Updates from the Field: Ole Dammegard & Upcoming Tours


This morning the Gesara Daily briefing [  Restored Republic via a GCR: Update as of Jan. 16, 2019  ] quoted me heavily and in fact posted the YouTube version of the Field-Gordon-Gobsmack-Dransfield 3+ hour show from Monday.

Then this request for me to participate with Ole Dammegaard in setting up a UK mini-tour for March 2019.  I have my Ole Dammegaard contact in mind as I now adjust tomorrow’s radio show.  I am hoping that Gordon Bowden, Gobsmack and Alan Dransfield will ALL 3 be available for tomorrow’s show.  I believe that we four can discuss what we could do to assist Ole in attracting several UK audiences.

For starters, our Children’s Crusade meeting in Llangollen, N. Wales will have a “right sized” crowd already committed for 19-25 March and Gordon Bowden has an event for the same week.  I have not responded to Ole’s representative but I will in several hours after I hear from Gobsmack, Alan and Gordon Bowden.  I find it rather encouraging that Ole’s team is contacting our team for events in March and we already have 2 events in March on our calendars.

I will give Ole’s team a contingent “yes, we will help” while I am comments from any or all on this email including several in the BCC one of whom yesterday suggested he may come to Llangollen to participate.

If anyone cannot see the Hand of God in the timing of this then I need to have a talk with you about how God is networking in this case.

Field McConnell

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