US Plans on Deploying These Weapons on Venezuela

A little predictive programming via CIA-Hollywood…in jungle warfare the US will have no option…

Weapons and munitions inbound…the reason why it may appear Venezuela needs “aid” is because of US sanctions.

US Officials to Join Military Flight Delivering Aid to Venezuela – Statement

The US is good at getting weapons into various targeted countries and what is even more nefarious, is using private mercenaries to quell uprisings like what is currently happening in Haiti.

Evidence continues appearing daily the US is being boxed in like a cornered rat…

Russians Told To “Prepare For Worst Outcome” As US Prepares New Sanctions

The Tulsi Gabbard Phenomenon as a Diagnostic Tool

The US Made a Stupid Mistake With the INF Treaty


US nuclear weapons: first low-yield warheads roll off the production line

Washington’s Stealthy Move Towards a Potential First Strike Against Russia and China

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