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Ed’s note: While reading these two articles keep in mind how the Neocon networks working through their think tanks, private intelligence, various organizations and with Israel, created “Islamic terrorism” in the first place with much of the funding coming from Saudi Arabia despite contrary opinions. Kuwait and Qatar were also implicated in funding ISIS. The blame game between extremely wealthy GCC sheiks right? As the business model and allegiances continue to fluctuate in the region more blame will continue to develop as a coalition is organized against Iran.

The US has joined secret talks with Israel and the UAE. The Topic? Iran


Don’t assume for a moment Israel is not working closely with Saudi Arabia on intelligence sharing and doesn’t know what is going on inside the UAE. The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is a political and economic alliance of six countries in the Arabian Peninsula: Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Abu Dhabi is the capital and the second most populous city of the UAE. What we can expect is Israel “making peace” with the UAE countries as a coalition is formed to begin the final assault against Iran. Israel and UAE military jets are already practicing together.

Israel’s participation in Gulf security force opens its 5th front against Iran

Israel’s Mossad liaising with UAE ahead of Dubai Expo

Israel’s Murder, Inc.

Mossad operation in Dubai FULL VIDEO

Blaming Iran:

Report: Mossad Pegged Iran in UAE Tanker Attacks


Source: Sputnik News

Media report: Secret Israel-UAE talks convinced Tel Aviv to commit to US-led Gulf coalition – the plan all along

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Israeli FM Israel Katz • Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu

MIDDLE EAST | August 15, 2019

Last week, Israeli media reported that Foreign Minister Israel Katz had met with an unnamed “high ranking persona” from the United Arab Emirates to discuss the “Iranian threat,” with Tel Aviv committing to provide intelligence and unspecified other forms of assistance to the US-led ‘maritime security coalition’ being formed in the Persian Gulf.

The State Department was responsible for arranging at least two secret meetings between senior Israeli and Emirati officials to share information and ‘coordinate efforts’ against the alleged Iranian threat, anonymous US officials said to be familiar with the interactions have told The Wall Street Journal.

The meetings were apparently arranged by senior State Department official Brian Hook, who serves as senior policy advisor to Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and President Trump’s special representative for Iran.

The talks took place despite the absence of formal diplomatic relations between the two countries, with Abu Dhabi not formally recognizing Israel’s right to statehood, and Israelis banned from entering the country following an alleged Mossad operation to assassinate a senior leader of Hamas in a Dubai hotel room in 2010.

Brian Hook, special representative for Iran, leaves the podium after speaking about the creation of the Iran Action Group at the State Department, in Washington, Thursday, Aug. 16, 2018

Without specifying the exact dates of the meetings, WSJ’s interlocutors told the newspaper that the first was held in the spring, with another held ‘more recently’, with just a handful of people in the State Department informed about either. The diplomatic effort has be aimed specifically at increasing Abu Dhabi-Tel Aviv diplomatic, military and intelligence cooperation related to Iran.

“The Iran Action Group has been working with several countries to coordinate diplomatic, security and intelligence activities in response to Iran’s escalating aggression,” an unnamed Trump administration official told the paper, referring to the US-led diplomatic initiative formed in August 2018 to ‘coordinate US policy toward Iran’ following the unilateral US withdrawal from the Iran nuclear deal in May of that year.

Officials from the UAE and Israel declined to comment on the WSJ report.

Over the past week, Iran has repeatedly warned that any Israeli involvement in the ‘maritime security coalition’ the US and its allies have been trying to put together in the Persian Gulf region would have ‘disastrous consequences’, stressing that Tehran would have a “right to counter this threat” to its national security. 

Last week, Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps Commander-In-Chief Maj. Gen. Hossein Salami warned that “any new war” in the Gulf would “endanger the survival of the Zionist regime,” adding that Tel Aviv and its allies show no desire for a conflict because they know that ‘if it occurred, it would move into their lands.” 

In March, several months before the summer’s escalation of tensions in the Gulf amid a string of incidents including tanker sabotage attacks, ship seizures and drone shootdowns, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu proposed deploying the Israeli Navy to help the US stop any “covert oil smuggling” operations. Iran’s defence ministry said Tehran would “firmly respond” to any such deployments, and that it would see any such Israeli actions as acts of “piracy.”

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Source: Consortium News

Blaming Each Other for Backing Terrorism

The two sides of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC)’s Qatar rift are far from reconciling as both accuse the other of supporting terrorism, reports Giorgio Cafiero.  

August 15, 2019 • By Giorgio Cafiero

Special to Consortium News

The Gulf Crisis between Qatar and its neighbors (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and the UAE) is no closer to being settled than when it erupted in May 2017. The differences — including displeasure by the Saudi-led faction with Qatar’s relations with Iran, its pro-Muslim Brotherhood stance and its alleged support of terrorism — have only heated after a controversial new documentary aired by Qatar government-ownedAl Jazeera Arabic last month that accuses Bahrain of coordinating with terrorists.

The 52-minute film, “Playing with Fire,” makes extremely serious accusations about the Bahraini royal family’s alleged ties with Salafist-jihadist terrorists. It claims to expose recordings and communications that prove that the Bahraini kingdom recruited Al-Qaeda terrorists to establish a cell to carry out targeted assassinations of key figures within the country’s Shi’a opposition. According to “Playing with Fire,” King Hamad Bin Isa al-Khalifa authorized the operation, even intervening with Riyadh to release Mohammed Saleh, an Al-Qaeda commander, from a Saudi prison.

Still from “Playing with Fire.”

The documentary alleges that Bahraini intelligence officials and Al-Qaeda coordinated acts of terrorism in the southeastern Iranian province of Sistan Baluchistan. According to Al Jazeera‘s conclusions, in 2006, Bahraini intelligence officials recruited Hosham Baluchi, the ex-leader of Ansar al-Forghan, whom the Iranians later killed in 2015, for such terror operations in Iran’s restive areas near Pakistan.


Predictably, the government of Bahrain had harsh words for Qatar and its state-owned pan-Arab network. Bahraini Foreign Minister Khaled bin Ahmed said  the documentary was merely a “new episode in a series of conspiracies from a rogue state against the Kingdom of Bahrain, and against the stability of the entire region.” Packed with “lies and fallacies against the state Bahrain,” the documentary’s allegations have no basis in fact, asserted Bahrain’s chief diplomat. He went further, doubling down on the narratives that drove Manama and other Arab capitals to begin blockading Qatar in 2017, stating that Doha “has become the biggest threat to the Gulf Cooperation Council.”

Mohamed Mubarak, a Bahraini journalist based in the United Kingdom, spoke to RT and fired back against Al Jazeera Arabic’s documentary. He claimed that in 2006 Bahraini authorities instead captured a group of extremists and that the video footage of Al-Qaeda commander Saleh used in the documentary was fabricated in order to “blackmail” Bahrain’s rulers.  Mubarak claimed that “Bahrain is a spearhead in combating terrorism [which has joined] the international coalition in fighting ISIS, either in Syria or Iraq.” For Qatar to level such accusations against Bahrain was “paradoxical and ironic” given Al Jazeera’s history of providing a platform for Al-Qaeda members and sympathizers, Mubarak said. 

Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) also delivered an official response to the documentary. The terrorist group released a statement denying such links with the Bahraini state. The Al-Qaeda franchise asserted that such accusations of a secret agreement between the Al Khalifas and Al-Qaeda operatives illustrated how GCC member-states remain “keen to persuade their master Trump of who is the most loyal of his devoted workers in the war against the mujahideen.”  

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