What Do the Jews Want In Ukraine? From RussiaGate to UkraineGate – The Raw Power of Ukraine’s Jewish Oligarchs

Ed.’s note: We’ve gone through a lot of news sources to see if we couldn’t figure out what is going on in Ukraine as to why the Democrats, led by Jewish congressional representatives Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) who leads the impeachment committee, Rep. Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) who is on the  Judiciary Committee, Rep. Elissa Slotkin (D-Mich.), Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (D-Fla.), Eliot Engel (D-New York) along with 21 other Jewish Democratic congressional representatives all calling for the impeachment of President Trump because of his phone call with President Zelensky of Ukraine.

It should be apparent that these Jewish “US congressional members” prefer the ascendancy of Israel over America many being paid off by Jewish-American oligarchs. Ukraine’s ex-President Petro Poroshenko (there are claims Poroshenko is Jewish) essentially acted as a Jewish proxy for oligarchic Jewish interests in Ukraine pressured by western political interests over Ukraine. Now the Jewish oligarch Victor Pinchuk, who it is alleged along with ex-President Petro Poroshenko, are accused of diverting IMF funds to Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Fake news? Hard to say…

Roll call: Where the Jewish congressional caucus stands on impeaching President Trump

What if the “whistle blower” Jospeh McGuire is a ruse to entrap the Democratic Party and destroy them? If it is it is a brilliant strategy. Good luck, Adam Schiff, see you in prison. This RT News article appeared referring to the DNI (Director of National Intelligence) as threatening to resign over the Trump-Zelensky call. The problem with the DNI and other intelligence agencies, is that these agencies all depend on private intelligence companies for their intelligence as the second linked article below points out. It’s a criminal network of private intelligence. These people belong in prison.

Intel Community Secretly Gutted Requirement Of First-Hand Whistleblower Knowledge

DNI did not threaten to resign over Trump-Zelensky call ‘whistleblower’ – but don’t tell the WaPo that

The Terrorists Among US8- Trump Whistle Blower & the ODNI FBI CIA DOD NATO-COE

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff is receiving increasing pressure from his constituents in California that if he continues to “blindly support Israel,” they will act to remove Schiff from congress. This can only be a good thing for his Californian constituency and for America as well. Ask yourself this simple question: Who are the beneficiaries of all this wealth? That may lead you to some surprising conclusions as we will see.

Pasadena Coalition Repeats Demands for Rep. Adam Schiff to Heed His Constituents

Michael Flynn just told Congressman Schiff he can go “pound sand” through his lawyer Sidney Powell:

Flynn Tells Schiff To Pound Sand And Read Watkins v. United States

People have known about Joseph Biden’s deals in Ukraine with the energy company Burisma Holdings for over a year probably more. Why the political upheaval now against Trump? It’s because when these oligarchs, corporate leaders, political and banking elite discover how much wealth is being made by their competitors with all of their shell companies and offshore bank accounts, they become intensely jealous and envious. When it does it breaks out into politics. Want an example? And this is just one example of a Jewish-American oligarch whose allegiance is to Israel before we look at Jewish oligarchs in Ukraine. Want a definition of the “deep state?” Israel. Want a definition of “swamp?” Ukraine. Read this:

America’s Secret “First Couple”

Update for September 27, 2019. 8:15 point in discussion: “Do you know that [the Bidens] they were partners with Whitey Bolger‘s nephew….”

Listen to Biden as he comes right out saying he extorted millions of dollars in personal bribes from the vulnerable Ukrainian client state. See how arrogant these people are like Biden? Trump decided to prosecute Biden for bribery and extortion.

News update as of September 29, 2019: President Trump’s election campaign just got kicked off by himself on Twitter:

Here is the explanation himself given by Viktor Shokin who was fired in March, 2016 after pressure from then U.S. Vice President Joe Biden. Biden did this in an alleged effort by Biden to derail an investigation of his son’s connections to the offshore oil and gas company Burisma Holdings. Read Shokin’s own words as to what happened here:

Sworn statement of former Ukraine Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin

News update for September 30, 2019: This article posted at The Saker confirms much what we have initially laid out here with a lot more detail:

Here is the dirt Trump wanted from Zelensky about the Bidens and why Zelensky doesn’t want to give it to him — hidden by rampant falsehoods in the press

Let’s press on…but before we do, make sure this link above on Shokin’s testimony gets spread all over the internet…


Source: Gateway Pundit

EXCLUSIVE: Former Ukrainian Secret Service Official Leaks Info on How Ukraine Funded Clinton Campaign with Stolen IMF Money

by Jim Hoft | September 22, 2019 | 456 Comments

Vasily Prozorov is a former employee of the Ukrainian security service SBU. On his blog Ukraine Leaks, he reveals how former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko and Oligarch Victor Pinchuk may have helped divert IMF funds to Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign.

