Welcome to the Jungle: “76 million Brazilians did not vote for Bolsonaro” – War Is Coming to South America

Source: Global Research

Bolsonaro: A Monster Engineered by Our Media

By Jonathan Cook • Global Research, November 01, 2018

With Jair Bolsonaro‘s victory in Brazil’s presidential election at the weekend, the doom-mongers among western elites are out in force once again. His success, like Donald Trump’s, has confirmed a long-held prejudice: that the people cannot be trusted; that, when empowered, they behave like a mob driven by primitive urges; that the unwashed masses now threaten to bring down the carefully constructed walls of civilisation.

The guardians of the status quo refused to learn the lesson of Trump’s election, and so it will be with Bolsonaro. Rather than engaging the intellectual faculties they claim as their exclusive preserve, western “analysts” and “experts” are again averting their gaze from anything that might help them understand what has driven our supposed democracies into the dark places inhabited by the new demagogues. Instead, as ever, the blame is being laid squarely at the door of social media.

Social media and fake news are apparently the reasons Bolsonaro won at the ballot box. Without the gatekeepers in place to limit access to the “free press” – itself the plaything of billionaires and global corporations, with brands and a bottom line to protect – the rabble has supposedly been freed to give expression to their innate bigotry.

Here is Simon Jenkins, a veteran British gatekeeper – a former editor of the Times of London who now writes a column in the Guardian – pontificating on Bolsonaro:

“The lesson for champions of open democracy is glaring. Its values cannot be taken for granted. When debate is no longer through regulated media, courts and institutions, politics will default to the mob. Social media – once hailed as an agent of global concord – has become the purveyor of falsity, anger and hatred. Its algorithms polarise opinion. Its pseudo-information drives argument to the extremes.”

This is now the default consensus of the corporate media, whether in its rightwing incarnations or of the variety posing on the liberal-left end of the spectrum like the Guardian. The people are stupid, and we need to be protected from their base instincts. Social media, it is claimed, has unleashed humanity’s id.

Selling plutocracy

There is a kind of truth in Jenkins’ argument, even if it is not the one he intended. Social media did indeed liberate ordinary people. For the first time in modern history, they were not simply the recipients of official, sanctioned information. They were not only spoken down to by their betters, they could answer back – and not always as deferentially as the media class expected.

Clinging to their old privileges, Jenkins and his ilk are rightly unnerved. They have much to lose.

But that also means they are far from dispassionate observers of the current political scene. They are deeply invested in the status quo, in the existing power structures that have kept them well-paid courtiers of the corporations that dominate the planet.

Bolsonaro, like Trump, is not a disruption of the current neoliberal order; he is an intensification or escalation of its worst impulses. He is its logical conclusion.

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Source: The National Opinion

Netanyahu’s courting of Bolsonaro is just the latest in a long line of alliances with far-right figures

Cosying up to reactionary demagogues across the world, the Israeli prime minister is underlining his own hardline nationalist agenda

by Jonathan Cook • November 4, 2018

The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has hailed the presidential election victory of the Brazilian far-right nationalist Jair Bolsonaro as ‘historic’ . / AFP / JACK GUEZ

The victory of Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil’s presidential election last week has won Israel a passionate new friend on the international stage. The world’s fifth-most populous nation will now be “coloured in blue and white”, an Israeli official said, referring to the colours of Israel’s flag.

The Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu immediately called to congratulate Mr Bolsonaro, a former army officer with a pronounced nostalgia for his country’s 20-year military dictatorship. Critics describe him as a neo-fascist.

According to Israeli media reports, it is “highly probable” that Mr Netanyahu will attend Mr Bolsonaro’s inauguration on January 1.

The Brazilian president-elect has already promised that his country will be the third to relocate its embassy to Jerusalem, after the United States and Guatemala. That will further undermine Palestinian hopes for an eventual state with East Jerusalem as its capital.

Mr Bolsonaro has told Israel that it can count on Brazil’s vote at the United Nations, and has threatened to close the Palestinian embassy in Brasilia.

One might imagine that Mr Netanyahu is simply being pragmatic in cosying up to Mr Bolsonaro, given Brazil’s importance. But that would be to ignore an unmistakable trend: Israel has relished the recent emergence of far-right leaders across the Americas and Europe, often to the horror of local Jewish communities.

