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Ed. note: We have posted different interpretations of the alleged “shooting” in New Zealand and will leave it to readers to decide for themselves whether or not victims were actually shot and killed in Christchurch, New Zealand at two mosques. Place this shooting in the context of an entirely media-driven event that will guide the reader through this material. There are too many strange anomalies all present the least of which was John Podesta being in New Zealand. John Podesta was in New Zealand days before this attack consulting on “election hacking” and “warning New Zealand to be prepared for a cyber security attack.” One of the attackers Podesta identified was China. The significance is not yet clearly understood. Perhaps seeding the idea of the “clash of civilizations?”

To perhaps get a clearer understanding of John Podesta’s involvement, it would be a good start to look at Podesta’s think tank Center for American Progress (CAP) that presents left-leaning political views. Podesta’s CAP think tank is more of a left-leaning think tank presenting itself as an alternative to the right-leaning Heritage Foundation and the American Enterprise Institute. Being left-leaning, it would come as no surprise CAP would put this piece out on New Zealand. More of the same perpetual left-right confrontation. Another important aspect to take into consideration when considering this information, is that Podesta’s CAP can be traced back to the Frankfurt School.

The Frankfurt School “was really a precursor to John Podesta’s Center for American Progress, funded by the Hungarian-born George Soros.” The charges are then immediately leveled that this is some sort of right wing idea that it’s a “Jewish conspiracy to destroy western civilization“. Always framing the discourse in either a “right wing” or a “left wing” to create the required dialectic. George Soros himself is a Judaic, he admits he is, and his mentor was Karl Popper and Leo Strauss, who were both Judaics.

STATEMENT: New Zealand Shooting Shows Threat of Right-Wing Extremism, CAP’s Neera Tanden Says

If readers want to know more about what is going on, it would be extremely useful to start revealing John Podesta’s connections to the Judaists in Israel. That would clearly give us great insights. Another is CAP’s money. Where does it come from? The financial backers will indicate what direction Podesta’s think tank CAP is moving in. Then once the financial backers are identified, the next step is to discover who sits behind the organizations providing financing to CAP. Tom Perriello heads the CAP’s Action Fund, an advocacy unit operating out of the same offices and shares personnel. As of November 2018, Perriello is the executive director for U.S. Programs at George Soros’ the Open Society Foundations. It has also been reported by Influence Watch, George Soros is a big contributor to Podesta’s CAP. Podesta himself is looking more and more as merely a Judaist proxy. So we can see “parallel universes” converging here including probably donations from Boeing and Lockheed Martin, something CAP is secretive about revealing.

Allegedly the terrorist streaming video could not be censored in real time; because there was a backdoor hacked into Facebook to make sure that the automatic flagging algorithms should not be able to block the shooters streaming. If the guy talking about the mass killing could be censored in real time, how could the mass killing itself not get censored in real time? The shooting appears to show an arranged event with a lot of players. Some elements of the mosque shooting probably did take place. The shooter now appears to be an intelligence asset sent out to “do the dirty work” to further justify guns being confiscated and more cynically, to bring about a war between the Christian and the Muslim world.

Here we go…Liberty University call for murdering Muslims – Three Years Later In Christchurch

Christian-Zionism In America Needs to Be Dismantled

A Rethinking of Christianity is Needed In America – Check Your Eschatology at the Door and Turn off Your Smart Phones

The powerful Judaist lobby in the US are largely behind this idea to fight “white nationalism.” Do not fall into that trap of being labeled “white.” We are Americans and this is an attempt by Judaist oligarchs in America working through the House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, who is a Judaist, to disarm Americans by laying convenient blame on a “white nationalist” in New Zealand. We can clearly see the outlines of an operation going on here involving too many elements to be motivated strictly by the notion of “white nationalism.” “White nationalism” is a trigger concept. Anytime it is used it should send red flags up because it is weaponized terminology. Thought: Does “white nationalism” really mean in banker’s terms resistance to the ruling class banking oligarch’s refusal to forgive debts?

The shooter/operative in New Zealand didn’t write this manuscript. It was prepared in advance to be released giving the public the impression there exists a large well organized and formidable “white nationalist” movement. The intelligence agencies involved coordinating this including Israel’s Mossad (please see Ole Dammegard’s remarkable work) that seems to be the template for these types of attacks, use this as the pretext to create the threat. Pay particular attention to the shooter’s comment concerning China, especially since Podesta discussed China being a cyber threat to New Zealand’s elections. Interesting Podesta would make this claim when through his firm he is invested in China.

