processing (Server)
Data Storage
Back-up / Archiving

Network infrastructure Services 

IP VPN access service
Local wired service
WAN Interconnection
Email Gateway
Voice Gateway

Security Services 

Information Assurance
Anti-Virus management
IP Encryption Devices
Primary Key Infrastructure services existing on classified networks

Michael Alner, Managing Director of Serco’s European Institutions business said: “We are delighted to support the important work of the European External Action Service through the award of this new contract.

About Serco

Serco is an international service company, which combines commercial know-how with a deep public service ethos.

Around the world, we improve essential services by managing people, processes, technology and assets more effectively. We advise policy makers, design innovative solutions, integrate systems and – most of all – deliver to the public.

Serco supports governments, agencies and companies who seek a trusted partner with a solid track record of providing assured service excellence. Our people offer operational, management and consulting expertise in the aviation, BPO, defence, education, environmental services, facilities management, health, home affairs, information and communications technology, knowledge services, local government, science and nuclear, transport, welfare to work and the commercial sectors.
More information can be found at Serco Group plc

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  • … to protect the "security" of the Rothschild pedophiles/extortionists running the antipopulist EU scam for their own power-stealing criminal agenda. Tear this Serco enforcement scheme apart, please.

  • They are the one world gov scam , run by the Royals , it matters not who is now in control of a country Serco is a;ready in control .

  • They likely have missed somethings important that will collapse any devious plan no matter how much they think they are on the top. To a man what he or she does seems right but the truth cares not and knows what is right. Truth against the World.