US Military Intervention In Venezuela Veering Closer

Ed.’s note: There is no “repression of the Venezuelan people” as is being vociferously claimed by US sources including President Trump. The US does not want Russia and China obtaining Venezuela’s resources including oil. How much more obvious does it have to be? The US – its policy-makers – are making serious geopolitical mistakes and it is showing almost daily including because of US subservience to Israel, losing out on energy sources in the Mediterranean. This isn’t “news” coming out of the US media, it is all fabricated and faked news concerning all the recent events happening in Venezuela. And don’t overlook the British either, again we find them operating behind the scenes through Canada to overthrow President Maduro of Venezuela.

‘Not Trump’: British Deep State of Canada Caught Steering Venezuelan Coup

Updated information for May 4, 2019: Venezuelan police and military ambushed with several killed:

BREAKING: Venezuelan soldiers, police KILLED in ambush

Without exception, every western news media source (representing corporate interests) have been constantly calling for “regime change” in Venezuela. The US wants complete hegemony over Venezuela’s resources and this is what this is all about as we’ve outlined with various news sources over the past few months. The US has attempted everything it can to remove President Nicolás Maduro over the past year with complete failure and it looks as though now the US is down to its last option: military intervention. President Nicolás Maduro’s Minister of Defense is General Vladimir Padrino López. General López was trained in psychological operations and advanced officer training at the School of the Americas (the name was changed to a less offensive name to the Western Hemisphere Institute for Security Cooperation) in the US at Fort Benning, is highly competent and knows full well what psychological warfare operations are being deployed against Venezuela.

Update May 5, 2019: Just like we stated: General Vladimir Padrino López tricked the US into thinking a military coup went down and Bolton, Abrams and Pompeo fell for it.

MAJOR: Inside How the Coup was Foiled – Venezuela’s Army Chief Padrino TRICKED Trump & Abrams

The vice president of Venezuela is Delcy Rodríguez, and so if anything were to happen to President Maduro, Delcy Rodríguez would step in as president who is a very competent Venezuelan politician and not the CIA-prepared regime change Random Guy™ Juan. We keep hearing over and over again in the western media and out of Washington until we vomit that Maduro (Americans need their evil dictator fix to make them feel good about themselves) must be removed from office, but absolutely nothing about the removal of Maduro’s administration including Delcy Rodríguez.

Fake news? US delusional diplomat ensures that Maduro can be betrayed by his allies

Venezuela Has by Far the Largest Oil Reserves in the World – No More Explanation Needed

The head of the Russian GRU reveals US plans against Venezuela (MUST SEE!) – Bolton Is Pushing for War

Venezuela – Coup Failure Necessitates A New Policy – Bolton The Stache Is Pushing For War

Venezuela: Lopez Arrest Warrant Issued as Military Show Strength for Maduro


Source: The Economic Collapse

2 Aircraft Carriers Have Left Port – Are The USS Eisenhower And The USS Roosevelt Headed South Toward Venezuela?

April 30, 2019 | by Michael Snyder

Juan Guaido has initiated a violent uprising in an attempt to overthrow Nicolas Maduro, and it appears that the U.S. may be preparing to intervene in the conflict militarily.  The USNI News Fleet and Marine Tracker accurately tracks the current positions of U.S. naval assets, and according to them the USS Dwight D. Eisenhower has left port on the east coast and the USS Theodore Roosevelt has left port on the west coast.  In both cases, each aircraft carrier was originally slated for “training” exercises, but now there is lots of speculation that they are both steaming south toward Venezuela.  Since there has been no official confirmation from Washington, let me stress that once again that any talk about the potential destination of these carriers is just speculation.  But considering what is taking place in Venezuela at this moment, it certainly would not surprise anyone if the waters off Venezuela is precisely where they are heading.

Earlier today, the Intel_Radar Twitter account created quite a stir with a series of seven tweets

BREAKING: US Navy deploys two aircraft carriers, both southbound, one from each coast, amid Venezuela crisis. #Venezuela #Maduro #Guaido

Update 1 : Eisenhower left Virginia headed South, on the same day Roosevelt deployed out of San Diego headed for the Panama Canal. #Venezuela #Freedom #Guaido #Maduro #Cuba #USNavy

Update 2 : US Navy Nimitz-class aircraft carrier USS Dwight D. Eisenhower (MMSI:368962000|CS:NIKE) departed Norfolk ~2019-04-26, was off AIS for 4 days, and seems to be headed South, off the US East Coast. #Venezuela #Maduro #Guaido #Freedom #US_Navy

Update 3 : American Roll-on Roll-off Carrier (ARC) RoRo Integrity (IMO:8919934|MMSI:367063310) departed Mexico with a fake destination, “hiding their destination”.

Update 4 : USS Dwight D. Eisenhower has earned a number of awards, including the Battle “E” in 1979, 1980, 1981, 1985, 1990, 1998, 1999, 2006 and 2012 as the most battle efficient carrier in the Atlantic Fleet. #Venezuela #Maduro #Cuba #Guaido #Freedom

Update 5 : 6248 kHz LSB Venezuela naval freq still active. Also morse code in background.

Update 6 : A US Navy fast combat support ship departed Norfolk just a little bit ago.

If all of this information is true, it would certainly seem to indicate that something is up.

Please go to The Economic Collapse to read the entire article.


Source: Fort Russ

US military denies mobilizing troops for action against Venezuela

By Paul Antonopoulos | May 2, 2019

The US military has not been ordered by its leaders to prepare for any type of military action in Venezuela, Deputy Defense Secretary for International Security Affairs Kathryn Wheelbarger said during a congressional hearing on Wednesday.

“We, of course, always review available options and plan for contingencies,” Wheelbarger explained. “But in this case we have not been given (the) sort of orders that you’re discussing, no.”

The top uniformed U.S. military officer, Marine General Joseph Dunford, said he was focused on intelligence gathering and being prepared to respond, if Trump sought greater involvement by the Pentagon.

But he stressed that the military should act in a way that deepens its partnerships in Latin America — where the prospect of U.S. military intervention is deeply unpopular.

“I think it really is very, very important that we work with others in the region to solve this problem,” Dunford said.

US Navy Admiral Craig Faller, commander of the US Southern Command, who oversees US forces in Latin America, said the planning includes preparation for noncombatant evacuations and US humanitarian aid, but noted that his main focus in the region is building partnerships.

Please go to Fort Russ to read the entire article.



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Viva Venezuela!

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