US Driving Venezuelans Into Further Resistance Around President Maduro – “The Empire Underestimates the Venezuelan People”

Ed. note: Get ready because Washington’s attack on Venezuela is failing with the people of Venezuela drawing closer than ever to the government of President Maduro of Venezuela. The Venezuelan people are proving to be remarkably resilient and along with various websites including this one, the US narrative on Venezuela has been completely exposed and is collapsing. To overcome this collapse and to not lose momentum, the next US phase will be the “Islamic State of Venezuela” as a pretext to take down Venezuela.

‘Islamic State of Venezuela’ – Guaido Proven Useless, Handlers Exposed – U.S May Launch ‘Next Phase’

Source: RT News

‘Cyberattacks & insider sabotage’: Venezuela’s power grid still under attack – Maduro

Power towers in Caracas, Venezuela © Reuters / Carlos Jasso

Electrical systems in Venezuela have been targeted by another cyberattack, President Nicholas Maduro has said. Caracas has accused the US of “sabotage”, while US officials blame local corruption and mismanagement for the blackout. After a failure at the Guri hydroelectric power plant left much of the country without power on Thursday night, Venezuelan authorities managed to restore power to “many parts” of the country. However, the country’s grid took another hammering on Saturday, with many of the restored systems knocked out once again, the country’s embattled president said.

According to Maduro, the systems had been nearly 70 percent restored when “we received another attack, of a cybernetic nature, at midday… that disturbed the reconnection process and knocked out everything that had been achieved until noon.”

We discovered that they were carrying out high-tech… attacks against the power systems.

Additionally, “one of the sources of generation that was working perfectly,” was also sabotaged, he added, accusing domestic “infiltrators of attacking the electric company from the inside.”

Authorities are now trying to restore the systems “manually,” while struggling to “diagnose why the computerized” systems failed on such a massive scale.

Earlier, unconfirmed reports suggested that 95 percent of the crisis-stricken country was again without power, after Sidor Substation in Bolivar state had allegedly exploded, spewing clouds of black smoke into the sky. The substation had reportedly been sustaining the country’s power supply since the Guri plant –which produces 80 percent of the country’s power– failed.

Please go to RT News to read the entire article.


IDF delegation of 130 assisting Brazil in search and rescue efforts



March 9-10, 2019

Here is the key to what happened in Venezuela:

Someone from either American or Israeli DOD got into the PLC controllers on the twelve gigawatt hydroelectric Guri dam. They attacked the systems that regulated water flow through the valves on the dam that send the water to the turbines. This is precisely the type of attack Stuxnet is supposed to be made for. They opened the valves all the way. They (or whatever virus they planted, probably Stuxnet) then told the engineers, via the readouts, that the water flows and turbine speeds were normal. With an enormous amount of pressure from the dam, the turbines managed to push ahead of phase on the rest of Venezuela’s grid, got into an enormous tug-of-war with power stations elsewhere (after viruses also turned the protection off) and blew everything up, tripping a nationwide blackout with long term severe damage.

We just got to see what Stuxnet could do to the world’s third largest power plant. Several Venezuelans managed to tweet out that the turbines at Guri went over frequency, those tweets have now been expunged. Only willful sabotage could have done that.

It is virtually assured America did this, to a point where there is no plausible deniability especially after Pompeo’s tweet, see the main report in the window below.

Most likely, trolls are going to say Venezuela’s grid was crap. That’s a lie, I looked into this, and it was in fact among the most modern grids in the world, RIPE for virus attacks, Guri is predominantly a 2010 dated facility after upgrades, that was initially put online in the late 80’s (which by itself would not be old by power generating standards). There’s nothing of significance in the U.S. that new and that updated. The stories about Venezuela having crap are bold faced lies fronted for propaganda.

March 8-9, 2019


Maduro has now stated that the problem is a cyber attack is underway that keeps interfering with efforts to turn everything back on. This would indicate that scenario 2 below is what really happened. In that case, all they have to do is find a way to stop the attack and they will get power restored. Obviously the problem with all of this is that for as much as things are networked, the virus or hackers are just going to go wherever they want, re-infecting cleared gear and/or simply switching it off. The fact a cyber attack could take it all out proves, without question, that it is not the outdated crap that the MSM is continuously spewing like the dripping infection they are.

With all the lies in the MSM there’s no way to know exactly what the people in Venezuela think of it all.

As far as the three huge substation explosions that have happened over the last couple years, these are most likely caused by either direct sabotage (someone throwing the right piece of metal on the wires) or a raccoon in the wrong place, getting an arc path started. As bright as they may be, the damage from those is not as bad as it looks in a Youtube video. The U.S. has the ability to kick off such explosions with a small drone that would never be noticed (something as small as a DJI phantom) dropping conductive strands into a substation. All one of those strands has to do is land right, and POOF. Arc welding does the rest.
Here is the line the U.S. is trying to push, straight from NPR:

“The blackout appears to have stemmed from a failure at the main hydroelectric plant in Venezuela, which has suffered from years of underinvestment. ”

Problem: I don’t call upgrading it’s capacity from about 6.5 gigawatts to over 12 gigawatts, while replacing the old generators on top of it in 2010 “years of underinvestment”. The real “infrastructure problem” venezuela had was that all of the larger equipment was replaced with the new stuff, totally susceptible to Stuxnet attack.

