URGENT: Stasi State, Mental Health & the details of the DRILL!


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  • Perhaps it is time to tweet a storm hash tag and start a petition . Make Gov false flags illegal , penalty – life . Might stir up the nest . Confronting the politicians to support it would be very interesting if they said no . Lets face it, if you let Trump get away with it he is no better than the rest . The trouble with sensible people fighting against the lying tyrranists is they are too sensible .

  • William (Bill) Binney former NSA says its time for us all to stand and defend the Constitution. https://youtu.be/3owk7vEEOvs

  • Valentines Day massacre, another Gladio and MK-Ultra event….


  • This country starts to resemble Gaza. They spray us daily with chemicals, use DEW to start fires, destroys homes, want to take our guns and most likely the next step is a mandatory mental screening and chip injection. They are testing our patience (and to see how stupid we really are to fall again for cia/mossad scam)

  • My BS meter went off long before the crisis actors showed up to confuse and contradict, and then propagandize about gun control and the need for a stasi police state (talking to you, CNN tool, David Hogg).

    If any of this happened as told, then where is the verifiable hard-copy documentation? Police reports for those 39 trips to the Cruz house – where are they? Were the calls for Nikolas or for his younger brother? Any open caskets at the funerals that prove someone actually died? If any of these LEO calls to the Cruz house were for lawbreaking issues, why no arrests or temporary involuntary commitment for psychiatric evaluation if warranted? If the school officials knew all that they say about Cruz’s lethal mental state, why was the extent of their involvement to ban him from bringing a backpack to school and then finally expelling him. Really??? That defies credulity.

    Looks like we are being Trayvoned one more time. If local LEO and the school system had done their job in enforcing the law rather than playing kumbaya, then Trayvon would have gotten the adult intervention he needed and might still be alive today. Same goes for Cruz’s victims, if in fact he is guilty of this crime. More proof than a confession is needed in my book. The “lone shooter wearing a gasmask shooting up the school” miraculously walks calmly out the door with the police as Compliant Cruz with a childlike blank expression. Not buying it.

    Bottomline, Nikolas Cruz is innocent until proven guilty or crazy in a court of law. Rubio, you should be ashamed of yourself for tainting the entire state of Florida with your lust for blood, any blood in yet another psy-op.

  • So detaining people for something they might do? Or might not? Guessing what someone may have on their mind, how they will act, what they are going to do at any given time, especially sometime in the future is impossible. Modern science does not have the capability to do what they crystal ball readers offered or other predictors. Claims someone is dangerous and might get in an accident , is really not a lie and many insurance policies are in effect due to fear one might get in to an accident. Allegedly an improvement over actually committing a harm, breach of contract or something and your accuser is there, so you so they can face you and you see who it is.
    So the state can arrest people who might commit a crime? Can you do that to your friend or neighbor? Who of the people has that authority to delegate it to the state? Government must have the consent of the governed or is useless. People who create powers they do not by right have against others, and watch as the state pretends to have such powers to violate people does it, acts it out, are themselves committing wrongs.
    Like a broken record this “everyone must get a mental exam” by any government is ordinarily a kind of prison, also renders a witness unreliable, unable to testify in territorial, various courts and proceedings. Only bar attorneys of the association franchises appear in central big events for consumption of the masses or targeted groups.