US Goes to Cyberattack on Venezuela’s Civilian Power Grid

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‘Lights out!’ Did Trump and his neocons recycle Bush-era plan to knock out Venezuela’s power grid?

Even as the Venezuelan government blamed the power outage on U.S.-led ‘sabotage,’ the U.S. has long had a plan on the books for targeting the civilian power grid of adversarial nations.

By Whitney Webb • March 13, 2019 by Whitney Webb

CARACAS, Venezuela—For nearly a week, much of Venezuela has been without power, bringing the country’s embattled economy to a near standstill. The outage saw U.S. officials and politicians blame the Venezuelan government for the crisis while officials in Caracas accused the U.S. of conducting “sabotage” and launching cyberattacks that targeted its civilian power grid as well as of employing saboteurs within Venezuela.

Although many mainstream media outlets have echoed the official U.S. government response, some journalists have strayed from the pack. One notable example is Kalev Leetaru, who wrote at Forbes that “the United States remotely interfering with its [Venezuela’s] power grid is actually quite realistic.”

Leetaru also noted that “timing such an outage to occur at a moment of societal upheaval in a way that delegitimizes the current government, exactly as a government-in-waiting has presented itself as a ready alternative, is actually one of the tactics” he had previously explored in a 2015 article detailing U.S. government hybrid warfare tactics “to weaken an adversary prior to conventional invasion or to forcibly and deniably effect a transition in a foreign government.”

In addition to Leetaru’s claims, others have asserted U.S. government involvement after U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL), who is deeply involved in Trump’s Venezuela policy, appeared to have prior knowledge that the blackouts would occur when he tweeted about them only three minutes after they had begun.

While several journalists have pointed out that the probability that the Trump administration was responsible for the blackout is highly likely, few—if any—pointed out that the U.S. has long had highly developed plans involving the use of cyberattacks to attack critical power-grid infrastructure in countries targeted for regime change by Washington. Indeed, the most well-known plan of this type, known by its codename “Nitro Zeus,” was originally created under the George W. Bush administration and was aimed at Iran. With so many former Bush officials now calling the shots in the Trump administration, particularly its Venezuela policy, the potential return of a “Nitro Zeus” virus, this time tailored to Venezuela, seems increasingly likely.”

A little hammer to use when big hammers have been nixed

The “Nitro Zeus” plan first came to light in a November 2016 exposé published in the New York Times, which described it as an “elaborate plan” that was created for use against Iran were negotiations over its nuclear program to fail. That program targeted “Iran’s air defenses, communications systems and crucial parts of its power grid. At its height it “involved thousands of American military and intelligence personnel” and is believed to have cost tens of millions of dollars. The program intimately involved both the National Security Agency’s Tailored Access Operations unit and the U.S. Cyber Command.

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More on Rubio:

Rubio’s Gloating Betrays US Sabotage in Venezuela Power Blitz



March 12 – 13, 2019



The conductive strand trick is now approximately 15 years old. The U.S. started doing this to Iraq at around the time of “shock and awe”.

Update: It did become meaningful to post Suriname’s data, because they keep removing it from the incident map by falsely reporting it has zero problems (probably because the truth about this has been revealed). I’ll get to that later. Yes, oracle will bow down to the deep state and bury data. Too late, I have it.

Suriname was suddenly put back on the global incident map. I have their data captured in case it becomes meaningful to post it.

Venezuela’s power has fallen back down to this morning’s levels, which were equal to what Guri could produce before it was updated in 2010.

So obviously, the 1980’s vintage stuff is working normally, while the stuxnet compatible stuff keeps getting attacked.

Not a wise move with China no doubt knocking to get in to help fix this. What would China do with effectively captured Stuxnet code?

Probably following orders, Oracle took Suriname off their global incident map

This is because their incident map proves Venezuela was giving Suriname over 75 percent of it’s power, and that Suriname is impacted as hard as Venezuela is by America’s cyber attack. That did not “feel good” for a disinfo clown, so Suriname is now off the map. Don’t worry, I have the link which proves it all HERE so you can see what is going on there.