Mr Bolsonaro has divided Brazil’s 100,000 Jews. Some have been impressed by the frequent appearance of Israeli flags at his rallies and his anti-Palestinian stance. But others point out that he regularly expresses hostility to minorities.

They suspect that Mr Bolsonaro covets Israel’s military expertise and the votes of tens of millions of fundamentalist Christians in Brazil, who see Israel as central to their apocalyptic, and in many cases antisemitic, beliefs. Not that this worries Mr Netanyahu.

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Source: Consortium News

Welcome to the Jungle

October 29, 2018 • 91 Comments

A troubling new era has begun in Brazil with the election on Sunday of the far-right Jair Bolsonaro as president, writes Pepe Escobar.

By Pepe Escobar • Special to Consortium News

It’s darkness at the break of (tropical) high noon.

Jean Baudrillard once defined Brazil as “the chlorophyll of our planet”. And yet a land vastly associated worldwide with the soft power of creative joie de vivre has elected a fascist for president.

Brazil is a land torn apart. Former paratrooper Jair Bolsonaro was elected with 55.63 percent of votes. Yet a record 31 million votes were ruled absent or null and void. No less than 46 million Brazilians voted for the Workers’ Party’s candidate, Fernando Haddad; a professor and former mayor of Sao Paulo, one of the crucial megalopolises of the Global South. The key startling fact is that over 76 million Brazilians did not vote for Bolsonaro.

His first speech as president exuded the feeling of a trashy jihad by a fundamentalist sect laced with omnipresent vulgarity and the exhortation of a God-given dictatorship as the path towards a new Brazilian Golden Age.

French-Brazilian sociologist Michael Lowy has described the Bolsonaro phenomenon as “pathological politics on a large scale”.

His ascension was facilitated by an unprecedented conjunction of toxic factors such as the massive social impact of crime in Brazil, leading to a widespread belief in violent repression as the only solution; the concerted rejection of the Workers’ Party, catalyzed by financial capital, rentiers, agribusiness and oligarchic interests; an evangelical tsunami; a “justice” system historically favoring the upper classes and embedded in State Department-funded “training” of judges and prosecutors, including the notorious Sergio Moro, whose single-minded goal during the alleged anti-corruption Car Wash investigation was to send Lula to prison; and the absolute aversion to democracy by vast sectors of the Brazilian ruling classes.

That is about to coalesce into a radically anti-popular, God-given, rolling neoliberal shock; paraphrasing Lenin, a case of fascism as the highest stage of neoliberalism. After all, when a fascist sells a “free market” agenda, all his sins are forgiven.

The Reign of BBBB

It’s impossible to understand the rise of Bolsonarism without the background of the extremely sophisticated Hybrid War unleashed on Brazil by the usual suspects. NSA spying – ranging from the Petrobras energy giant all the way to then President Dilma Rousseff’s mobile phone – was known since mid-2013 after Edward Snowden showed how Brazil was the most spied upon Latin American nation in the 2000’s.

Bolsonaro: Leader of trashy jihad.

The Pentagon-supplicant Superior War College in Rio has always been in favor of a gradual – but surefire – militarization of Brazilian politics aligned with U.S. national security interests. The curriculum of top U.S. military academies was uncritically adopted by the Superior War College.

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Mike Pence uses psychological warfare to incriminate Venezuela which was of course backed up by Nikki Haley at the UN. Allegations are now proven to be false:

US VP Pence’s Accusations of Venezuelan Financing of Migrant Caravan Disproved


The United States is establishing an international military force including Brazil, Colombia (narco state) and Peru with Colombia becoming a NATO member which will be used to possibly attack Venezuela under some as of yet unidentified pretext. By the US supporting Brazil’s new president Jair Bolsonaro, the US has been able to pull Brazil out of the BRICs countries.

US Backs Brazil, Colombia and Peru Amazon Military Drill

Colombia to be NATO’s first Latin American global partner

This is actually threatening that John Bolton was appointed as the Trump regime’s national security advisor, who along with Pompeo at the US State Department, and Nikki Haley at the UN who have all assured us of endless wars of aggression on humanity more than already has been demonstrated.

Praising Openly Fascist Bolsonaro as ‘Like-Minded,’ John Bolton Hails Brazilian Strongman as Welcome Ally in Crushing Latin American Left

Trump Regime Imposes New Illegal Sanctions on Cuba and Venezuela


John Bolton who is a hardline neocon, says the “national debt is an economic threat to US national security.” If this is the case then it isn’t out of the realm of consideration the US will start a war in South America against Venezuela blaming that country for being a “threat to America’s national security.” The US is pulling out all the stops on Venezuela in their intensifying propaganda blitz through the media recently calling Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba as an “axis of evil” (‘Troika of Tyranny). Most of what is being read in the US media concerning Venezuela is a fabrication.

