US Military, Vatican, Pope, Jesuit CJCS – The Jesuits will not command United States Military

All addressed parties will see an AFFIDAVIT that will be received by Senators Johnson and Grassley, Speaker Boehner, Navy Intel and Chairman of JCS before 2pm central, Friday, 2 October, 2015.

The Jesuits will not command United States Military.

The AFFIDAVIT will also identify who awarded Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 his U S Passport:  Kristine Marcy.

Please note attached photo of the Barry Soetoro, Punahou ’79 auto.  It is the car I drove to River Falls WI on 6 August to deliver  my 30 page document to Senator Johnson-WI.  It included my 29 July certified letter revealing murder, treason, and misprision of treason charges to General Joseph Dunford, current CJCS.  It also included charges of serial treason against the United States committed by Kristine Marcy.

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  • Senator Johnson-WI— Your not very good at picking them , listen closely to what he says . Every person running is backed by the same people .

  • The letter sounds like bull to me . Power is only gained by those who have the arms and control of them . The Royals run everything and trained all intel services including Russia China . There is only one enemy to the elite , the people.

  • No because the ISRAEL SCUM already do .

  • I agree that the alleged letter in the above video authored by Pope Francis and sent to President Obama on July 4, 2014 is a fake!!! This letter is disinformation designed to confused the unsuspecting and ignorant. One world government will be headed by the United Nations organization which will eventually outlaw all religions, including Catholicism. The Vatican and those who run the western banking system are all in bed together!!!! The Pope has no authority over the US army and cares not about the US public and our corrupt banking system. The Catholic church has it's own problems and scandals. I am not certain why Abel Danger posted the above video? But the which often posts Abel Danger news articles and supports the above disinformation video is nothing more than a disinformation website which supports the idea of aliens secretly cavorting with the Elite's power structure. Interestingly the Vatican also routinely comments on the possibility of alien life. Personally I wonder if some sort of alien disclosure is a foot? Don't be fooled, this is all a part of the agenda for one world government. Look up the 1960's "The Report From Iron Mountain," to learn more about a planned fake alien invasion, designed to unite mankind against a common foe.

  • You are correct . The iron mountain report is the blueprint and has been proven correct in every stage including the speech by Obama .at the UN which is exactly what it stated all those yrs ago . With China supplying the main forces and the west paying for it added to the Speech China made in 1995 about its plans to rule the world no matter what and occupying USA , CANADA , AUSTRALIA which they are doing as we speak . Freedom is in a lot of trouble . Russia and USA are to rule it , China must be the manpower . This does not look good no matter what side your on . To China killing people are a way of life . Seeing as bio weapons are their choice of weapon acording to the speech , that must be what the hemtrails and vacines are all about . DEPOPULATION . I think duff is a disinfo agent . He is an x banker supports Obama yet knows the jews are crooks ,and although right on some things is more often wrong than right . So it is hard to work out what the story is with him .

  • Holy Roman Empire was a part of the Habsburg dynasty, Lorraine dynasty. Three hundred years. Shows one of a few names of a Lorraine as " Holy Roman Emperor" Habsburg;s owned Mexico. Is it likely that they donated the Holy Roman Empire to the Vatican or anyone? How can you own land and people? Stealing things by force or trickery and claiming ownership is a sham. Who owns the Moon or the Sun? If people ever figure it out the gig is up as the culprits are smoke and mirrors themselves only a handful of dastardly greedy dukes and so called royals self lifted to look down their nose at others. To be noble is to be above others or to stand above others. Dishonest snobs. No titles of nobility allowed by 13th amendment in any government office such as attorney or Esquire, Sir, Knight etc in constitution of the. states united burned by mercenaries of dukes in 1812.. "license" is "permission of the owner" Counterfeit, only the illusion of something it is not. Fools are victims of a trick. Nothing says that they will not one day become wise and the sorcerer will find his or her tricks returning like a boomerang when the light reveals the slight of hand.