Today’s AD Livestream & Campfire Chat Transcription

If you had multiple clear signs that an event significantly bigger than 9/11 was coming, and you had the public platform to warn people, would you do it?

Abel Danger may PAUSE for 48 hours to see what God, Trump and the Marines do regarding 51,701 sealed indictments which translates to 51,700 now that justice has been served regarding 3 generational traitor McCain. G: McCain + Mutiny From Stern to Bow + FIELD MCCONNELL

FATHERS WAYS are not our ways…. HE works all things together for good for those who believe…. The battle is The LORDS…. HE is the HEAD we are HIS BODY…. we HIS BODY do HIS WILL not ours…. HIS timing is PERFECT …. thus we yield, obey, and trust…. OUR GOD REIGNS….

ABOVE ALL… Micheal W Smith

Blessings, Joy, and Agape

Pastor Mark

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