Obviously there are going to be lies from the U.S. with regard to this, the U.S. sure as heck is not going to admit what was done. It is beginning to come to light more fully now, here’s a brief update based on the latest info, a guess, based on how bad the damage really ended up being:

Two scenarios:

Scenario 1: All of Venezuela’s electrical grid was analyzed and put in a simulator. All the major transformers, circuit breakers, generators, were put in the simulation, which then ran precise scenarios for what would happen if Guri was pushed out of phase, and all other generating facilities were put out of phase with it, while all of the computer controlled circuit breakers were told by a virus to never trip. They modeled max destruction and had everything pre-routed to the worst possible outcome, where transformer A was at such close power output rating to generator B via the output from generator D (and it’s spec plate) that all 3 would kill each other, one of them would not win. Ditto for generators between different power stations, that were connected to the same circuit. Once they had it all figured out, they then ran that program, which basically annihilated Venezuela’s grid. It could not have happened if that grid was not state of the art, which it was.

Then blame Maduro for not maintaining it correctly, spew like the worst troll in the worst comment section telling the worst lies, and hope to flip the people of Venezuela against Maduro.

Scenario 2:

Once again, all of Venezuela’s power grid was put in the same simulator, which, rather than destroy things, was programmed to instead front the illusion of the generators going out of phase at Guri, to explain why everything went dark. But really, in this scenario nothing happened that would take out the power to the entire country, other than a virus sitting in all the switch gear and controls, preventing anything from working. Maduro gets ousted, Guiado gets put in, and then poof, like magic, all the lights come on.

Take your pick, with how bad it is, it is one or the other.

The only constant in all scenarios is the U.S. gets the oil.
Venezuela blackout update:

Some of the power is being restored. As I said earlier, it should be possible to get anywhere between 50 percent and 70 percent of it back after the type of attack the U.S. did, but there will be permanent, years long damage, and it will take at least a week before what is left after the attack can (mostly) come back on. LOW AND BEHOLD: With perfect timing, massive Guiado demonstrations are happening with “Venezuelans angry with Maduro about the power outage”.

The problem is that what happened could not have possibly been the result of mis-management, poor maintenance, under-funding, or anything else, what happened is the equivalent of saying that just because someone did not do an oil change, the car got totaled by a semi. The facility at Guri dam was not the same type of scenario you’d have in a coal fired power plant, where if a virus opened the boiler valves there to over-spin the generators they’d quickly deplete the boilers and back off, Instead, Guri had over a thousand square miles of water reserve that would never run out pushing on the generators and when the virus opened the valves all the way, it was game over no matter what. One of two things would happen:

Either you keep the generators coupled to the grid to stop them from self destructing by being over spun, or you just let them go free, until they spin so fast they start throwing pieces. What happened at Guri was a really really filthy, rotten, evil “destroy a nation” attack, all launched by software from a hole in the ground where cowards sat, watched the numbers come in, and laughed at what they did. ALL BECAUSE VENEZUELA HAS AMAZING OIL RESERVES AND IS NOT PLAYING BALL WITH THE NWO

I’d like to mention something also – In reality, it does not matter if your political system is communist, socialist, fascist, or capitalist, What matters is if the people in charge of it all are corrupted bastards or not. As it turns out, the people running Venezuela as a socialist country were not corrupt, (at least not like Hillary and Pelosi) and Venezuela was actually a fairly decent place to live until they got screwed with by sanctions and foreign thieves who wanted their oil.

The big problem with systems that are not capitalist is the weaknesses of people, who after seeing such opportunity to start screwing everyone, subsequently do. It’s pretty much universal, it always ends up happening over time. Venezuela was not there yet, it was all running fairly well until foreign tampering screwed the country up. So though I am no socialist, there are examples you can point to where the results are not some sort of apocalypse, and when Venezuela was being left alone, it was not. People were actually quite happy there.

Getting back to Guiado – What happens with him will be 100 percent dependent upon whether or not average Venezuelans figure out the U.S. is attacking their infrastructure via well known viruses and back doors that are so well published and admitted to they are comic book material. They’d have to be stupid to miss the obvious, and they are probably not that stupid. Even Press TV called out the U.S. for attacking Guri, and they are not my favorite. At least they don’t lie on purpose, in this case the truth is so obvious not being a liar is all it takes. Pompeo’s tweet probably helped them figure it out.

