To ALPA and FAA: Sit Down With Boeing and Have a Long Talk – Bring Your Lawyers

Ed. note: A well done clip by Vox explaining the intense rivalry between Airbus and Boeing and the technical factors that led up to the crashes of Lion Air Flight 610 and Ethiopian Airlines Flight 302. What the linked article below is saying is that Boeing itself had oversight on the Boeing 737 MAX and the FAA relinquished its oversight responsibilities as a federal regulatory agency.

With close industry ties, FAA safety chief pushed more delegation of oversight to Boeing

FAA meets with major US airlines, pilot unions on Boeing MAX grounding

Source: Vox


Air Line Pilots Association International

Federal Aviation Administration

On a related note: Would readers like to know what massive fraud, waste and abuse looks like? Look at the Pentagon then realize just as it is between Boeing and the FAA just how incompetent and irresponsible the human element is inside these systems and corporate structures.

Matt Taibbi: The Pentagon books are so screwed on every level it’s impossible to detect fraud

Solution: Dismantle the Pentagon.

A $350 Billion Defense Force Would Keep America Safer Than a $700 Billion War Machine

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