Venezuela: Regime Change Masquerading as “Humanitarian Aid” (Soft Power)

Ed. note: US military aircraft delivering “humanitarian aid” to Venezuela via Colombia is being recognized for what is actually going on. It is covert weapons shipments and media sources are picking up on this. Humanitarian groups have also become aware of this and want nothing to do with US-directed “humanitarian aid” to Venezuela. As this covert US-backed coup against Venezuela is losing support, an overt coup against Haiti is going on largely unreported. The uprising in Haiti is related to what is going on in Venezuela fueled in part by a massive embezzlement of what was a discounted Venezuelan oil PetroCarib program in Haiti. See linked article here:

Is Haiti Unraveling?

If readers want to understand how powerful oligarchs operate behind NGO’s using “humanitarian” intervention to retain their interests in targeted countries, this series at Mint Press News (MPN) by Whitney Webb and Vanessa Beeley is definitely worth reading (see Roger Waters’ linked video below). This is precisely what Whitney Webb and Venessa Beeley discuss in their series about these oligarchs protecting their interests in targeted countries.

Venezuela – No More Than 20,000 People Came To Branson’s Concert Stunt

The oligarch Richard Branson is putting on some type of live aid concert in Colombia. It is being put out the Random Guy™ Juan made the request of Branson, but that scenario is not plausible. The Venezuelans do not need “humanitarian aid” and they are not asking for it. How much longer are we going to tolerate these self-serving oligarchs? Richard Branson doesn’t give a damn one way or another about the Venezuelan people, he is doing this to protect British oligarchical interests in the region.

The Oligarchs Behind the “Humanitarian” Regime Change Network Push for UK Labour to Split

Venezuela crisis: Billionaire Richard Branson to organise aid concert on Colombia border

Here comes the “humanitarian aid” to Venezuela via CIA airfreight front companies. Yes, Donald Trump, what were you saying about bringing to an end US military intervention in other countries? Looks to us those weapons discovered by the Venezuelan authorities were shipped out of Florida. Who paid for them, wealthy Venezuelan “regime change” aficionados who stand to lose their financial interests in Venezuela?

The US has hired out private mercenaries who were apparently arrested in Haiti. It is anyone’s guess what they were doing there. Might have been providing security for Haiti’s corrupt government officials, or are part of what has been called “shock doctrine” profiting off disaster. These mercenary companies are like “vultures coming to grab the loot” in these “disasters” now going on in Haiti hyped by the media.

US Mercenaries Set Sights on Haiti


Trump Just Rang the Dinner Bell for the Beginning of WWIII

President Morales Calls Out U.S. Foreign Policy as Trump Listens in UN Security Council Meeting

US Preparing to Militarily Strike Venezuela

Would anyone like to see a side of this international conflict against Venezuela in all of its real unreported nastiness? This is probably closer to the brutal truth where powerful oligarchs want total control over a chaotic world.

I’m just another soldier boy…

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