Wells Fargo Bank – Federal Bridge – State of Illinois – Relief by March 7th – Wells Fargo Bank Compromised

Letter to Mike Heid, President of Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

USPS track 7011 1570 0001 8999 0464 to Wells Fargo
USPS track 7011 1570 0001 8999 0457 to Clay County

N3572 CR S
Plum City, WI 54761

Mr. Mike Heid, President
Wells Fargo Home Mortgage
P O Box 10335
Des Moines IA 50306-0335

Mr. Brian J. Melton
Clay County Attorney
807 11th Street North
Moorhead , MN 56560

CC to Red River Valley CPA and Halstad Fire Insurance
Via Certified Mail, email, and fax

21 February, 2012

Dear Mr. Heid:

I have received a foreclosure notice from some attorney you have a contract with. I have no contract with them so I will not communicate with their office.

Regarding the property at 9223 50th Ave S , Glyndon MN 56547 , I have no equity and no interest in the property.

I see in the foreclosure notice that the debt amount is $144,787.48. According to Clay County, MN, the Estimated Market Value is $177,300 which results in Wells Fargo having positive equity of $32,512.52. I waive my rights to any equity and wish to have Wells Fargo provide me relief in a Deed in Lieu settlement.

There is no need for additional expense or emotional suffering unless Wells Fargo brings it. I have previously indicated to you, Mr. Heid, that I am willing to sign off on any ownership rights.

Be aware that I have instructed RRV CPA to terminate electricity delivery as I cannot gain entrance to the house you have relocked without notice to me or the appraiser that you sent out to get an estimate of the value. Wells Fargo inconvenienced my daughter who dutifully went out to show the house to your contracted appraiser.

You, Mr. Heid, have placed your employee Bridget Kasik in a position where she has lied to me on your behalf and in the performance of her duties at Wells Fargo. If you wish to discuss the lie, or fraud, please contact me.

I have a cash buyer for the house and I am willing to show the buyers the property and they can make an offer to Wells Fargo on a short sale. If you or Bridget tell me the appraised value I will inform the cash buyer. Absent that you may market it however you wish as I am very publicly stating that I have no interest in the house. In as much as Wells Fargo re-keyed, winterized it and locked us out while claiming Wells Fargo was not the owner, stating that Bank of America was the owner, I cannot assume any liability due to freezing or fire as you, sir, hold the keys. I will be contacting Clay County Attorney to establish who Clay County believes is the current owner.

A foreclosure is not necessary as I am offering to complete a Deed in Lieu and or lead you to a short sale buyer. I am making a demand upon Wells Fargo and Mr. Mike Heid to provide me relief by end of business 7 March, 2012 or I will be filing suit against Wells Fargo for fraud. Please consider the image below before responding.

If you, Mr. Heid, do not understand the significance of the two entities at the 3 o’clock position and the one entity at 7 o’clock position of this Federal Bridge Certificate Authority you owe it to Wells Fargo to become aware before end of business 7 March, 2012 . The two entities at 3 o’clock position on the Federal Bridge are Wells Fargo and State of Illinois .

The one entity at the 7 o’clock position is the United Kingdom Ministry of Defence whose principals-having root authority for all financial transactions on the Federal Bridge-were allegedly able to trigger a wave of fraudulent foreclosures in the United States through a racketeering conspiracy with the nation’s five largest mortgage servicers: Bank of America Corporation, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Wells Fargo and Company, Citigroup Inc. and Ally Financial Inc. ( formerly GMAC-bundler for a phony mortgage on the WTC Twin Towers in New York). The recent $25 billion decision in Washington DC to resolve violations of state and federal law by these large mortgage servicers could soon seem very small.

Myself or my family are willing to show the house to the anxious buyer if we get the keys and permission not just from Wells Fargo but also from the Clay County Attorney.

Field McConnell
Global Ops Director
Abel Danger Private Intelligence

+001 715 307 8222

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