Vasily Prozorov was an Ukrainian security service (SBU) staffer from 1999 to 2018. Since 2014, he was an expert consultant in the SBU’s main anti-terror unit. In 2018, he fled to Russia. The Ukrainians now call him a traitor. Writing on his blog Ukraine Leaks, he says that in 2016, the Ukrainian government openly supported Hillary Clinton and tried to help her defeat Donald Trump.

“Former Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko was terribly afraid of a Republican victory, believing Donald Trump would change Russia policy and lift sanctions, reducing support for Ukraine and robbing Poroshenko of his Western power base,” Prozorov writes. “Ukrainegate is a criminal conspiracy of representatives of Hillary Clinton’s campaign and the leadership of Ukraine in the person of Poroshenko, aimed at preventing Donald Trump from winning.”

“At that time, I worked at SBU HQ in Kiev,” says Prozorov. “I remember the panic that gripped the power structures in Ukraine after Donald Trump’s victory. They expected immediate retaliation from Washington for Ukraine’s participation in the attacks on Trump. Many politicians deleted their social media posts criticizing Trump.” However, as it turned out, the phony Russiagate witch hunt kept the Trump campaign from doing anything that could look like “collusion” or “obstruction” abroad. Now, however, the Ukrainegate conspiracy is starting to unravel.

How Ukraine financed Hillary Clinton

Prozorov charges that during the 2016 presidential race, the Ukrainian government not only  helped Hillary Clinton by providing potentially damaging information on Trump campaign employees like Paul Manafort, but also used money diverted from the IMF to fund Hillary Clinton’s compaign.

Beginning with the Obama-assisted coup in Kiev  in 2014, the National Bank of Ukraine received billions in foreign aid from the International Monetary Fund to keep the Ukrainian financial sector afloat. “A year after Poroshenko’s pro-Western government came to power in 2014, the IMF agreed to loan Kyiv $17.5 billion (€15.8 billion) over four years — and then suspended the aid in 2017 after disbursing only half of it over worries about corruption”, Deutsche Welle reports.

Around the time of the US presidential campaign, Ukrainian banks started funneling this money offshore via the Austrian Meinl Bank – up to $800 million, as Kate Matberg reports on Mediapart. The banks paid kickbacks to the head of the National Bank, Valeria Gontareva, and her patron, Petro Poroshenko, Prozorov claims.

Please go to Gateway Pundit to read the entire article.


Ed.’s note: Wayne Madsen ran an interesting investigative article describing how Israel has a “secret plan” to create a second homeland in Ukraine. Considering Ukraine is controlled by powerful Jewish oligarchs, this is a plausible scenario. Ukrainian Jewish oligarchs like Igor Kolomoisky, considered one of the most powerful oligarchs in Ukraine until he left for Israel in exile, and Gennadiy Bogolyubov, a London-based Jewish-Ukrainian billionaire businessman who controls PrivatGroup along with Kolomoisky. Kolomoisky and Bogolyubov are currently under FBI investigation for laundering an alleged $470 billion through their PrivatGroup Bank through offshore shell companies specifically set up for this purpose. They started purchasing expensive real estate in Cleveland, Ohio. Money laundering out of Ukraine on an industrial scale and it goes on unchecked. For most Ukrainians and others who are looking at all this, they still see Ukraine as a failing state in thrall to a small group of kleptocratic Jewish oligarchs.

