“Was JonBenet’s baby sitter Nathan Inouye related to Canada’s war criminal Kanao Inouye?”

Source: The Free Library

Canada’s war criminal Kanao Inouye.

Only one Canadian has stood before a tribunal accused of war crimes. Of all the bizarre stories of WWII, his was one of the strangest and most compelling.

His story began, ironically enough, in Kamloops, British Columbia. Kanao Inouye was the precocious only son of Japanese immigrants. His father, Tadashi, was born in Tokyo and had emigrated to British Columbia. During WWI, Tadashi had served in the 131st battalion of the New Westminster Regiment and was awarded the Military Medal. He returned to British Columbia and became a naturalized Canadian citizen in 1920. According to Kanao’s testimony at his first trial, his youth in Canada was almost idyllic. He enjoyed his schoolwork and got along well with his mostly white schoolmates. The others even considered him a teacher’s pet. After his graduation from the Vancouver Technical High School, his family urged him to go to Japan for higher studies.

Even though his father died in 1926, Inouye’s family still had substantial connections in Japanese industry. His grandfather, Chotahara Inouye, was president of Keio Electric Tramways and a member of both Japan’s Parliament and House of Peers. It was hoped that young Inouye’s dual knowledge of English and Japanese customs would make him an ideal middleman in the burgeoning trade between Asia and America. But he found it difficult to make the transition from one culture to another. As a Nisei (a Japanese born outside the homeland), he was viewed with suspicion. Moreover, he found it impossible to engage in the small talk that is an integral part of socialising. If anything, he longed to return to Canada: “We used to go together with other Nisei’s and they always came around and asked us what we fellows were doing in Japan because we were not wanted there.”

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  • Roland Edgar Dent

    “For those individuals who so grossly violate the laws of war, either by beating prisoners of war or torturing civilians, it is important to realise that at some time they may have to stand in a prisoner’s dock and answer for those crimes. ”

    The polticians of the EU are specifically and legally identified as being INDEMNIFIED from prosecution.

    Those in power are ABOVE THE LAW..they are unaccountable..DEITIES


  • Where’s the info about the baby sitter???

  • Roland Edgar Dent——–Ever heard of “Sovereign Immunity”? The US Congress possesses this Shanker Wart which will has/will eat through their “collective souls” and make the physical task of “Sovereign Justice” not even smoothly palpable but almost soulfully fulfilling and a Call to the Horses of Swordful Justice to do their duty. Take heed narcissistic psychotic inbreds of The Evil One. Thou shall pay, dearly. Heads up to your “friends” the Bauer’s aka Rothschild’s. The source of this virus.

    They want internal disorder–like a body eating itself. Like AIDS. NOPE–fail. Tried many times before as history has taught us but today—we have new methods.

    The ORDER was—“Love One Another”. You did no such thing and now we are here to deliver justice. You done failed Natures and Gods Law. Vengeance is The Lords but Justice shall be ours. Love One Another.

    The EU is done anyway. Juncker—-DONE. Enjoy your booze asshole. Drink up. Men do not even recognize it as legitimate in any form. Collectivism and it’s adherents always suffer the same fate and it ain’t no back rub. Enjoy your riches on this earth for it will be short–a snap of a finger–and then–eternal Fire. We shall deliver these inbreds to thee Father. Do what you to them what you will. Our job is as delivery men/woman. No charge. Postage is on us. The Statist is the most dangerous and deadly virus mankind has ever witnessed. The funding of such are our target–not the State, the Statist.

    Love One Another

  • Nathan Inouye (Stine Baby-sitter)
    The Nathan Inouye Theory
    Who Is Nathan Inouye? In her 2000 Atlanta interviews (316:9-25; 317:1-11), Patsy indicated that Nathan was an American of Japanese descent who was a college junior or senior living with the Stines and would, on occasion look after Burke and JonBenet? He also would, on occasion, take them to school in the morning.

    Incriminating Evidence Against Nathan Inouye
    BlueCrab Theory. Internet poster Bluecrab claims Nathan Inouye should be considered a suspect.

    Exculpatory Evidence Favoring Nathan Inouye
    Alibi. However, Nathan reported in a private email being home with his family in California during Christmas 1996 and Bluecrab has offered no evidence to the contrary despite being pressed repeatedly for this information over many years.

    Already Investigated by DA? Bruce Levin point-blank asked Patsy Ramsey in the 2000 Atlanta interviews(316:9-25; 317:1-11) for contact info on Nathan Inouye and was assured by Lin Wood this would be forthcoming.