John Bolton Warns National Debt Is An “Economic Threat” To The US Security

Bolton Praises Bolsonaro, Calls Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua ‘Troika of Tyranny’


As the wars in the Middle East including in Afghanistan come to an end with Russia stabilizing Syria, the US will need a new war in South America to keep its $716 billion “defense” budget going:

After 17 years of war, top US commander in Afghanistan admits Taliban cannot be defeated


Past US military “defense” budgets have paid for an enormous amount of equipment, so much so in fact, the US recently “gifted” Brazil with field artillery support vehicles. The US donated 40 M992A2 vehicles to extend Brazil’s artillery firing capacity. The U.S.-made equipment is due to arrive in Brazil in the second half of 2018. What is all this fire power going to be used for? South American countries fighting each other? Or as the RT News clip below presents, will Brazil be used by the US to invade Venezuela? Is this why US Secretary of Defense (war) James Mattis visited Brazil this past August, 2018?

Brazilian Army Acquires U.S. Field Artillery Ammunition Support Vehicles

U.S. Secretary of Defense James N. Mattis Visits Brasilia and Rio de Janeiro


Let’s not forget about Venezuela becoming a major global source for cobalt either, another very good reason US corporations cannot afford for Venezuela to rely on Russia and China for trade. The market for cobalt has exploded in recent years, with demand driven by the surge in production of batteries for electric cars and the coming autonomous cars. Cobalt’s strategic importance cannot be overemphasized.

Carmakers are aggressively scaling up production of electric vehicles in the decades ahead as well as the smart phone industry relying heavily on cobalt production with most of the cobalt mined today coming out of the Congo by slave labor. China is becoming a major car manufacturing country and its demand for cobalt will continue rising. It isn’t likely US corporations are going to sit idly by to watch Venezuela’s cobalt production go to China and Russia. It just so happens that Cuba has the third largest reserves of cobalt (one of the ‘Troika of Tyranny’ countries).

The US has been actively trying to destabilize Venezuela for a very long time. Oil cartels have their own intelligence networks and act more like governments to protect their own self-interests, something ExxonMobil’s Rex Tillerson would know all about. The question isn’t “will the US invade Venezuela”, rather, the question should be: “Will ExxonMobil invade Venezuela?” It is only a matter of time when these economic interests respective of these countries collide in war as to what countries will control these resources.

Will the US Invade Venezuela?

How China is locking up critical resources in the US’s own backyard


The US continues its war of economic sanctions on Venezuela. For these countries like Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua, it is either cooperate with the US or risk economic destruction to their respective economies. The latest is Trump signing an executive order (only private corporations can sign executive orders) to target Venezuela’s gold exports:

‘Troika of tyranny’!? US sanctions entirety of Venezuela, warns Cuba & Nicaragua ‘you’re next’

Back to basics: Venezuela wants to barter its crude for goods to bypass US sanctions

Trump Signs Executive Orders Targeting Venezuela Gold Exports


Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel arrived in Moscow November 1, 2018 on an official state visit after Russia loaned Cuba $50 million to purchase weapons.

Russia: Cuban president arrives in Moscow on official visit


If anyone doesn’t think the US media isn’t feeding the American people an entirely falsified and a different story about what is really happening in Venezuela and in the region of South America then perhaps this article will explain it better:

Deepfakes And Political Manipulation


Why are all the US military personnel being sent to the border with Mexico? All these troops to cope with dirt poor migrants or to protect the southern border from an expected mass exodus from the region when war breaks out in South America with Venezuela shortly after Jair Bolsonaro takes office in January?

15,000 US Troops Sent To The US-Mexico Border To Stop Migrant Caravan (Full Compilation)

Jair Bolsonaro’s win in Brazil is a warning to us all | Owen Jones talks…

Brazilian Invasion of Venezuela a “Very Serious” Threat


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Brazil president-elect Jair Bolsonaro vows to move Israel embassy to Jerusalem

Bolsonaro gives top justice role to judge who jailed his rival Lula, sparking outrage

Venezuela mulls joint projects with Russia, China, Turkey






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