Wanted In Russia for Theft of Billions – The Most “Christian Russian Banker”

Wanted In Russia for Theft of Billions – The Most “Christian Russian Banker” – No One Ever Gets Extradited From London – London Is a Safe Haven For Those Accused of Crimes in Their Homelands – Pugachev’s Case is Being Managed by MI6 – Russia Is Being Extorted – The Sea Empire and the Land Empire – “The Enemy of My Enemy is My Friend” – Nothing Personal, It’s Just Geopolitics

Source: Russia Insider

London: A Safe Haven for Russian Banksters (Russian TV News Video)

This segment pulls no punches, explaining that Pugachev is a traitor, a hypocrite, and all-around neer-do-well.

It then goes on to trash London as a cesspool of murderers, criminals, and assorted miscreants on the run from Russian justice, deliberately supported by the UK government because of its century-old geopolitical competition with Russia.

Who says Russian news reporting isn’t truthful?

He’s the Russian Bernie Madoff, but the mainstream media give him as much airtime as he wants. Strange, no?

This is interesting because it comes from a new private TV channel called Tsargrad, which positions itself as more conservative than the government channels, and unabashedly Christian.

Some have called it Russia’s Fox News, although it is more outspokenly Christian and conservative than Fox.

The channel is backed by the conservative Christian billionaire Konstantin Malofeev, who some call the anti-Soros, who was sanctioned by the EU and Washington, apparently because of his outspoken views against the LGTB agenda and his support for Christian values.

Pugachev’s case is interesting too, because he has launched a massive PR campaign from London, with major features about him being carried by the FT, Reuters, BBC, etc.

The tongue-bath the media have given him is an embarrassment to journalism.

London remains a safe haven for Russian criminals and banksters
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