US Choppers Run Taxi Service In Syria for Daesh Terrorists

Source: Sputnik

US-Led Coalition Transfers Daesh Terrorists From Syria’s Hasakah – Reports

November 13, 2018 / haitham alfalah / AL-Hasakah Syria

According to SANA’s earlier reports, over 60 civilians were killed or injured in an airstrike carried out by the US-led coalition on the town of al-Sha’afa in eastern Deir ez-Zor.

The US-led coalition evacuated the other day a number of Daesh* terrorists by helicopter from the province of Hasakah to some unknown location, SANA reported.

“On November 10, the helicopters of the international coalition led by the US evacuated supposedly three militants out of As-Suwayda village in the north-eastern part of Hasakah province and headed in an unknown direction,” the agency cited its sources as saying.

Head of the political division of the Syrian army, Gen. Hassan Akhmad Hassan earlier stated in an interview with Sputnik that the US and its allies support terrorists in Syria instead of fighting them, rather supervising them and issuing assignments. To prove the point, the general brought up reports of Daesh chiefs having been evacuated on more than one occasion to safe places by American aircraft and choppers.

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US State Dept. Whitewashing Pentagon’s Dirty History Creating ISIS

November 15, 2018 by therearenosunglasses

[ISIS is Al-Qaeda In Iraq, rebranded within the confines of US Prison Camp Bucca, near Basra, Iraq, where all of the primary leaders of ISIS were held…a prison referred to by the guards as “jihadi university”. ISIS is a creation of Obama/Hillary, who assigned the job to Bandar bin Sultan, Emir of Qatar, CIA, MI6, and Mossad.]

[What Is the Truth About ISIS?]

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US State Department Claims Daesh Was Created to ‘Protect People’ From Assad

Damascus and its allies have repeatedly accused Washington of waging a phony war on the jihadists, and of providing various forms of covert support for terrorists operating on Syrian territory.

The Syrian government is directly responsible for creating Daesh (ISIS)*, US special representative for Syria engagement James Jeffrey has alleged.

“The Syrian regime produced ISIS,” the diplomat said, speaking at a press briefing on Wednesday. “The elements of ISIS in the hundreds, probably, saw an opportunity in the total breakdown of civil society and of the upsurge of violence as the population rose up against the Assad regime, and the Assad regime, rather than try to negotiate or try to find any kind of solution, unleashed massive violence against its own population.”

“That created a space for ISIS to recruit people; to protect people to some degree, ironic as it sounds, from the depredations of the Assad regime; and very soon, ISIS had an army of 35,000 troops and had seized big chunks of both Iraq and Syria,” Jeffrey said.


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Jihad University Iraq (Camp Bucca):

CAMP BUCCA : the birthplace of ISIS.

Camp Bucca TIF Riots




US Caught Evacuating ISIS Leaders in Iraq

US-Led Coalition Probing Reports About Strikes in Syria That Killed Civilians

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