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One week ago, I launched a Facebook page “Who Killed Colonel James Sabow?” The page is growing rapidly. It is being followed by more than 1200 people so far – an average of more than 150 per day! Also, Thursday I posted a brief :43 second video clip for the documentary. This clip has nearly 6000 views in two days.

Point being, people are interested in this story and want to raise awareness to bring justice for CJS. You can visit the page on Facebook and monitor its progress. I urge everyone on this email chain to help spread the word about this site and share it with their friends. We need to add another zero to the number of people following this story!

Who Killed Colonel James Sabow? | Facebook

Back in October, I filed a FOIA request requesting documentation of an agreement between the DoD and the OC Sheriff Coroner’s Office to conduct autopsies of officers killed on military installations. As you know, this was a violation of a DoD Directive. My FOIA contact has been in touch with me and I hope to receive an answer before Christmas. If there is no agreement in place than I believe an argument can be made that the autopsy should be thrown out.

I will continue to update as new information comes forward. My partner and I have a meeting on Monday with a production company that is interested in the project. But as of now, we’re planning on launching a crowdfunding campaign on the anniversary of your brothers death to raise much needed funds to continue production.


Scott Goldie

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