US Treasury Steven Mnuchin, remember when Venezuela stepped in to help Americans?

Ed. note: Imagine that? Venezuela provided free heating oil to Americans in need while the US Treasury under Steven Mnuchin fully supporting the Random Guy™ Juan, goes after Venezuela with crippling economic sanctions. Don the real estate guy from New York, where the value of real estate is worth more than the entire manufacturing infrastructure in America, told everyone didn’t he, “bomb the oil, take the oil, bomb the oil, just take the oil” back in 2016?

Trump Official Boasts Crippling US Sanctions on Venezuela Are Like Darth Vader’s Death Grip

The siege of Venezuela

Source: RT News


Refresher Course: From Panama (1989) to Venezuela (2019)

US Treasury Steven Mnuchin in the application of economic war on Venezuela which ultimately does great harm to the people of Venezuela:

Trump’s Sanctions Kill Venezuelan People. Why Can’t UN Rights Chief Michelle Bachelet ‘Fully Acknowledge’ That?

Treasury Sanctions Governors of Venezuelan States Aligned with Maduro


Venezuela President: US Withholding $5bn of Medical Supplies in ‘Criminal’ Measure

US Driving Venezuelans Into Further Resistance Around President Maduro – “The Empire Underestimates the Venezuelan People”

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