To President Trump: Status of Whistleblowers

Field McConnell USMC 0116513
Post Office Box 39
Plum City WI 54761

25 July 2018
President Donald J Trump
c/o General John Kelly, WH CoS
Headquarters, US Marine Corps
3000 Marine Corps, Pentagon
Washington, DC 20350-3000

CC: Waumandee State Bank CEO
Rodli Beskar Boles and Krueger
Wisconsin Secretary of State
Wisconsin Department of Revenue
U S Marshals, Madison WI
Pierce County Sheriff, Wisconsin
Delta Airlines CEO
Clerk of Court, Pierce County WI
National Financial Services LLC CEO
Office of Lawyer Regulation WI
First Bank of Baldwin CEO, Baldwin WI

Dear President Trump,

When you spoke to the Pope in New York City in May of 2017 you stressed Peace, Accountability, Prosperity, Sovereignty and Whistle Blower Protection. On 30 January 2018 at the State of the Union Address you mentioned the first four but not Whistle Blower Protection. My hope as a 26 veteran is that your commitment to Whistle Blowers remains firm and I believe that is the case. Pursuant to that I bring to your attention the treatment I have received in Wisconsin as I have exposed Treason, International Child Trafficking and serial frauds by corporations posing as offices of the United States of America which they are not.

On 23 August 2016 I filed an Affidavit with Pierce County Court (Wisconsin)(item 1) informing them that I am a living man and not a corporation. This was 10 months after I had informed this same office that I was a Lien Claimant of SEC Tracer #2640220 which prohibited any of these corporate actors from contacting me as FIELD MCCONNELL which is not my name.

On Friday the 13 July 2018 two actions took place which are of great pleasure to me personally. You, President Trump, met with Queen Elizabeth II and did not bow or follow. My wife, Denise Irene Clarke McConnell received her visa to re-enter the United States after a 19-month unlawful separation which will be reviewed in Equity Court in Wisconsin where a $2.6B demand will be presented in accordance with common law and Biblical law. We, man and wife, were separated unlawfully for 578 days and this is a violation of numerous laws including codicils of the Charter of the United Nations.

It has been my experience since November 10, 2015, to be unlawfully injured by the Pierce County Court in Ellsworth, Wisconsin where on 21 August 2014 I testified as an empaneled jury member, under oath, to the global pedophile network which at that time was controlled by Hillary Clinton and my sister Kristine Marcy. I had previously on 29 July 2015 reported that this same sister of mine, Kristine Marcy, was engaged in serial Treasons against the United States of America. These claims have been recorded in numerous Affidavits signed by me. Those Affidavits were delivered to Pierce County Clerk of Court and should all be in the Case Records of Pierce County case 15 FA 178.

It appears that the Court has not shared those charges made by me with higher authority which constitutes MISPRISION OF FELONY Treason as well as Pedophilia. I am concerned that the court to which I reported the Treason and Pedophilia crimes has a Gold Fringed Flag in the Court Room where I testified as a sworn and empaneled Jury member. When, in response to a question from the judge, I testified that my sister Kristine Marcy and Hillary Clinton operated the largest net centric pedophile fulfillment service in the world [ Pedogate global and Pizzagate domestic], the judge covered his ears and said “too much information, you are excused”.

Now on 25 July 2018 I wish to point out that a group of corporations have conspired to try and remove my property from me in a fraudulent manner. The most egregious violators of my rights are the Waumandee State Bank of Waumandee Wisconsin, the Rodli Beskar Boles and Krueger Law Firm of River Falls Wisconsin, Delta Airlines of Atlanta Georgia and USAA Bank of San Antonio Texas. I have previously reported their unlawful acts to all parties including those listed in CC. To this date none have offered reparations or remedies, and all have been operating across state lines via electronic means and U S Postal Service.

I am to present a check for $17M dollars to the USMC Scholarship Fund at the Phoenix Hotel in Washington DC on 1 August 2018 and for any parties who have unwittingly injured me I will accept remedy before that date assuming your corporation was unwitting. For any corporations listed that do not provide remedy by 1 August I will conclude you are witting participants in these Frauds and RICO trebling will apply to any remedies provided pre-trial. There is a case of a whistle blowing pilot that has just be remedied with a multi-billion-dollar award. That case is known to USDoJ, FAA and FBI as well as previous administrations who had suppressed and delayed it.

Regarding Wisconsin Department of Revenue and National Financial Service LLC I would like both of your offices explain to me on what you based your levy claim of $83,423.11 as I am not subject to IRS taxation as of 26 May 2015 and your fraudulent levy is dated 25 August 2016. It is my belief that the Wisconsin franchise office of the IRS, which is a private corporation headquartered in Guaynabo City Puerto Rico, bases their tax calculations of Federal Taxes due and I revoked my election to pay voluntary federal taxes on 22 May 2015 as is evidenced in a youTube titled:


This letter will be in Affidavit form and filed with Pierce County Court Case 15 FA 178 on Friday, 27 August 2018.

Field McConnell USMC 0116513
P O Box 39
N3572 CR S
Plum City WI 54761

Herb Lallemont
S2021 County Road U
Waumandee, WI 54622
(608) 626-3131

Rodli, Beskar, Neuhaus, Murray & Pletcher, S.C.
219 N Main St, River Falls, WI 54022

Douglas La Follette
Office of the Secretary of State of Wisconsin
B41W State Capitol, Madison WI 53703

Richard G. Chandler
Office of the Secretary
2135 Rimrock Road, P.O. Box 8933 Mail Stop 624-A
Madison, WI 53708-8933
Telephone: (608) 266-6466
FAX: (608) 266-5718

U S Marshals Dallas S. Neville & Kevin Carr
US Court House 517 East Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee Wisconsin 53202

Sheriff Nancy Hovde
414 W. Main Street
Ellsworth Wisconsin 54011
Phone: 715-273-3531

Ed Bastian CEO
Delta Airlines
P.O. Box 20706, Atlanta, GA 30320

Stuart Parker CEO USAA
9800 Fredericksburg Rd.
San Antonio, TX, 78288

Peg Feuerhelm,
Clerk of Court
414 W Main St
Ellsworth, WI 54011

National Financial Services LLC
499 Washington Blvd FL 5
Jersey City NJ 07310-2010

Office of Lawyer Regulation-Intake
110 East Main Street Suite 315
Madison WI 53703-3383

Attorney General Schimel
Wisconsin Department of Justice
P.O. Box 7857
Madison, WI 53703-7857

Shane Bauer CEO, First Bank Baldwin
990 Main Street
P.O. Box 2060
Baldwin, WI 54002

President Trump promised to make honoring our veterans one of the top priorities of his Administration. Part of that promise means restoring American patriotism. “We don’t apologize for America anymore. We stand up for America,” the President told the Veterans of Foreign Wars national convention yesterday in Missouri.

“And we stand up for our National Anthem,” the President said to a thundering ovation.

Another part of that promise is making sure that our veterans receive the best healthcare in the world. That begins by holding the VA system accountable for misconduct and poor performance. Last June, President Trump signed the VA Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act into law, making it easier to discipline bad actors, including senior executives.

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