U.S. Senate Warns Israel Over Deepening Ties With China, Citing ‘Serious Security Concerns’

Ed.’s note: It’s about time isn’t it? The US Senate is a little slow here considering their little concern about China parking their naval assets and running the port at Haifa. Listen carefully to Senator Kirsten Gilibrand’s response to a series of questions asked of her concerning compromising technology transfers to Israel before going onto the Haaretz article.

Why the Pentagon’s $10 billion JEDI deal has cloud companies going nuts

Before readers go on to read the following Haaretz article, if you think US military generals are going to turn circumstances around to the benefit of America, think again. Stick this in your “Q” savior pipe and smoke it. This also explains why the Pentagon will turn the JEDI program/system over to Israel.

Army Major (Ret.): Why America’s No-Fault Generals Won’t Save Us From The Next War

And if readers think their savior, Don the real estate guy is going to turn circumstances around to “make America great again”, you might want to re-calibrate your participation.

A VERY SPECIAL MESSAGE TO THE PATRIOT MOVEMENT: Donald Trump is NOT who we thought he was


Source: Haaretz

A Senate committee promotes legislation expressing concern about Israel allowing a Chinese company to operate the port of Haifa, long a port of call for the Sixth Fleet

by Amir Tibon and Amos Harel | Jun 14, 2019

Senator Jim Inhofe (L) and U.S. Air Force Gen. John Raymond at a Senate Armed Services hearing, in Washington, April 11, 2019. AFP

The U.S. Senate has criticized Israel over its deepening economic ties with China, promoting a bill that expresses “serious security concerns” about a contract letting a Chinese company operate a port in Haifa that has long been a docking point for the U.S. Sixth Fleet.

The tough language on the port in the north has been included in the National Defense Authorization Act, a major piece of legislation that sets the U.S. Defense Department’s budget and priorities for the upcoming fiscal year.

The bill was passed Thursday by the Senate Armed Services Committee, led by Republican Senator Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma.

The bill was made public earlier this week and devotes two clauses to a contract between the Israeli government and the Shanghai International Port Group. Under the terms of the deal, the Chinese company could operate the Haifa port for 25 years starting in 2021. The bill describes this as an obstacle to U.S. national security considerations.

Please go to Haaretz to read the entire article.



This Technology Should Have Stayed In America Instead of Being Outsourced To Israel

And this was in 2014:

US officials: Extent of Israeli spying ‘shocking’

The spying on America by Israel goes back to 1985 and nothing was done about it, and if anything, Israel has gone on spying unhampered. Ultimately, the name of the game here is “arm your enemies” to justify a massive defense budget for new technology and weapons systems. It’s like a ping pong match only instead of ping pong balls it’s technology. An incredibly sophisticated “deep state” operation has been going on here for the past 70 years involving Russia, Israel, the US, UK and probably Germany in these technology transfers resulting in the destruction of the United States. This is still going on only now it is in the open like what we see happening in Florida. And when it comes to Israel, these “deep state” networks are riding piggy back on religions.


News update for June 16, 2019: See how this works? The US is militarily confronting China in the South China Sea as well as Iran in the Middle East with war while a Chinese company has been “discovered” manufacturing electronic components for Lockheed Martin’s F35 fighter aircraft:

Chinese company making F-35 parts?! Embarrassing ‘discovery’ further erodes ‘Huawei spying’ hysteria


This Technology Should Have Stayed In America Instead of Being Outsourced To Israel


Israel’s former Soviet immigrants transform adopted country

This is Thought Provoking (“America can afford survival”)

Now readers, change “RussiaGate” to IsraelGate and we’ll eventually be able to see through the subterfuge.

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