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Another False Flag Terror ADMISSION: Snipers In the Ukraine “Protests”

November 16, 2017

Snipers Fired At BOTH Police and Protesters In Ukraine

Remember the protests in Ukraine which led to the old leader being replaced?

If you’ll recall, the ruthless slaughter of people by snipers was the event which turned world opinion against the Ukrainian Prime Minister, and resulted in him having to flee the country.

Italy’s 11th largest newspaper – Il Giornale – reported on an admission by several of the snipers (Google translation) :

“Everyone started shooting two or three shots at a time. It went on for fifteen, twenty minutes. We had no choice. We were ordered to shoot both on the police and the demonstrators, without any difference. I was totally outraged.

“So Georgian Alexander Revazishvilli remembers the tragic shootout of 20 February 2014 in Kiev when a group of mysterious snipers opened fire on crowds and cops massacring over 80 people. That massacre has horrified the world and changed the destiny of Ukraine by forcing President Viktor Yanukovich accused of organizing the shootout. But the massacre also changed the fates of Europe and our country, triggering the crisis that will lead to sanctions against Putin’s Russia. Sanctions revealed a boomerang for the Italian economy ( Watch the video ).

Revazishvilli’s confessions and two other Georgians – gathered by writers in the documentary “Ukraine, the hidden truths” aired tonight at 23.30 on Matrix, Channel 5 – reveal a different and disconcerting truth. The truth of a massacre and the same opposition that accused Yanukovych and his Russian allies. Revazishvilli and his two companions – met and interviewed in the documentary – are a former member of the security services of former Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili and two former militants of his party. Hired in Tbilisi by Mamuka Mamulashvili, Saakashvili’s military adviser, are tasked with supporting – along with other Georgian and Lithuanian volunteers – ongoing demonstrations in Kiev in return for a $5,000 final fee.


The following day, Mamulashvili and the leaders of the protest explain to volunteers who will face a police assault at the Conservatory building and at the Ukraine hotel. In that case – he says – we must shoot at the square and sow the chaos. But one of the protagonists confesses to having received another explanation, much more comprehensive. “When Mamulashvili arrived, I also asked him. Things are getting complicated, we have to start shooting – he replied that we can not go to the pre-election presidential elections. But who should shoot? “I asked. He replied that who and where it did not matter, you had to shoot somewhere so much to sow chaos.

“It did not matter if we fired at a tree, a barricade, or the molotov. confirms another volunteer – what counts was sowing confusion.

BBC interviewed the head of the opposition’s security forces at the time, who confirms that snipers were killing both sides … protesters and police:

The untold story of the Maidan massacre

Please go to Washington’s Blog to read the entire article.


Source: Tass

Ukrainian military fire more than 250 shells, mines on Lugansk Republic

November 18, 2017

The situation in the republic has a tendency for aggravation, the militia’s spokesman Andrei Marochko told Luganskinformcenter on Saturday

LUGANSK, November 18. /TASS/. Units of the Ukrainian military over past 24 hours fired on territory of the self-proclaimed Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) more than 250 shells and mines, the militia’s spokesman Andrei Marochko told Luganskinformcenter on Saturday.

“Under fire were positions of our units in Kalinovo, Sokolniki, Zhelobok, Dolgoye, Prishib and Logvinovo,” he said. “The Ukrainian Armed Forces used 120 and 82mm mortars, weapons of infantry fighting vehicles, antiaircraft systems, grenade launchers and small arms.”

The situation in the republic has a tendency for aggravation, he added.

Earlier on Saturday, the republic’s defense authority reported the Ukrainian military twelve times had violated ceasefire within 24 hours.

Since the fall of 2014, participants in the Contact Group on East Ukrainian settlement have announced about a dozen of ceasefire deals. On June 24, the so-called “harvest ceasefire” came into effect – it was expected to hold until the end of August. However, shelling incidents continued to happen.

On August 23, the Contact Group members declared a “back-to-school” ceasefire in Donbass starting from August 25. However, on that very day, defense authorities of the self-proclaimed Donetsk and Lugansk Republics reported that their territories had come under shelling from positions of the Ukrainian troops. Kiev, in turn, has been accusing the republics of violating the ceasefire.


Source: PressTV

US to arm Ukraine with anti-missile tanks: Report

November 18, 2017

US President Donald Trump (L) stands with senior director for Asian Affairs at the National Security Council, Matthew Pottinger (C), and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly. (Photo by AFP)

Senior advisers to US President Donald Trump have decided to present him with a new plan to finance and sell more weapons to Ukraine, in an attempt to counter what they call Russian aggression in the region, a report says.

Citing a US State Department official, ABC News reported on Friday that White House National Security Council (NSC) decided during a meeting on Tuesday to approve the presentation of a $47 million grant package that would supply Ukraine with high-tech weaponry.

“We have no announcement at this time,” ABC quoted the sources as saying.

Both the president and Congress must approve such a sale to the government in Kiev.

A former adviser to Trump, however, told ABC that arming Ukraine would not only inflame tensions in the region, but worsen ties between Washington and Moscow.

Russia has repeatedly warned Washington against supplying Kiev with such weapons, arguing that the move could seriously affect the balance of power in the region.

The Ukrainian government has been engaged in an armed conflict with pro-Russia forces in eastern Ukraine. It has repeatedly requested more advanced weaponry from the US.

The administration of former US President Barack Obama had refused to supply it with lethal weaponry and instead provided Kiev with $600 million in military assistance, including training, equipment, and advice.

In September 2016, the US House approved legislation to allow the supply of lethal “defensive” arms to Kiev. But it still needs to be approved by the US Senate and signed by the US president.

Defense Secretary James Mattis also pledged, in a visit to Ukraine in August, to review US military aid to the country.


Ukraine is again in the center of scandal: the Maidan snipers confessed they shot at both sides including on the police at the request of the US and EU. Kiev is again in the center of this scandal. Italian journalists published a video containing confessions of the snipers who gunned down many people in Maidan, in Kiev in 2014. The video of the coverage by Italian journalists is posted below. The first part of this video clip is in Italian but later in the clip it goes on to explain what happened in English.

In January, 2015 the Germans arrested a Vanguard employee who was Victoria Nuland’s assistant. This Vanguard employee was arrested with almost a billion dollars in high quality fake dollars. He confessed during his interrogation that allegedly, Condoleezza Rice called them and requested to send snipers to “make noise” on both sides of Maidan in Kiev. Benjamin Fulford first published this. See below. The unique insight of the confessions of this sniper is published here.

Признания снайперов, убивавших людей на Киевском майдане. (Оригинал, без перевода на русский)

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This certainly is all very profitable for weapons and munitions manufacturers: a weapons race, because you know, Trump is a business man after all.

Equipping Russian ground forces with Iskander-M systems 80% complete — defense ministry



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