“The nation with the closest political and social values to my own is the People’s Republic of China.”

The Great Replacement (PDF file)

Assuming this is the attacker, he is one sick individual to even go along with this operation. Viewer discretion advised (please read Scott Bennett’s description below for an accurate assessment of what we are actually seeing in the video clip.



March 18-19, 2019


New Zealand has identified people who saved the Christchurch shooting live stream and is going around arresting them now. Those arrested are detained WITHOUT BAIL.

QUESTION: Why be so obsessed about this? Why? I’d like them to answer WHY THEY ARE SO WORKED UP ABOUT PEOPLE HAVING COPIES OF THIS that they are going around arresting people who have it? IS THERE A “FRAME 313” IN THAT VIDEO? REPEAT: Why be obsessed about this video SO BADLY you need it cleaned up all tidy and proper so aggressively you’re going to arrest anyone who has it and hold them without bail? Obvious answer: FRAME 313. GET IT? It HAS TO reveal something, there’s a glaring revelation in it somewhere, and someone wants it buried post haste so badly that if you can reveal something very uncomfortable for the power elite in this video and don’t be obedient and destroy it, YOU ARE GONE.

SEE THIS. BOTTOM LINE: Someone has something to hide, PERIOD.

Rumor has it a gun confiscation bill is on the way

It is rumor because I cannot confirm it right now with the limited time I have right now. Apparently the GOP is pushing for a bill that will make it possible for anyone to accuse anyone of not being fit to have guns, and if anyone does, no matter what the circumstance, the door gets broken down and all guns are taken and it takes a court battle to get them back – a court battle of the type a man faces in divorce court where a loss is guaranteed. Such a bill is the same thing as a gun ban, anyone’s guns can be taken, that means, in this climate, EVERYONE’s guns can be taken and a guilt trip: You’re not sane! will be used to take them. Rather than the response of “You can’t take them, it is my right to have them” the response will instead be forced to: I’m not crazy, give them back! See how weak that is? It is the exact same thing as an outright confiscation, except you are first called crazy and then they get taken. That is how they will disarm America with only a few confiscation teams. It will take a while this way, but they’ll get them. EVERY. LAST. ONE.

If this is actually in the works, HEADS UP, even if you’re called nutz, don’t even try to prove you are sane, they know you are sane, it is a ruse and they know it. In such cases, anyone who has their guns taken needs to hit the streets warning that the confiscations have started, just like we have feared they would all along. They can’t declare a gun ban, this is their work around to confiscating all guns without an outright gun ban and you can damn well bet the tribe will keep ALL THEIR GUNS, heck, they might even get YOUR GUNS donated to them.

And then, Ocasio will RULE and be a GENIUS because every last thing those guns protected will also be confiscated, all voices those guns protected will be silenced, they won’t go easy on America – they will kill the whole damn country the nanosecond they know they will get away with it. The tribe HATES America, it was a grand challenge to their supremacy, don’t be fooled by the already launched B.S. about how the “tribe” is against this.

Still waiting on word of whether or not this is all real, (the bill is real, launched by Dems but I have to confirm the GOP plans to pass it) I’ll search this out later.

Update for March 19-20, 2019


Too many other credible sources confirmed what I thought. You can see the shell casings flying out of the gun and hit a wall, but it is as if they vanish into the wall, they never hit the ground afterward. There are clear details on the ground that are much larger than a shell casing, and it cannot be explained how the shell casings simply disappeared other than that the entire video was hoaxed with an AI, that was not programmed to realize it had to generate the casings on the ground laying still after they fell. It only calculated the frames where the casings were still moving away from the gun.

Remember, all along I have stated they have something to hide in that shooting video because if they did not, it would not be banned everywhere or a crime to have it. The vanishing brass is obviously it, it proves Christchurch was BULLSHIT.

I was extremely careful before posting this, as you can see by reading down the page. I suspected a hoax but it was such a sensitive issue I did not want to go there. However, now it is clear it was a hoax and if the video re-surfaces where you can see the casings on the sidewalk, THAT will be a hoax, because in the original videos they missed that!

