Who Pulls the Strings For Obama’s Private Army

Obama now has his private army, and put together on our watch
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March 30, 2012 Fred Brownbill

Posted on Sun Apr 01 2012 05:11:12 GMT-0700 (Pacific Daylight Time) by IbJensen

Big Sis Janet Napolitano and the Obama private army working under ICE, has placed an HUGE order for 450,000,000 (YES..MILLION) rounds of 40 calliber ultra high performance optimum penetration for terminal performance rounds fromDefense contractors ATK.

They also have an open order for 175 million rounds of .223 caliber rifle rounds.
I have to ask each and every one of you reading this today a series of very important questions and would love some answers.

1/ Why does the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency need to be so heavily armed and need so many detention facilities? Go to their web site and check out the massive number in each state, far many more than are needed for illegal immigrants. http://www.ice.gov/detention-facilities/ . Have a look at how many employees this agency has grown to, the different divisions and the always growing number of “special agents” all heavily armed with armored tanks, vehicles and heavy duty military style equipment. All this to catch some illegals? I do not think so, as they have done a very bad job of that so far.

2/ Is this the private army that President Barack Hussein Obama said and promised that he would form when running for president, which would be as well equipped and trained as the regular army? If so, he has it now and it was all done on our watch! Shame on us.

3/ If it is, why now and what for? Surely they are not expecting millions and millions of illegals to come swarming over our borders?

4/ Is there something about to break in this election year that may stop the election or ensure an Obama victory and the final curtain for the Republic as we know it comes down?

I find that it is very alarming that this is happening now at the same time that from President Barack Hussein Obama down, using the public and private media and well known extreme left wing figures like Sharpton, Spike Lee, Jessie Jackson, several politicians, the New Black Panthers etc, a race war is being promoted every day using the African American population as pawns, feeding them vile and more than often incorrect information, angering them and in return angering and frustrating a well armed and trained group of whites who see a huge injustice about to occur.

America, wake up to the distinct probability that the America we love is on the edge of collapse, and that violence and economic destruction will be a huge part of that collapse.

To many, it seems impossible that this would happen here, on the streets of the towns and ciities that you live in. That people you work with, live next to, like and maybe are related to, could become an enemy combatant with as strong a desire to destroy and remake America as we have of saving the America given to us by our Founding Fathers.

This is a short article compared to many I have written, but the message is as important and strong as anything I have written or spoken of before. Please be aware of what is happening to our beloved America, be prepared to maybe have to do something you never dreamt you would have to do. When that time comes, God will give you the strength to do what is needed as long as you are ready and have everything you need to do it.


Barack Obama armed the HUBZone!?

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