HEADS UP: A NEW ATTACK ON VENEZUELA IS UNDERWAY, AND THEIR POWER MAY GO OUT AGAIN. I am just sitting here waiting for it to happen.

Too bad all their refrigerated food is rotten, so getting the power back for the better part of a day at this point obviously did not help them much.

The new attacks commenced when Venezuela’s oil ports opened up again and began filling tankers. Coincidence? What is that?

At least all the phones and flashlights got charged, along with car batteries I am sure.


As of 8:40 AM CST, Venezuela managed to get one of the newer Stux infected generators going at the Guri Dam. That’s a LOT sooner than I expected, GREAT WORK. Power is now, at the time of posting this update, at 77.8 percent.

The times on the chart above are off a little due to the chart producing times based on GMT.

I’d like to state that I am not a fan of socialist countries AT ALL, but have sided with Venezuela in all of this because the U.S. screwing with them is TOTAL B.S. and the U.S. is getting a LOT worse than any socialist country. Fascism combined with Pelosi is WAY WORSE.

For what the American people produce and earn, they don’t get jack in return. It all gets taken via taxes, fake university induced student debt (and I say fake because the universities are indeed, now predominantly fake). Americans are also badly burdened by a hoax “scamming mechanic” medical system, and exhorbitant totally inexcusable rent and property prices, all made possible by free mason fronted city zoning and building permit codes.

It is specifically the Freemasons that managed to get a form of totally uniform tyranny across all city and county governments for the purpose of screwing property values. The Freemasons are the reason why all city codes (which would be unique to each city if not messed with) are basically the same no matter what city you go to. Zoning and restricting building and building codes and permits are far too uniform in America to be for real, when there’s no official centralized control of it all. It was the job of the Freemasons to accomplish that. The property prices may be explainable in Hong Kong, where there’s 120 million Chinese trying to stand on the same floor tile, but in wide open America such pricing is an act of war.


Small DJI Phantom-type drones delivering conductive strands on the electrical grid over cities in Venezuela?

Venezuela Blackouts: ‘Straight From the Cyberwar Playbook’


Remember the Beatles catchy tune “With a Little Help From My Friends?” This editor despised the Beatles, but anyway…the US’s “little help from my friends” was Israeli on the attack on Venezuela’s electric grid. “Do you need anybody?” Yes, the US needs Israel. What do you see when you “turn out the lights?” Israel.

Want proof or are we just listening to Beatles for the fun of it? Does anyone seriously think the US with inferior technological capacity than Israel is going to go solo on Nitro Zeus? It’s “zero days” friends…and the Venezuelans are going to feel the cyber pain cheered on by their hatchet man on Venezuela Marco Rubio. Rubio, when China is called in to investigate what do you think they will discover inside Venezuela’s industrial and electrical power systems at the Guri dam, not the “German dam?”

This is going to turn into a proxy war using Venezuela against China possibly to slow down or impair, China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI). The Venezuelan people are going to be caught up in the middle of this war with this cyberattack only the beginning. If anyone thinks America under Trump is not leading to war, they might want to have a sober read through Clean Slate Amnesty – Write Down the Debt – We Are Moving Towards a “Bleak Neo-Feudal Barbarism”.

The Terrifying U.S.-Israeli Computer Worm That Could Cause World War III

China Ready to Aid Venezuela After Cyber Attacks on Hydro-power Plants

Washington is Waging a New Dimension War Against China – and will Lose out Bitterly

What did he say in this clip below? “It spreads to any Windows machine in the world?” What would Bill know about the concept? Did the Guri dam in Venezuela use Windows systems?

“While Microsoft is known for many things, it is best known for Windows – and for years, rumors have swirled for years that major parts of the operating system were developed in Israel, something the company has confirmed although it has never specified just which components of Windows are ‘Israeli.’ Gates, who does know, wasn’t telling either, but he was ‘very happy’ to wish the Microsoft Israel R&D center a happy 25th anniversary.”

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