Ok, so now with Christchurch we have: A hoax video set up by intelligence agencies (predominantly Britain) with a Jewish actor who’s mug is everywhere but has his face blanked out in court (GEE, WHY?) because he’s in Israel now as some have speculated and they don’t want people to realize the court case is a sham where the guy who “did it” is not even there.

Add to this that they are banning the video everywhere because there is not enough (if any) blood, plus there is a pre-scene crisis act video where someone who is “shot” is texting while looking comfortable and another guy is eating a snicker bar (as if THAT would happen right after a shooting) and then vanishing brass? Stupid. They F***ED this up but want all the gun ban and hatred towards whites mileage they can possibly get out of it so BAN THE VIDEO.

OK, there. I said it. And this time around I was so shocked by it all that I kept my mouth shut early on, rather than dig this and say it like it is. I also had major doubts about one of the web sites that was a source of some of the info, but so much came in from elsewhere on other topics that I am going to have to go along with “A Jewish actor was the main shooter” because when the shooter’s face is blanked out in court there HAS TO be a reason – he’s not there at all and only Israel would cover it all up for him and have a place waiting. He’ll lay low with “five swimming pools and a lake” for a few months, and then vanish into Argentina with a totally new identity.

So there. I said it.


There is in place what seems to be an automatic response used by the oligarchic power structures to shootings like this with new Zealand’s PM Jacinda Ardern being no different in her response to the shootings in Christchurch. The first response is to always without exception go after the guns. This response is hardwired into the leaders of nations under attack. The shootings themselves faked or not, invariably all lead to this same reaction. It’s to say to respective leaders of nations: this shooting means you start disarming your population.

New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s response was to “condemn the shooting” and then the NZ government would change their gun laws to crack down on the ownership of weapons. Several Kiwis even voluntarily turned in their weapons ahead of any new laws. Whatever the ultimate nature of the attacks were, it is undeniable that the tragedy is now being exploited by various special interests.

The shooter, Brenton Tarrant, seems to think everything is okay. This okay symbol using the fingers was used by Milo Yiannopoulos in 2016 who himself is a Judaist. Suggested viewers use caution as to how this symbol is interpreted.

Truth behind accused gunman’s hand symbol in court

Source: The Ugly Truth

Incurable Gentile Stupidity–Rather than targeting Jewish media for stoking Islamophobia that led to Mosque Massacre, New Zealanders instead react by turning in their own firearms

USA Today

New Zealand’s prime minister vowed Monday to unveil gun law changes within a week and called on gun owners to surrender their firearms to police after last week’s shooting rampage that left 50 people dead.

“Within 10 days of this horrific act of terrorism, we will have announced reforms, which I believe will make our community safer,” Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said.

Ardern promised a review into security agencies after the mosque shootings, the New Zealand Herald reported.

New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush said his officers would willingly accept guns from anyone who wanted to get rid of them. He suggested that people alert police ahead of time “given the current situation.”

Ardern said she “applauded” people who handed in weapons and encouraged more to do so. Some gun owners took to social media to share stories of giving up their semiautomatic rifles. John Hart, a farmer and Green Party member from the Wairarapa, said on Twitter he had owned a gun for 31 years.

“On the farm they are a useful tool in some circumstances, but my convenience doesn’t outweigh the risk of misuse,” Hart tweeted. “We don’t need these in our country.”

Please go to The Ugly Truth to read the entire article.


Updated March 20, 2019 as evidence pours in the shooting in Christchurch was a staged event.

Dr. Eowyn, NZ mosque shooting ‘hero dad’ caught texting in rehearsal video

This is excellent including CGI analysis of faked casings (video gaming):

Intel Drop: Shooting Real, Shooter Fake, Jewish Born Freemason like Brevik (VT hacked 7 minutes after posting)

Christchurch Attacker May Have Had Support – New Zealand Police

Arrest of the alleged attacker in Christchurch.

Watch this news clip. This is good. The Christchurch police officers were literally coming from a training session on how to arrest armed defenders.

Christchurch mosque shootings: Police reveal how they caught the alleged gunman


This break in at the North Korean Embassy in Spain discussed at Moon of Alabama seems to have been related to this same group involved with the staged shooting in New Zealand.

