Whistleblowers: There is no protection – Endemic Corruption costs $660 Billion per year – Whistleblowers Become Enemies of the State – Retaliation

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I look forward to progress in the next 60. I will be responding to Judge Rosemary M. Collyer, U. S. District Court District of Columbia in a response to Defendant’s Motion for Summary Judgement. The deadline for response is 13 January, 2010. No later than 12 January , 2011 REELMOVIES will have an advance copy of my response which will be succinct, truthful and may be viewed as incendiary by some parties.

It will identify me as the intellectual source of the illegal modifications to Boeing aircraft that were deployed on 9/11. My only sibling had been positioned as the Director of the US Marshal Service and in the late 1980s had sought my assistance in conceiving a safe way to transport federal prisioners from Hawaii to the mainland. I put my sibling in touch with Tharaldson Enterprises, Fargo and Northwest Airlines, Eagan as between those entities a Lockheed Jetstar, DC9-30s and B727-100s were available to be purchased by USMS. My sibling mentioned that they, the USMS, were concerned with a hostile physical takeover of the cockpit and sought my remedy for such a possibility. I explained ‘droning’ to my sibling and that is the precise academic birth of the idea of droning transport category aircraft for benign purposes involving safety enhancement. That modification was corrupted by someone who had the ‘intellectual property’ or patent of the QRS11 GyroChip (see Rose Law, Little Rock).

After 9/11 resulted in the murder of my college classmate, Captain Chic Burlingame (American Flight 77), I began reading all I could find on the flight paths of the 9/11 jets (AA11, UA175, AA77, UA93). I also compared this with face to face debriefing of the F16 effort launched at 0932 from Langley AFB where the Air National Guard Unit I had flown for was scrambled at 0932 on 9/11 with the mission of intercepting the unknown threat bearing down on Washington DC. The 3 F16s flown by Derrig, Bjorstrom and Eckman were corruptly taken off course ninety degrees and flown towards Warning Airspace W386 where they were denied entry by GIANTKILLER. While they were ‘off course’ a flying vehicle as yet unidentified struck the Pentagon and of the 7000 windows in the building this flying vehicle just happened to fly into the Command Center of the US Navy killed the Duty Officer, Captain Gerald DeConto. Evidence feloniously removed from the Pentagon included (1) a turbine wheel from a J52 engine (2) a rectangular fuselage section (3) an airfueling probe from a Douglas A 3 Sky Warrior and (4) a shattered window matching the fuselage of an A 3.

The party who ordered the spoliation of evidence unknowingly gave up their legal presumption of innocence. I believe that only party who could have ordered this spoliation at both Pentagon and WTC was Senior Executive Service. This ‘precise targeting’ had also been executed at the World Trade Centers where Aon Corporation and Cantor Fitzgerald were the financial targets of this attack that some may dare call Treason.

On 27 February, 2007 I filed Civil Case 3:07-cv-24 MCCONNELL V. ALPA AND BOEING and 4 days later Boeing did the right thing and admitted publicly that they had deployed a facility known as the BOEING UNINTERRUPTIBLE AUTOPILOT. Unbeknownst to me at that time was that 8 months earlier in June, 2006, Boeing had paid what was then a record civil fine to shut down the investigation of illegal modifications to Boeing jets and illegal export of military hardware ( QRS11 GyroChips, Rose Law, Little Rock). It is now approaching 51 months since I shared the Truth of the 9/11 Treason with Boeing, ALPA, FAA, DoD and a specific and named airline and yet ALPA has not responded to my Civil Case 3:07-cv-24 in a responsible manner. As a layman I would recognize that as Misprision of Felony in the wrongful deaths of all souls perished in Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Colgan 3407 and Air France 447. These four incidents occurred AFTER I advised ALPA, DoD, FBI and FAA of the existence of illegal modifications to Boeing jets. When Judge Collyer rules on 13 January, 2011 which shall learn how she sees it. When the Whistleblower TV show is viewed by the public, we shall all see how the public views it. Some may dare call it TREASON. However because the attack on America was brokered in two countries outside of the United States, Treason would not apply except to those in America who facilitated the flying events of 9/11 that resulted in the Wrongful Deaths of 3000 innocents in NYC and DC and those perished souls aboard Adam Air 574, Kenya Airways 507, Colgan 3407 and Air France 447. (Senior Executive Service, Crown Agents, Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators, Serco, and Item 5).

Field McConnell
United States Naval Academy, 1971
Plaintiff, Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC)(Pro Se)
+001 218 329 6190

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  • The Alex Jones interview with Bob Chapman will be repeating until his Sunday afternoon broadcast. In this interview, Bob Chapman says he saw a film of Ronald Reagan and a woman with a strap on, engaging in a sex act.
    The interesting part of this for me and for the readers here at abeldanger is the effect that such a public viewing would have on the politics of Ronald Reagan. Must listen to this broadcast.