America was great for as long as it was capitalist. But after the Federal Reserve, and the income tax, and creeping socialism which has now been combined with abject fascism, where the fascists are taking over the financial, information, medical, education, and other areas the rule of law is gone and the information sector is simply not doing it’s job of reporting anything accurately. I guess if America was actually attacked by Venezuela and the response against Guri was a counterattack it might be justified for the media to lie about it all, but in this case they are FILTH, aiding and abetting a criminal war mongering facist cabal that wants to go into Venezuela and post a bunch of trophy oil wells. And they used your tax dollars, fed to them via the skimming of a socialist tax system to pay for it all. Conquering Venezuela will be done on your dime and they’ll then just squat on someone elses turf and rake in the cash.

We will have to wait and see where this goes. “wait and see” with a pretty good idea of where it is all headed, if they played this nasty against a facility that was one of the sparkling gems of the energy world – let me be clear about what Guri was –

Guri is a 12+ gigawatt hydroelectric dam. There are no nuclear reactors that generate significantly more than a gigawatt in the United States. There are very few facilities in the United States that generate much more than two gigawatts total. 12 gigawatts is a MONSTER facility of epic global significance. Guri was the third largest generating station in the entire world.

Furthermore, Guri was not a piece of crap. It went online in the late 80’s, and got all new generators and hardware in 2010, under a socialist system. Far from being a disheveled piece of crap like the scamming American media claims, Guri was a STATE OF THE ART BUGATTI. The U.S. has ZERO generating facilities that are that modern, and none that are significantly over 20 percent of it’s size, even if they are nuclear or coal powered. I am not talking the third largest hydroelectric dam, I am talking the third largest power station in the world, PERIOD. And some FACIST A-holes after a few oil dollars, went into the facility via some hole in the ground in the U.S. or Israel, planted a virus from a “safe space” thousands of miles away, and blew the place up like a crack head with a crowbar, destroying a $2000 vending machine to score $50 in change. This one pisses me off.

All of the information about what happened at Guri came across Twitter right after the U.S. blew the place up. Numerous people at Guri tweeted out that they suddenly lost all ability to control the speed of the generators and that caused them to go out of phase with the rest of Venezuela’s grid. Pure destruction would commence, no if’s or buts and there’s a kike laughing somewhere, BANK on it.

Now, right by the playbook, Guiado “supporters” are staging an enormous protest, AFTER power came back on (in earnest) and enough communications have been restored to turn America’s spy apparatus back on. You can damn well bet that’s what the timing of all of this indicates, if there were going to be REAL protests against Maduro they’d have happened when the lights were totally off, not when things are coming back on well enough to give the U.S. it’s ears back!


Source: Moon of Alabama

March 9, 2019

Venezuela – Three Total Blackouts In Three Days – Government Presumes U.S. Cyberattack

Venezuela currently experiences multiple total outages of its electricity network. It is quite possible or even likely that the U.S. is causing these incidents. But it is not certain.

Shit happens and so do long blackouts:

The Northeast blackout of 2003 was a widespread power outage throughout parts of the Northeastern and Midwestern United States and the Canadian province of Ontario on August 14, 2003, beginning just after 4:10 p.m. EDT.

Some power was restored by 11 p.m. Most did not get their power back until two days later. In other areas, it took nearly a week or two for power to be restored. […] The outage, which was much more widespread than the Northeast Blackout of 1965, affected an estimated 10 million people in Ontario and 45 million people in eight U.S. states.

The blackout’s primary cause was a software bug in the alarm system at the control room of FirstEnergy, an Akron, Ohio–based company, causing operators to remain unaware of the need to re-distribute load after overloaded transmission lines drooped into foliage. What should have been a manageable local blackout cascaded into collapse of the entire electric grid.

When the northeast blackout happened no one blamed President Bush or socialism for the outage.

Bringing an electricity grid back into full and balanced operation is quite difficult because power generation and consumption must always be balanced. Restoration can only be done gradually. It is a complicate process and takes time.

The Guri Dam hydro electric power station produces up to 10,235 megawatt. It provides 70-80% of all electricity used in Venezuela.

On Thursday afternoon local time the Guri Dam system failed: @netblocks – 22:04 utc – 7 Mar 2019
Urgent: Network measurements show extraordinary nationwide impact as #Venezuela is knocked offline amid power outages from 8:55 PM UTC (4:55 PM VET); incident ongoing #7Mar #SinLuz …

The blackout affected 18 out of 23 states in Venezuela with some 25 million people. It took 24 hours for some power to come back.  It would have taken another day or two for the network to again reach full capacity.

But today another total outage happened: @netblocks – 16:10 utc – 9 Mar 2019
Urgent: Second national power outage detected across #Venezuela; real-time data shows 96% of country now offline #SinLuz #ApagonNacional #9Mar ..

The internet connectivity of a country if often an excellent indicator for power outages. Mobile towers, routers and switches need electricity.

Please go to Moon of Alabama to read the entire article.



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Marco Rubio, look who the Venezuelan authorities apprehended. Wait until they are interrogated and the “intellectual authors” of this sabotage are exposed.

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