William Craddick at Disobedient Media has written a bombshell article, entitled “Evidence Indicates Link Between North Korean embassy Break-in and Christchurch Attacks“, which points to evidence that a paramilitary group was involved in the Christchurch massacre and while the Mainstream Media is only naming a single suspect, Australian national Brenton Tarrant, this distracts from the fact that the he was arrested with other suspects.


Evidence Indicates Link Between North Korean Embassy Break-In And Christchurch Attacks

Source: Moon of Alabama

CIA Blames Its Proxy For Its Raid On North Korea’s Embassy In Spain

March 18, 2019

The CIA is the main suspect in the military style raid on the North Korean embassy in Madrid. It now launched a somewhat hapless effort to deflect from it. The Spanish report in which Spanish government sources accuse the CIA said:

At least two of the 10 assailants who broke into the embassy and interrogated diplomatic staff have been identified and have connections to the US intelligence agency. The CIA has denied any involvement but government sources say their response was “unconvincing.”

That the CIA is the main suspect in the assault was reported on Wednesday in the Spanish mainstream paper El Pais. The paper made the extra effort to publish an abbreviated English language version. It was widely picked up by other international outlets. Some of the assailants were Asian and spoke Korean language. They were probably from the South Korean National Intelligence Service (NIS), a subsidiary of the CIA know for its extremely hawkish politics. It often rigs elections in South Korea in support of hawkish conservatives candidates.

Attacking a foreign embassy in a third country is far out of bounce of international law and diplomatic decency. After the El Pais report something had to be done to direct the attention away from the CIA and to find some other culprit.

A story was thought up and pushed to the favorite CIA outlet, the Washington Post. It wasn’t the CIA which did it, writes the Post’s national security reporter, it was a CIA controlled ‘regime change’ organization.

A shadowy group trying to overthrow Kim Jong Un raided a North Korean embassy in broad daylight

In broad daylight, masked assailants infiltrated North Korea’s embassy in Madrid, restrained the staff with rope, stole computers and mobile phones, and fled the scene in two luxury vehicles.

The group behind the late February operation is known as Cheollima Civil Defense, a secretive dissident organization committed to overthrowing the Kim dynasty, people familiar with the planning and execution of the mission told The Washington Post.

People familiar with the incident say the group did not act in coordination with any governments. U.S. intelligence agencies would have been especially reluctant to do so given the sensitive timing and brazen nature of the mission. But the raid represents the most ambitious operation to date for an obscure organization that seeks to undermine the North Korean regime and encourage mass defections, they say.

Please go to Moon of Alabama to read the entire article.


March 18, 2019

Military Forensic Research Analysis by Scott Bennett – re New Zealand


Now let me first start out by saying that after thoroughly examining the 17 minute video of the shooter frame-by-frame, and after applying deductive reasoning in the forensic analysis, I am convinced this was a false-flag event for the following reasons:

1) No bullet holes or shattered wood or glass or clouds of sheet rock or exploding plaster or cement can be observed or heard as the guns are firing into them and the victims. This is possible only when no solid projectile is fired from the muzzle, which means no solid bullets were fired into the walls, doors, windows, or victims bodies—only the concussion of air—which means either blanks or paint or gas or other non-solid projectiles were fired from the guns. This means, essentially, nothing solid impacted the victims bodies, therefore no physical damage resulted, which means no living person was lethally wounded or killed by an outside force. It’s simple physics, which Newton’s law establishes in the theorem: a body at rest stays at rest; a body in motion stays in motion unless acted upon by an outside force. Applied to this situation, we might similarly establish that a living body remains living unless impacted by an outside force that lethally disrupts the body’s life processes, such as a bullet destroying arteries and vital organs.

2) No blood splatter from the close-range impact of the high-caliber bullets upon the victims can be observed anywhere on the walls, doors, floors or furniture. Several of the victims are shot at point-blank range as they are crawling or passing by the shooter, yet no visual impact of the bullets can be observed, which would have undoubtedly “kicked” or “thrown” the victim with tremendous force. Only one victim lying on the ground appears to have a red spray appear next to his head as he is allegedly shot, but this could be explained as a “paint round”, since no physical impact of the bullet or explosion upon the head is observed.

Additionally, no pools of blood can be seen either around the bodies on the floor after being shot, except from one body which strangely appears lying next to the first victim in the doorway, which was not present when the shooter initially entered. So this suggests the body or actor was placed in that position, with blood added afterwards.

