US-Israel Military Attack on Syria In Motion – President Donald Trump (Cut Off): Open Source Intelligence, Please?

Source: Sputnik

US Reconnaissance Planes Intensify Flights Over Syria

June 28, 2017

US reconnaissance aircraft have sharply increased the amount of flights over Syria, Lebanese Al Mayadeen television channel reported on Wednesday, citing its sources.

BEIRUT (Sputnik) – According to the outlet’s source, the plane belongs to the US Navy, and such unusual activity may mean that it is preparing for some kind of action.

According to Al Mayadeen, the same plane was in Syria’s airspace before the US strike on positions of the Syrian army in Deir ez-Zor in September 2016.

In addition to the above-mentioned plane, two more reconnaissance aircraft, whose tasks are to intercept radio signals, detect enemy radar, and transmit target designations, are concurrently in the air above Syria.

On Tuesday, the White House said Washington had identified potential plans for a chemical attack by Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces similar to preparations that, allegedly, would have been made prior to the April 4 chemical incident in Idlib. Washington warned that a chemical attack in Syria would result in the mass murder of civilians and said that Assad would “pay a heavy price” if he conducts the attack.


Source: Intellhub

H. R. McMaster manipulating intelligence reports to Trump

National Security Adviser wants 150,000 ground troops in Syria

By Mike Cernovich
June 28, 2017

Current National Security Adviser Herbert Raymond “H. R.” McMaster is manipulating intelligence reports given to President Donald Trump, Cernovich Media can now report. McMaster is plotting how to sell a massive ground war in Syria to President Trump with the help of disgraced former CIA director and convicted criminal David Petraeus, who mishandled classified information by sharing documents with his mistress.

As NSA, McMaster’s job is to synthesize intelligence reports from all other agencies. President Trump is being given an inaccurate picture of the situation in Syria, as McMaster is seeking to involve the U.S. in a full scale war in Syria.

The McMaster-Petraeus plan calls for 150,000 American ground troops in Syria.


Bollyn “The War On Terror Is a Zionist/Neocon Creation To Redraw The Middle East!”


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