Treasons of Annapolis 1906-2018 – The US Navy has been neutralized

Mr. West,

The US Navy has been defeated/interted by insiders like Jay M. Cohen, John McCain and several others who are no strangers to me or me to them.  I will be at Les Folies Restaurant in Annapolis on 2 October 2018 and I have the backbone to engage any party up to and including our President Donald J. Trump.

My own sister, Kristine Marcy, is a principal in the misleading of Annapolis graduates and until the leadership of Annapolis engages the rogue element they are “dead in the water”.

Annapolis is hopelessly lost, a rudderless ship, and sadly an agent of the “fatally flawed” globalists like GHWB, McCain Trio, Kristine Marcy and Barry Soetoro Punahou ’79.

Prior to my birthday meal at Les Folies the Annapolis traitors will have been inerted by a USN officer from ’62 and a Marine officer from ’71.

Meanwhile, Noreen and the Alumni Association will be,I believe,  promulgating lies and treasons against my Beloved country.

Field McConnell
US fucking Marine 0116513
correspondent to Dunford, Mattis, Kelly and their Boss



I am so ashamed of Annapolis and I think people like you are involved in something very close to fraud.

Feel free to respond and rebut. I will be in Annapolis first week of October to celebrate both my 69th birthday and my growing beyond being hoodwinked by persons drinking Kool-aid. Annapolis has failed America and I will be highlighting that by eulogizing McCain ’58 who with his father and grandfather are

Traitors of the first order. My eulogy will be delivered in Dallas Texas on weekend of 9-11 November 2018.

Annapolis, sadly, has produced numerous Traitors. Our President removed McCain and he will remove others including a zionist from USNA ’68.

Field McConnell
USNA ’71


What can explain this history?

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