3) The victims’ physical reactions to being shot, especially at close-range, are not at all typical human reactions, as military and law enforcement experience and data confirm. Typically, the moment a person—especially a civilian—is shot, they instantly fall into a state of hysterical physical and emotional shock, delirium, panic, and desperation. Their bodies are flooded with adrenaline, triggering them to violently sprint, run, or crawl away from the source of the muzzle blast and deafening concussion. They do not simply fold up and fall to the ground like a sack of sand, and lie motionless. It is pure subconscious, animalistic instinctual self-preservation. Their body and instincts explode with movement in the first three (3) seconds, and their minds have no ability to stop it. There are also no screams of horror, rage, fear, or agony filling the air, only seemingly muffled moans.

4) Upon leaving the Mosque, the shooter allegedly fires at a woman about 25 feet away at a corner of the yard, and upon walking outside, finds crying, “Help me, help me”, and lying on her side on the street, her face looking away, and holding her right wrist with her left hand. The shooter aims and fires at her at about 5-7 feet away, blowing a wad of her hair off of her scalp and seemingly causing a red substance to exit her wrist—which may have been a controlled device activated by the woman’s left hand which was holding her right.

5) The presence of music playing in the background during the shooting event is also quite significant. At the beginning of the event, as the shooter is walking around the property, a pipe and drums band is playing an American patriotic tune, suggesting some kind mission equivalent of a “American Founding Father type revolution.” Then as the shooter reenters his car to escape, a voice giving a religious sermon begins screaming a bombastic “fire-and-brimstone” punishment type intro to a song that plays as the shooter drives away, running over the woman allegedly shot on the ground.

6) Finally, as the shooter is driving down the street, several times he presses his shotgun muzzle against the windshield of his car and fires, but the windshield is not damaged or broken or penetrated by any bullet. Instead a smoky cloud bursts against the window and temporarily fills the cab of the car.

7) He then fires out of the side passenger window at a man, and seemingly shatters the passenger door window. This may have been caused by the muzzle of the shotgun hitting the window of course, and not the result of a projectile being fired through it.

The shooter then drives off with music playing in the background, either from his car radio or bluetooth headset, that resembles some kind of hokey Pulp Fiction type soundtrack, as he comments on the shooting thrills and challenges to his Youtube type audience. The video then stops.

Related to Scott Bennett’s forensic analysis above:

James Fetzer – New Zealand False Flag – No One Died? UPDATE 2: CGI Analysis of Faked Casings


See what happens after shooting events like this that took place in New Zealand staged or not? Its intended purpose is to drive people into an emotional frenzy regardless if the shooting actually took place or if it was entirely staged.

Great insights into the attack in New Zealand.

Take a look at these shooting statistics in New Zealand.

homicides by persons holding firearms licences in NZ since 1998


The Thoughts and Prayers from War-Mongers and Islamophobes Ring Hollow

Radio Free Europe is run by the CIA so it is advised discretion be shown with the contents of their article.

Bulgaria Launches Probe Into Recent Trip By Suspected Mosque Shooter

Ed. note: This editor would like to thank all those on the internet for making all this possible by bringing this information together so that we can learn more on how these events are structured and carried out by powerful bankers and the oligarchic elite through their private intelligence networks.

A final word: To demonstrate the shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand is an entirely media-driven event with a planned intended outcome, where is the outage and indignation at the continuous relentless Saudi-America-UK bombings in Yemen where that country has been turned into a human disaster with 56,000 killed and roughly 2,000 dying a month. This says nothing of the roughly 50,000 or so children in Yemen who have died from famine with Yemen being a predominantly Muslim country?

If readers want to see what real blood and gore is, try reviewing the website known as BestGore. There you will see what death really is. And then we come to the relentless bombing of civilians in Syria by the US and UK that continue killing Muslims and it is not reported in the least in the western media, and if it is reported no one really cares about it and even more so, there is no mass hysteria about the deaths. The duplicity and hypocrisy going on here is off the charts by all standards.


Good site for uncovering/analyzing fake attacks:

Division 55

Update on March 19, 2019 (New Zealand fallout):

Christchurch Massacre Spurs Tech Totalitarians

Do we see the real dilemma here?

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