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First of all, I thank you for your support. I have decided to cancel the GFM request because (a) the program i.e. withdrawals seemed very difficult to operate and (b)  my friends up here in B.C. were telling me that GFM didn’t seem a good way to raise money for a project when GFM is designed to help people in distress. GFM administrators have told me that they will take care of refunding your donations and notify you by email but warned the process will take about 20 days. Anyway thanks again and if you want to support my Patreon invitation please check out David Hawkins is creating Reverse engineering CSI storyboards | Patreon.

In the case of the assassination of U.S. President John F. Kennedy, Hawkins has reverse engineered JFK’s 1961 reference to a secret society – [relying] on infiltration instead of invasion, on subversion instead of elections, on intimidation instead of free choice, on guerrillas by night instead of armies by day … publication of details concerning a secret mechanism whereby satellites were followed [tracked] required its alteration at the expense of considerable time and money – to a Greek Life fraternity Sigma Beta Tau for “Wounded Warriors (Vets)”, apparently created by the Phi Beta Kappa alumnus and former torpedo bomber pilot George H. Bush in 1958, and apparently supplied by the late Victor Rothschild and agents of Serco and its investment banker N M Rothschild with Eli Lilly’s LYSERGIC ACID AMIDE Patent 2,997,470 Mar. 5, 1956 to elicit rage patterns and hallucinations among the colleagues of alleged assassin, the late former Marine Lee Harvey Oswald.

In the case of the torture killing of JonBenet Ramsey on Christmas Day 1996, Hawkins has reverse engineered the ransom note found at the crime scene where scriptwriter claims to represent “A small foreign faction”, demands $118,000, and signs off with “Victory!” and “S.B.T.C” to conclude that the killers were activated to torture the six-year old girl with rage by some formulation of Lysergic Acid Amide and were associated with a Sigma Beta Tau Colony (S.B.T.C) of veterans at the University of Colorado where Lynne Cheney, then a director of Lockheed Martin, graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1962.

Hawkins notes that prior to the torture killing of JonBenet Ramsey, Kristine “Con Air” Marcy outsourced the Federal Investigative Service of the United States Office of Personnel Management (OPM), to USIS and the Carlyle Private Equity Group, led by Marcy’s former boss at the Office of Economic Opportunity, Frank Carlucci, leaving Marcy free as former COO of the Small Business Administration to use veterans such as George H. Bush, former naval aviator Donald Rumsfeld and the late John McCain to spot fix times and body counts for the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon with Lockheed Martin’s Rocket-Boosted Guided Hard Target Penetrator US 6276277 B1 Priority 1999-04-22 and Jerome Lemelson’s Prisoner tracking and warning system and corresponding methods US 6054928 A and Friend or foe detection system and method and expert system military action advisory system and method US 6166679 A.

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