US Sitting On Syria’s Oil – Military Buildup Under Cover of “Humanitarian Aid”

Ed. note: Check Point Asia is a new site offering news and analysis. It is an excellent source for finding out more like for example what the US is presently doing in Syria despite Trump’s announcement the US military will leave, just as the imperial leader will not stop the US-supported Saudi-led military attack on Yemen. The US military will not be leaving Syria anytime soon. The US military is in Syria arming, providing logistics and building the SDF (Syrian Democratic Forces) army to an alleged 121,000 strong force to gouge out the state of Kurdistan as a buffer against Turkey, to control oil production and to contribute to Israel’s continued expansion in the region.

Good ploy, they are Kurdish but called the “Syrian Democratic Forces” with the “democratic” tossed in for good measure. If Turkey rejects this the US can always up the ante by exerting more economic sanctions on Turkey. The more Turkey rejects the US the more pressure the US will apply until it risks Turkey’s economy and political balance. From the quintessential ultra-neocon himself Daniel Pipes on the Kurdish situation. We can see the Neocons who are running the White House are not going to allow the US military carry through with a complete withdraw from Syria.

Both Israel and the US are active in the region preparing for an eventual destabilization of Iran. This is one of the biggest reasons why the US will not be leaving Syria anytime soon. The US and Israel are using the Kurds as an eventual proxy and a base from which to launch attacks on Iran. This is what the US an Israel do best: target ethnic minorities to be used against Iran at some point.

Foreign backed terrorism in Iran: Part two – US/Israeli backed insurgency and separatism in western Iran


Source: Check Point Asia

Sitting on Syria’s Oil, US Cuts Lifeline From Iran, Plunges Syria Into Fuel Crisis

An Arab oil-producing nation has been forced into a fuel crisis by US occupation of its oil fields, and shipping blockade

by Marko Marjanović | 17 Apr 19

Syria produced 325,000-385,000 barrels of oil per day before the war. Now it produces 25,000. Partly because of war damage, and partly because the majority of its oil fields are to the east of the Euphrates and occupied by the US and its Syrian Kurdish proxies.  (The Kurds are happy to sell but the US won’t let them.)

It used to consume over 200,000 barrels of oil domestically, but that has gone down to 100,000 or less, with majority of that being shipments from Iran on a credit line that both nations understood was unlikely to ever be paid back in full.

Now the US has succeeded in cuting off that lifeline as well. It is blacklisting tankers which deliver the Iranian fuel and having Egypt block them from ever crossing the Suez.

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Source: Fort Russ

UPDATE: U.S. Continues Supplying Kurds to Counteract Turkey

By Guest Author Finas Samuri |Apr 17, 2019

The shipment of the U.S. military hardware on the way to Al-Hol

The mass media has been widely covering the details of the disastrous humanitarian situation in Rukban refugee camp over recent months. By the way, the crisis in other sites deserves more considerable attention. Al-Hol refugee camp located in Al-Hasakah province and run by the Syria Democratic Forces is one of them.

image –  shipment of the U.S. military hardware on the way to Al-Hol Every single day from 10 to 20 people, mainly women and children die due to the lack of drinking water, essential goods, and medicine. Only for the past two months, 250 children passed away in the camp. According to estimates, now more than 50,000 refugees reside there, although initially it was designed only for 25,000.

It turned out that the catastrophe of Al-Hol residents is caused by the illegal actions of the U.S. authorities. Their homes and shelters in the northern and north-eastern part of Syria have been destroyed by the indiscriminate airstrikes of the U.S.-led international coalition.

Apart from Rukban camp situated in the 55-kilometre zone near Al-Tanf, the American servicemen organized ’humanitarian assistance’ for the people in Al-Hol. However, it is really hard to believe in support of Washington to the locals. On the way to supply their bases in other parts of the country, American trucks allegedly deliver humanitarian aid to the camp. Meanwhile, under the guise of good intentions, weapons and military equipment for Kurdish militias flow from Iraq to Syria.

Since March 1, 2019, the United States has already delivered from Iraq six convoys with 100 Humvee jeeps, 150 pickup trucks equipped with machine-guns, as well as small arms and grenade launchers, the local activists report.

In fact, Al-Hol residence received no humanitarian aid, and only a small part of the armament fell into the hands of the American soldiers deployed at Sarrin and Harab Isk military bases in the area of Manbij.

Three-quarters of the shipment was delivered to the Kurdish militias in Al-Hol camp and then moved to the settlements of Tell Abyad and Ras Al Ain at the border with Turkey. According to the Middle East experts, these towns could become the starting point of the Turkish army and its proxies’ large-scale military operation against Kurds in northern Syria. Amid deterioration of the U.S.-Turkish relations, Washington continues to support SDF, that in response keep holding the oil fields in favour of the United States.

The Turkish side repeatedly expressed concern over the long-term and stable relations between the Americans and Kurds. By the way, the Pentagon has announced the allocation of $300 million for the train-and-equip program for the Syrian Democratic Forces. Moreover, half of the budget will be spent on the purchase of military transport.  It was also reported that the number of SDF is planned to be doubled – from 61,000 to 121,000 fighters. Exactly after this announcement, first messages on the forced recruitment in north-eastern Syria appeared.

Based on these data, the version of the secret weapons supply by the U.S. to SDF seems quite reasonable. This armament will be enough to disrupt Ankara offensive and create chaos in the north of Syria. Unfortunately, it is happening under the guise of humanitarian aid delivery to the people in need locked in Al-Hol refugee camp.


One thing about these people is they never give up. This was prepared in 2008 by the Brookings Institute:

Time for Kurdish Realism

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