Venezuela is not going to be the victim of US “Humanitarian Aid”

The interviewer in this PBS NewsHour video clip before asking Russia’s Vladimir Putin “if it is time for Venezuela’s President Maduro to go”, states that “Venezuela is disrupting oil markets, millions of Venezuelans are leaving the country, politically things aren’t going well and oil production is down”. These assertions are incorrect. What this interviewer may or may not know is, China, Russia and Cuba have all deployed military assets along with approximately 100,000 Venezuelan troops in a military exercise along the Colombian-Venezuelan 2,219 kilometre border that was held between September 22-29, 2018.

Putin is asked: Is it time for President Maduro of Venezuela to go?



Encouraging development in Venezuela where President Meduro announced the digital cryptocurrency ‘Petro’ which will be tied to Venezuela’s massive oil and mineral reserves:

Venezuela Launches ‘Petro’ Cryptocurrency



Venezuela, China, Russia and Cuba are deployed in an exercise on the border with Colombia

IEA report: Global oil supply hit a record high in August despite Iran, Venezuela fallout

Uncertainty Around US Sanctions on Iran Adds $5-$7 to Oil Prices – Minister

US-Based Military Grade Media Psychological Warfare Deployed Against Venezuela – Abby Martin Empire Files Shut Down

What Is Going On In Colombia and Venezuela?

US Military Preparing To Step Into Venezuela On Behalf of ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips


What country owns these military vessels that seem to be gathering off Grenada as of 4 Oct 2018? There were 19 counted military vessels at this location and as of today 6 Oct 2018 there are now 40 vessels in the region.

Ship Traffic


Anticipating casualties?  And there is no media in the US reporting on what is going on in Venezuela? As if the big oil cartels really care about the average person in Venezuela.


Source: McClatchy

U.S. Navy hospital ship to comfort Venezuelan migrants

BY CAROL ROSENBERG • August 20, 2018


The Military Sealift Command’s hospital ship USNS Comfort on May 12, 2018 in this Pentagon photo. JONATHAN CLAY U.S. NAVY

Defense Secretary Jim Mattis said Friday he would dispatch a U.S. Navy hospital ship to the Colombian coast to help treat Venezuelan refugees that have overwhelmed the Colombian medical system — the first U.S. military foray into the Venezuela crisis.

“It is absolutely a humanitarian mission. We’re not sending soldiers, we’re sending doctors,” Mattis told reporters of his plans to send the gleaming white, former freighter with a Red Cross painted on its side to help treat refugees in Colombia and probably other Latin American nations.

He gave no timetable for when the ship, probably the ship known as the Comfort, would set sail from its home port, likely Norfolk, Virginia.

U.S. defense officials have yet to say how the ship would be outfitted for the Venezuelan refugee health care relief mission. In times of war, the Comfort can carry 1,215 military medical personnel, conduct 12 simultaneous surgeries, operate 1,000 hospital beds and ferry casualties by helicopter. Typically, it has carried a smaller crew with lesser capabilities aimed at providing basic humanitarian relief in hard-to-reach areas or places stricken by natural disaster.

More than a million Venezuelans have fled food shortages and poverty in their homeland in the past 18 months, often traveling by foot and bus to neighboring Colombia and in smaller numbers to Brazil in what the United Nations sees as a refugee crisis. Both countries have tried to shore up security along their land borders while taking in migrants.

The decision to deploy U.S. medical troops to the worst migration crisis in South American history is a significant departure from Trump administration policy. Defense officials have left the response to civilian and international humanitarian relief organizations to deny Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro the possibility of casting it as a U.S. military intervention in the region.

Please go to McClatchy to read the entire article.


China also sends a hospital ship to Venezuela.

Chinese Navy Hospital Ship Docks in Venezuela Amid Crisis


Update 5 Oct 2018: The Governor of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rosselló wanting to financially benefit from any invasion (“humanitarian aid”) of Venezuela has just signed some type of a decree supporting military intervention in Venezuela. Again, the US wants to overthrow a legitimately elected government which President Trump supports. Most of the opposition in Venezuela after discovery, can usually be found to be connected to US oil cartels. In Ricardo Rosselló’s case, he hired investment experts at Rothschild & Co to assist in convincing creditors to take deeper losses on Puerto Rico’s debts than they had expected. Puerto Rico is saddled with outstanding debt of $70 billion or $12,000 per capita with a 45 percent poverty rate. So any invasion of Venezuela allowing Puerto Rico to be used as a military jumping off or staging point into Venezuela would bring billions probably to the island.

Puerto Rico Governor Calls for ‘Elimination’ of Venezuelan Government, Offers to Host ‘Transition’ Logistics


Updated 6 Oct 2018 with this news on the DEA operating in Colombia: The DEA is part of the problem in Colombia considering record amounts of cocaine is being produced in that country. So what exactly is the DEA doing in Colombia besides “fighting a war on drugs”? Colombia continues to break all records for cocaine production. Colombia produced a record estimated 1,379 tonnes of cocaine in 2017. This amount of cocaine production is up a whopping 31% from 2016. Colombia is a US proxy narco state ensuring the flow of cocaine continues into the world markets. It isn’t like the DEA is in Colombia to curtail the flow of cocaine, but only to direct its flow including billions in revenue for the politically powerful inside American bureaucracies who are personally profiting. The Venezuelan government under President Maduro are fully aware of Colombia’s treachery including the US providing Colombia with $500 million a year in “humanitarian aid”. This “humanitarian aid” is essentially used to back para military militias controlling the drug trade out of Colombia.

DEA official tasked with stopping DEA sex parties is under investigation for procuring prostitutes for sex parties


The five countries of Russia, Iran, Turkey, Venezuela and China are de-dollarizing. These five countries are turning to local currencies as we’ve see in the case of Venezuela introducing its ‘Petro’ based on hard commodities like oil and other resources:

De-Dollarization: Top 5 States Drifting Away From Greenback


Venezuelan President Maduro’s UN Address:

UN: Venezuelan President Maduro willing to meet Trump

Venezuelan President Maduro’s UN Address


Good article on Venezuela:

What Really Happens to Nicaragua, Venezuela and Ecuador


With China and Russia having military assets in Venezuela, the US is preparing a global show of force.

Alert: U.S. Navy Proposing Major Show of Force to Warn China





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