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Ed.’s note: Watch Israel continue to deflect attention away from cooperation with and technology transfers to China. The first thing that comes to mind with this recent news, is why is this being reported by Israeli sources? And if Saudi Arabia is purchasing $300 million worth of Israeli-developed security spy software, why can’t they figure out who exactly hacked into these systems reported by Sputnik? Although the Sputnik article states it was the “US-Israeli cyber firm Cybereason” that discovered “state-sponsored hackers in China”, Cybereason is not a US firm. The company is run by Israelis in Boston connected to Israel’s Unit 8200. It appears The Times of Israel released the article. Was this unconfirmed news released to vector attention away from technological transfers from Israel to China? This story cannot be taken at face value when Benjamin Netanyahu stated: “Cyber is where the real power is”, not when Israeli tech firms dominate cyber security. Unsubstantiated news reports of “state-sponsored hacking” means that only these cyber security firms can profit even more.


Source: Sputnik

US-Israeli Cyber Firm Names China Primary Suspect in Global Espionage Campaign

June 26, 2019

All eyes are on Beijing after a Tuesday release from a US-Israeli cybersecurity company said that state-sponsored spying and other cyber crimes were committed by state-supported hackers in China with the hopes of obtaining data pertinent to a number of high profile persons worldwide.

Following a nearly year-long cyber investigation, US-Israeli cyber firm Cybereason announced on June 25 that a number of “state-sponsored adversaries” had been utilizing private infrastructure companies around the world to carry out “state-sponsored espionage and cyber war.”

The investigation found that hackers were able to infiltrate cellular providers’ IT networks and lift a number of records, including usernames, passwords, billing information and call records. According to the Times of Israel, targeted persons included individuals in government positions, law enforcement and politics.

“This isn’t one breach, but a series of sophisticated and targeted breaches. What is really troubling is this is an example of being hacked and not knowing it because the victims aren’t aware and have no way to trace the attack,” Mor Levi, Cybereason’s vice president of global security services, said in the release.

With said information, Cybereason claims hackers could even track the so-called high profile individuals’ meetings, mobile messages and active locations. Though only a select few are said to be targets of the attack, entire directories of information and credentials were allegedly stolen in these attacks.

The US-Israeli cybersecurity company claims China’s government may be behind the series of attacks, as the unknown hackers’ tactics, techniques and procedures (TTP) can be traced back to APT10, a Chinese cyberespionage group.

Please go to Sputnik to read the entire article.


Source: Middle East Monitor

Saudi Arabia buys $300m spyware from Israel

June 20, 2019

Saudi Arabia has bought $300 million worth of spy software from Israel as part of a large scale military deal.

Senior Arab sources told Al Khaleej Online that the deal was struck without a mediator, despite the fact that the two countries do not maintain formal diplomatic relations. The sources stressed that the Saudi intelligence services have sought to obtain advanced spyware in order to trace the Kingdom’s citizens – both in the country and abroad – amidst increasing criticism of the Saudi royal family.

Saudi Arabia therefore reached out to the Israeli market and struck a deal worth $300m with representatives of Israeli firms, the sources said, adding that both sides met and reached the deal in UK capital London.

Please go to Middle East Monitor to read the entire article.



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