The Untold Story of the Trump-Ukraine ‘Scandal’: The Routine Corruption of US Foreign Policy

In addition to these Jewish oligarchs, there are also many Jewish politicians in the Ukrainian government who are heads of offices like Jewish Affairs and National Affairs. Jews in Ukraine go a long way back in history, Golda Meir, Israel’s only female prime minister, was born in Kiev. Zeev Jabotinsky, the ideological father of Israel’s Likud party, was from Odessa. Ukraine has also become a huge spiritual center for Hasidic Judaism and is one of the reasons why the American Jewish Rabbi Yaakov Dov Bleich moved from New York to Ukraine in 1989.

Ukraine’s Jewish president-elect meets with Chabad rabbis

The Jewish oligarch Igor Kolomoisky has a close friendship with Ukraine’s Lubavitcher rabbinate. Kolomoisky’s business partner is the comedian turned President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. It is Kolomoisky’s control over the media in Ukraine that helped pave the way for Zelensky’s presidential election. Kolomoisky is in exile in Tel Aviv while still supporting Zelensky through his Ukraine-based contacts. Looks like political revenge to have Zelensky elected as the new president of Ukraine – from Tel Aviv.

What President Trump left out in greeting President Zelensky, is that it was the Jewish Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoisky who put Zelensky in power.

Zelensky, played the part in a comedy series as the character “Vasyl Holoborodko, an every man high school history teacher who is accidentally elected president following a viral video of his rant about how everything is wrong in Ukraine.” The first season was available in the United States on Netflix. Netflix is partly owned by the Jewish Marc Randolph. Randolph’s paternal great-granduncle was psychoanalysis pioneer Sigmund Freud and his paternal great-uncle was Edward Bernays. How nice. Uncle “Great” and Uncle “Grand.” No doubt Randolph has some serious background on a little “Jewish persuasion and influence” on society including on Ukrainian society through Netflix. 

If you think you are going to get anywhere near an accurate assessment of political events provided as entertainment through Netflix, think again and think hard. It’s a tool of persuasion just like the Jewish Edward Bernays convinced American women to smoke through his masterful techniques of psychologically drilling down into the minds of unsuspecting people. It was Randolph’s Netflix, with who knows what kind of connections, behind the propaganda Netflix film about Eli Cohen, the Jewish spy exposed by Syrian military intelligence in Syria and hanged for espionage. Talk about revenge? No wonder Israel wants Syria demolished.

The Netflix movie called “The Spy” was nothing short of Mossad propaganda working through Netflix to degrade Arabs. So now there is the specter of a Jewish comedian with absolutely no political experience running Ukraine first introduced through the media and Netflix placing in the minds of Ukrainians their next president run from Tel Aviv. An interesting aside is that in the Jewish Peter Thiel’s (PayPal and Palantir) paper “The Straussian Moment“, Thiel writes: “The world of entertainment [Netflix] represents the culmination of a shift away from politics…” Read the paper because it is “enlightening” suggesting we really are moving into an era where we are “amusing ourselves to death” considering all the political intrigue as in the case with Ukraine. “Maybe Zelensky made President Trump laugh when Trump called Ukraine’s new president?

THE ANGRY ARAB: Netflix’s Mossad Propaganda

The political scandal now erupting around Joseph Biden and his son Hunter, is connected to the Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings (domiciled in Cyprus). Employees of Igor Kolomoisky, also called the “warlord of Dniepropetrovsk” and controller of the Privatbank Group (asset raiding strategies) mentioned above, are “shareholder representatives on the Burisma Holdings board.” When reading this understand that Kolomoisky is in exile in Israel while in the US, the FBI are alleged to be investigating PrivatGroup. There is a lot more going on here than a business relationship between Burisma and Joseph Biden and it includes Mitt Romney.

According to a report documented in this work linked here, Kolomoisky is the controlling shareholder of Burisma. This would connect Joseph Biden and his son directly to Kolomoisky. Perhaps Joe Biden and his son Hunter, would care to explain their relationship with Kolomoisky’s Burisma to the FBI? Everyone knows our opinion of the FBI around here: Does the FBI (the FBI depends on for profit private contractors for their intelligence) even know who Joseph and Hunter Biden are?


