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October 09, 2011

How then Senator Clinton procured B.C. aerial imagery for Ballistics 9/11

Memo to file:

VARGIS Selected for New York’s State-wide Mapping Project

HERNDON, VA, April 5, 2001— The New York Office for Technology (OFT) has awarded its Statewide [Procured though the office of then junior Senator from New York Hillary Clinton] Digital Orthoimagery Program to VARGIS, LLC of Herndon, VA.

VARGIS is leading a multi-participant team to create 1 and 2 foot pixel resolution digital orthoimagery for the State. Collection of new aerial imagery to support the program will begin this spring in the lower Hudson Valley. The VARGIS team for New York includes Triathlon Ltd, BC, Canada [Subsidiary of Macdonald Dettwiler and Associates the British Columbia company from which Kristine Marcy’s appointees in the Senior Executive Service procured the Instrument Approach and Final Approach Procedures for the 9/11 attack profiles in New York and Washington D.C.] ; 3001, Inc., New Orleans, LA; North West Group, Alberta, Canada; and Atlantic Technologies, LLC, Huntsville, AL.

Greg Tilley, President of VARGIS, explains that orthoimages are digital aerial image maps that have been ortho-rectified to remove photographic distortion introduced by sensor distortion and ground relief. OFT is requiring that the products meet the strict reporting requirements of the National Standards for Spatial Data Accuracy (NSSDA). OFT has also taken the unusual step of incorporating economic incentives in the contract to insure timely delivery. The expert project management and quality assurance offered by VARGIS was a key factor in their selection. The orthoimages will be used by many federal, state, local and private organizations to improve the effectiveness of resource and land management operations.

VARGIS is an industry leader in managing the acquisition, quality assurance and delivery of digital orthophotography to government and commercial clients. In six years of operation, VARGIS has contracted for the acquisition of digital orthoimages covering more than 300,000 square miles nationwide. VARGIS is currently the prime contractor on statewide orthoimagery projects in Texas [for attack on the ranch of George Bush] and Michigan, and subcontractor on a statewide project in Tennessee. VARGIS also subcontracts and manages production of its own EyemapTM brand of high-resolution digital color orthophotography in five metropolitan regions throughout the US.

For further information on the NY project, contact VARGIS at 703-834-0225, or at VARGIS is headquartered at 208 Elden Street Suite 204 Herndon [FAA HQ for Marcy’s Senior Executive Service; a joint-venture partner in design of attack profiles for Ballistics 9/11], VA 20170.

Eyemap, the company’s premier product line of sub-meter color digital orthophotography, is fast becoming the base-map standard for geographic information. EYEMAP enables government, utilities, business marketers and engineer/surveyors to map their business interests to the visible world. For more information about VARGIS and VARMAP products, please call 800/834-0225. VARGIS’ World Wide Web address (URL) is Eyemap is a trademark of VARGIS LLC. All other products or company names mentioned are used for identification purposes only, and may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Related web sites: [The owner of Triathlon, in turn controlled by CAI Private ‘Greek Life’ Equity Group and the Treasury Solicitor, Juliet Wheldon on 9/11]
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