“Who exposed Serco’s Demon blackmail traps for Saudi pedophiles?”

Source: Breitbart News

You Won’t Believe All That Is Being Exposed Now!

More evidence Saudis are involved in pedophilia and child trafficking.

Large Number of Sealed Indictments: Sean, SGT Report

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  • We are waiting ? And the FBI release of Clinton video ??? Still waiting .

  • An excellent presentation .

    the perpetrators of heinous foul deeds against all types of people including children, ritual abuse, murder, organ harvesting, illegal weapon shipment (plus run-of-the-mill financial crimes) … of course they will ATTEMPT to undermine all ‘law and order’ (does such mechanism still exist?) attempts to expose them and bring them to justice ;
    if everyone is criminal and or incompetent (can’t recall) … why pick on ME ?
    Criminality is the new normal.

    Of course this is ridiculous but the main sluice-gate media (evil criminal first line of defense) will spin , distort, omit, lie , distract (the Russians did it, how laughable)
    to make this seem reasonable