“Lobbying for US Government support of Burisma are two Americans who were appointed to the Burisma board in 2014, just after the change of government in Kiev. Hunter Biden (above left) is one of the sons of Vice President Joe Biden. Devon Archer (centre) is a campaign advisor and family friend of Secretary of State John Kerry. Biden and Archer work together in a group of investment vehicles known as Rosemont Capital Partners, Rosemont Seneca Advisors, Rosemont Realty, Rosemont Opportunities Fund, and Rosemont Solebury Capital Management. US Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC) filings indicate that together they are ‘pooled investment vehicles’ linked to Christopher Heinz, managing director of the group (right), and the Heinz family fortune.”

Ukraine’s Jewish population numbers roughly 250,000. This makes Ukraine one of the largest Jewish populations in Europe. Jews in Ukraine working with Israel wield an enormous amount of both practical and symbolic influence way beyond their numbers including all the way back to Washington DC. The newly elected President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky, is himself Jewish. The future of Jews in Ukraine looks indeed to be much brighter. Trade between Israel and Ukraine is about to break the $1 billion threshold and will only continue under Volodymyr Zelensky. In his first move to bring on new staff as Ukraine’s new president, Zelensky “hired Andriy Bogdan as his presidential chief of staff. Bodan was Igor Kolomoisky’s lawyer up to the very same day. This removed any doubts as to who really stood behind the newly-elected Ukrainian president.”

This all seemingly indicates progress for Jews in Ukraine while Britain has become a defacto Israeli colony. What’s it going to be, Boris? A return to England? It can be seen possibly as Ukraine being ground zero for a split within Judaism although difficult to comprehend. Benjamin Netanyahu visited President Volodymyr Zelensky in August 2019, and from reports from the Israeli media, Benjamin Netanyahu returned with “few achievements.” And what seemed to be symbolic, Netanyahu’s wife, Sara Netanyahu, “discarded a piece of bread, traditionally offered to visitors.” Remember too there are around one million Russian-Jews in Israel. If Israel fails where will they go? What would happen if Jewish-American oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson pulled the plug on Israel? Imagine the exodus.

Source: Strategic Culture

Israel’s Secret Plan for a “Second Israel” in Ukraine

By Wayne Madsen | December 3, 2014

The Times of Israel, an independent Israeli newspaper that counts among its staff a number of former reporters for the Israeli daily Ha’aretz, published a fascinating but largely overlooked story datelined Jerusalem and Zhitomir, Ukraine, March 16, 2014, and which was written by its respective Russian and Ukrainian correspondents, Hirsh Ostropoler and I. Z. Grosser-Spass, citing a secret report provided to the Israeli government. The report, written by a select panel of scholars of Jewish history drawn from academia and other research centers, concluded that that European Jews are in fact descended from Khazars, a war-like Mongol-Tatar group that ruled over Ukraine and southern Russia, which mass-converted to Judaism in the eighth century AD. 

Zionists have long argued that the land claimed by Israel was the biblical birthright of the Jewish people who were forced from the land in a so-called “diaspora” after repeated conquests by various empires. Proof that Ashkenazi Jews, which make up a majority of the Israeli Jewish population, have no historical link to Palestine would call into question the entire premise of Israel as the historical “5,000-year old” homeland of the Jewish people.

The Israeli journalists noted that any conversation of the Khazars and modern Israel has always been met with disdain by Israeli leaders. They quote Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir as once saying, “Khazar, Schmazar. There is no Khazar people. I knew no Khazars. In Kiev. Or Milwaukee. Show me these Khazars of whom you speak”. DNA proof that a migratory Khazar population from Europe is now claiming ancient roots in Palestine largely eliminates Zionist claims to the region. 

The evidence that eastern and central European Jews have no historical claim to Palestine has resulted in a flurry of activity in Israel and abroad. The Israeli Knesset will soon vote on a bill passed by the Israeli Cabinet that legalizes Israel as a Jewish “national state”. Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who read the secret report on the Khazars, has declared that “Israel is the Jewish, nationalist state for the Jewish people”. With the Ashkenazi claims to Israel tenuous, at best, Netanyahu, his Likud Party, and his Jewish Orthodox and West Bank settler party allies have no other choice but to aggressively stake their nationalist claims to not only Israel but also to the West Bank – which the nationalists refer to as “Judea and Samaria”.

