What is the US Military (Deep State) Stealing From Syria Under Cover of Fighting Daesh?

Source: Shia News Association

U.S. stealing Syria’s ancient artifacts

August 1, 2017

SHAFAQNA – The Lebanese Al-Hadith news agency believes that the construction of numerous military bases in Syria by the United States is a meaningless task from the security and military perspectives. These bases are far from each other and in some cases, not more than a dozen soldiers are stationed in them.

The Lebanese agency poses the question of the secrets behind the plurality of US military bases in Syria?

Local sources near a US military base between the “Georud” area and the “Al-Zamir” airport in Damascus, uncovered suspicious movements and reported that numerous empty American helicopters land in said base, load something and then leave.

Meanwhile, local witnesses in the area confirmed that US helicopters also move around large drilling machines that is used to explore the ancient and historical regions of the area.

According to a Syrian antiques businessman, the area explored by the Americans is an ancient region, which was targeted by traffickers before the war because it is said that a treasure in form of gold coins and antiques (that weighs more than ten tons) is buried there.

The United States, with the pretext of supporting moderate opposition, but in reality aiming to steal the ancient and historical monuments of Syria, identifies specific places for the construction of its military bases in the country.

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  • I remember years ago when I used to read the BBC site, there was an article on a then-new satellite (it had fairings, they called it the ferrari of satellites) that buffets the atmosphere in a low orbit and measures the differences in earth’s gravity over the planet’s surface which produce interesting 3D graphical representations… I was thinking at the time that such a sensor could easily find ancient cavities under the ground, caches of precious metals (buried treasure) and strata suitable for mining purposes. I’m sure that bird would have clocked up a pretty good resolution by now… I think the bird was called “GOCE” or maybe “GRACE”… can’t recall exactly… Just the device to help bad people find and destroy mankind’s true history.
    Cheers, Carl. New Zealand.

  • Roland Edgar Dent

    Joseph Farrell has written well on this subject and all of his work is a flawless analysis of events past. Once you get into his work you will find many answers to the world we have today.

    He uses a crazy name for his site: GIZA DEATH STAR COMMUNITY and he calls his office his NEPHARIUM. Check him out on YouTube.

  • America is under Zionist control and thus is being bled white fighting wars for Zionist Israel.

  • Roland Edgar Dent

    This is an important video UK Column News