What Is the Verdict on the Ebola Virus?

Ed’s note: Here it comes: a global plague. Although the World Health Organization (WHO) has decided not to declare a global health emergency over the ebola virus, the time for calling for one is approaching. A “public health emergency of international concern,” or what’s called PHEIC (pronounced “fake”) is an official designation the WHO can give to an outbreak in order to sound the international alarm. The Center for Disease Control (CDC) cannot locate the epicenter of ebola while in the Democratic Republic of Congo, ebola is proving to be “impossible to control.” There could be a good reason why there isn’t being more reported in the news and why WHO as of yet hasn’t called a PHEIC. Maybe they don’t want to cause a global panic? One of the biggest factors driving this ebola virus outbreak is fear. Fear is used to control populations from the top down. This is an epic disaster waiting to happen.

The US Government and the Rockefeller-created WHO (World Health Organization), part of the Rockefeller-created UN (United Nations), are doing a grand job indeed of hoaxing it up right now when it comes to ebola. Just to be clear – ebola exists. There is an ebola virus that was most likely manufactured in the US-funded Kenema bioweapons lab, with links to elites Bill Gates and George Soros.


The world’s second-biggest Ebola outbreak is still raging. Here’s why.

Update for May 25, 2019: Track the ebola virus off this global incident map:


In this article, “experts” suggest that ebola is now out of their ability to control. The article also goes on to say “the risk of ebola moving on to other countries is very high.” Then the US has reduced refugee numbers coming in from various countries including Syria, but has not reduced the numbers coming into the US from Africa including the Democratic Republic of Congo where immigration into the US is up. These immigrants are testing “clean” for ebola and then later begin showing symptoms of the virus potentially infecting others.

Congo’s Ebola crisis threatens to spiral out of control

The U.S. has slashed its refugee intake. Syrians fleeing war are most affected.

Why the violence against health care workers and ebola response workers in Congo? Maybe the locals know something we don’t about the possibility the virus was introduced into the local population intentionally to cull off populations.

‘On a knife edge’: Ebola outbreak threatens to escalate as violence rises

The Battle Against One of the Worst Ebola Epidemics Ever Is in Trouble

Despite a vaccine that was developed to fight ebola, thousands have died since 1976 when ebola was first “discovered” and thousands more are now infected. Merck donated vaccines for ebola but the vaccines are not controlling the virus. Not only this though, there are US military personnel all over Africa and it was just down the road from Congo in Niger where four US military members were killed in an ambush. Not only are US soldiers all over Africa with an anticipated 6,000 heading there, but the US has set up and are running bio labs in western Africa including inside the ebola zone. In fact, contrary to what most people know, the US program on developing bio weapons has never ended.

West Africa: What are US Biological Warfare Researchers Doing in the Ebola Zone?

US Biological Warfare Program in the Spotlight Again

No one has done more investigation into the ebola virus than Jon Rappoport. If readers want to know more about ebola and what Jon Rappoport has discovered, it is suggested they begin reading through his material. Jon Rappoport has discovered there is no reliable evidence ebola virus was ever isolated from a human being and furthermore, describes how ebola is being used as psychological warfare. The ebola virus does exist, but because the media deploys fear it can be expected it is usually for the financial benefit of pharmaceutical cartels and large bureaucracies that depend on budgets to maintain fear at peak levels.

EbolaGate: 47 questions and answers by Jon Rappoport

Then there are reports the ebola virus “lingers in the eyes of survivors” as a result of what is known as “uveitis.” Uveitis is a form of eye inflammation. It affects the middle layer of tissue in the eye wall (uvea) and can be found live one year after infection. There are more than 6,000 US military personnel heading to Africa to “fight ISIS” as well as an unknown number of PMCs already operating there. Imagine the consequences of these US military people coming back from Africa carrying the ebola virus? It is possible people are being tested “clean” for ebola but then later at some point they end up with the virus or are spreading it. From the material posted here from these sources it is impossible to contain or track ebola.

Woman spread Ebola virus one year after infection, doctors say

Ebola lingers in survivors’ eyes

Ebola of the eye turns doctor’s iris from blue to green as virus lurks in eyeball

International health expert Dr. Leonard Horowitz provides evidence the ebola disease may have been a bio weapon created in US laboratories. Dr. Horowitz wasn’t the first to suggest ebola was a bio weapon. Prof Francis Boyle, a noted scholar of biowarfare and international law at the University of Illinois also suggested this. Professor Boyle was behind writing the rules of biowarfare as a member of the US government’s Committee of Military Use of Biotechnology and principal author of the Biological Weapons Anti Terrorism Act of 1989. This law was signed into existence by George Bush Snr. Boyle described ebola as: “This isn’t normal ebola at all. I believe it’s been genetically modified.” The US government’s claim is that ebola is somehow “transmitted by bats.” Boyle says that’s “bat twaddle.”

Update for May 22, 2019: The borders between the DRC, South Sudan, the Central Africa Republic and several other countries in the region are completely porous. If this is the case and it certainly is, why did President Trump lift the travel ban to Chad? The virus can be spread by people who don’t even know they are carriers and have been “clean” of the virus. This woman maintained her infectious state and passed the virus on. This is a recipe for total disaster considering how porous these borders are with people moving freely who might have ebola. Then add in the fact the US military are crawling all over this region.

Trump lifts travel ban on citizens from Chad

Woman spread Ebola virus one year after infection, doctors say

We are going to get decimated:

What we are seeing is a serious of events that are leading to unexpected consequences. It is looking like the way the events are moving the ebola virus (man made experimented on in the Republic of Congo) will be used as a possible catalyst to start taking cash out of the economies while simultaneously introducing digital currencies. The idea being the ebola virus is spread rapidly by contaminated paper bank notes.

Cash Is Now Stricken With Ebola

WHO chief calls for political solution to ebola outbreak in Congo


Fighting Ebola When Mourners Fight the Responders

Biological Weapons Expert Believes Ebola Purposely Created in Biowarfare Lab

The Scientist Who Discovered Ebola

Mutated Ebola virus could spread like flu, says Purdue University biologist

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