However, some Israelis and Jews abroad are not taking any chances. One of the main reasons why Ukrainian Jewish billionaire tycoon Ihor Kolomoisky, the governor of Ukraine’s Dnipropetrovsk province and citizen of Ukraine, Israel, and Cyprus, is spending tens of millions of dollars on the recruitment of right-wing Ukrainian nationalists and neo-Nazis from other parts of Europe to fight against the Russian-speaking majority in the Donbass region of eastern Ukraine, is a fear that plans to turn Ukraine into a «second Israel» will be derailed. Russia’s protective measures for the Donbass, as well as its incorporation by referendum of Crimea, the latter prized by the resurgent Khazarian Jewish nationalists, threaten the transformation of Ukraine into a second homeland for Ashkenazi Jews who are finding their hold on Israel prime tenuous, at best. 

The Times of Israel‘s explosive story about the Khazarian roots of the Ashkenazis also revealed that Israel, knowing that a Palestinian state is inevitable considering the increasing pressure for it from Europe, is preparing to resettle Ashkenazi settlers in the West Bank to Ukraine. Israel’s advanced research in genetics resulted in a direct DNA line being established between Israel’s Ashkenazis and the Khazars who were dispersed across eastern and central Europe after Russia conquered the Khazarian Empire in the 11th century. 

Please go to Strategic Culture to read the entire article.


Ed.’s note: What Jews really have their eyes on is returning Crimea to Ukraine. In this Fort Russ article, President Zelensky in discussions with President Trump, the subject was brought up about Crimea and “how Trump would help Zelensky and Ukraine, return Crimea to Ukraine.” This prospect is not likely to happen considering Russia’s Vladimir Putin has stated he will “throw everything he has at Ukraine” if Ukraine attempts returning Crimea. It is hard to judge the veracity of Zelensky’s claim Trump would help return Crimea to Ukraine. Did Trump say this to simply appease Zelensky? At one point in history, Crimea was considered a “Jewish stronghold.” During the Soviet Union’s existence, Crimea was considered as a possible homeland for Jews. Crimea became a “training ground” for the political Zionist movement first through agriculture working with American agricultural specialization that would later be transplanted to Palestine.

Ukrainian president claims Trump promised help to ‘recover’ Crimea 

This can only be an interesting turn of events with Viktor Yanukovych announcing his return to Ukraine. Yanukovych was a Ukrainian politician who was elected as the forth President of Ukraine on February 7, 2010. He was removed from power in 2014 after the “Ukrainian revolution” sponsored by American neocons (the neocon Jew Victoria Nuland [originally “Nudelman”] admitted that the US State Department spent $5 billion funding anti-government ‘pro-democracy’ groups in Ukraine) Yanukovych was removed from office by the usual method of expediency: “mass killing of civilians.” Jewish sources continue to blame Russia and that Russia invaded Ukraine. This is from a Jewish perspective on Russia, so don’t expect it to be at all favorable towards Russia who most Jews despise.

When Russia invaded Ukraine, the countries’ rabbis also went to war

Watch Russia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov blow off Victoria “f*ck the EU” Nuland. The Russians know full well what the Neocons have been up to in Ukraine. The Russians also know who was behind the killing of all those people in Kiev in 2014 during the Ukrainian Revolution (Euromaidan). Take note that John Kerry is seen greeting Sergey Lavrov. Be mindful of that fact considering John Kerry is mentioned in the caption above below the image of Hunter Biden, Devon Archer (campaign advisor and family friend of then Secretary of State John Kerry) and Christopher Heintz.

Again: Yanukovych announces return to Ukraine

Ed.’s note: Here is a Jewish media source in the US for understanding more about the Jewish involvement in Ukraine by members of the Democratic Party. For the most part after going through this material and sources, it can be observed most members of the US congress and senate are abysmally ignorant of what is going on in Ukraine where colossal corruption has become normalized protected by the City of London and Washington DC. The Biden family’s dealings with the Ukrainian company Burisma Holdings involved getting one of Ukraine’s most notorious mob bankers, Igor Kolomoisky, off the U.S. government visa ban list (see Secret Empires: How the American Political Class Hides Corruption and Enriches Family and Friends). For these people it isn’t corruption in their eyes. It’s business with Burisma preparing to make billions off natural gas drilling in Ukraine.

The Trump-Ukraine controversy, and the Jews involved, explained



From Russiagate to Ukrainegate

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