US State Department Spokesperson Robert Palladino, Give It Up

Ed. note: Robert Palladino doesn’t want to say what he did in this US State Department press briefing on Venezuela. Look at Palladino. He looks embarrassed as he forces the words out of his mouth on Venezuela. He looks like he is in physical pain with every word out of his mouth being a lie. This is becoming hilarious. According to Palladino, the US State Department is “supporting the Venezuela Constitution and the people of Venezuela by supporting democracy ?” Is this a joke? Nobody takes this kind of pablum seriously anymore. It is embarrassing watching Palladino’s (US State Department) position. Palladino doesn’t believe a word coming out of his own mouth. Who do readers take your marching orders from? Fox News’ Sean Hannity? The US State Department? The Neocons like Elliott Abrams?

Washington’s strategy against Venezuela has failed. There will be no “regime change” in Venezuela without direct military conflict. The Neocon John Bolton is now threatening sanctions against banks that do business with Venezuela. These types of sanctions threaten banks that are legitimately trying to assist Venezuela in overcoming the hardships the US has placed on Venezuela. The sole purpose of US economic sanctions against Venezuela is to hurt the Venezuelan people to get them to turn way from their government under President Maduro. These sanctions are like a feudalistic siege on a town to starve then wipe out the population. Venezuela is actually a very good country to invest in contrary to what Americans have been led to believe.

With talk show, Venezuela socialist party boss Diosdado Cabello stirs up ‘Elvis’ like support

Bolton threatens sanctions against foreign banks over ties to Maduro

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Trump and the Venezuelan Opposition Have Much in Common


Source: Venezuela Analysis

An Open Letter to the Washington Office on Latin America About Its Stance on US Effort to Overthrow Venezuelan Government

Noam Chomsky, Greg Grandin, Sujatha Fernandes and others express “serious concerns” over WOLA’s stance regarding the ongoing US-led regime-change efforts in Venezuela.

Elliott Abrams, known for his leading role in the Reagan administration’s Central America policies, was named ‘Special Envoy’ to Venezuela (@StateDept)

The following open letter, signed by 124 academics from around the globe, is addressed to the Washington Office on Latin America and voices serious concerns over WOLA’s support for various components of the Trump administration’s policy towards Venezuela.

We write out of concern for the direction that WOLA has taken with regard to a matter of life and death, and possibly war and peace, in Latin America. This letter is an attempt to engage with WOLA about your support for various components of the Trump administration’s efforts to topple the government of Venezuela.

We believe that the Trump administration’s regime change effort in Venezuela is wrong in every way: morally, legally, and politically. Since war has been openly threatenedrepeatedly by Trump himself and his top officials, this effort also runs a high risk in terms of the loss of human life and limb, and other unforeseen consequences of war and political violence.

For these reasons and more, WOLA should oppose this regime change effort unequivocally, just as progressives throughout the world opposed the Iraq War of 2003. But it has not done so. Rather, it has endorsed much of it. People may have differing personal opinions regarding the internal politics of Venezuela or how Venezuelans might best resolve their differences. But there is no doubt that the Trump administration’s illegal regime change operation is greatly worsening the situation and should be opposed by all who care about human life and international law.

Most dangerous is WOLA’s opposition to the offers of mediation by Pope Francis as well as the neutral governments of Mexico and Uruguay. WOLA has referred to these offers ― which have been called the Montevideo mechanism ― as a “non-starter.” Instead, WOLA has chosen the European Contact Group, which is dominated by Washington and governments allied with its illegal sanctions and regime change effort, as the only legitimate place for negotiations to take place.

Since the Trump administration clearly has no desire to negotiate, and has openly stated this, WOLA’s choice implies that there will be no real negotiations until the other (European and Latin American) governments in the group are willing to make a clean break with Washington. This is not impossible, but it is unlikely in the foreseeable future. WOLA’s choice of a Trump-dominated negotiating group therefore aids Trump and his team of extremists (John Bolton, Marco Rubio, and Elliott Abrams), in their rejection of dialogue or negotiation.

Please go to Venezuela Analysis to read the entire article.


The best month to go to war is March (Ides of March), so be prepared in case the Pentagon launches a full scale military assault on Venezuela.

The Recolonization of Latin America and the War on Venezuela

ZAKHAROVA: U.S Holds Fast to ‘MILITARY OPTION’ on Venezuela

Here’s what Fox News will present timed for what is happening in Venezuela. Know this is fake news, even the title of this news gives it away as being fake, as the US ramps up its attack on Venezuela. Tucker Carlson and the Fox News intelligence operation are using this “news” as a pretext on Venezuela. One million on the way are they?

Tucker Carlson: 1 million illegal aliens at the border is a crisis — ‘manufactured’ or not

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