Time to Rethink President Trump (the real estate guy who signs the deals)

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Trump: The Warlord of Economic Savagery

by Wayne Madsen | March 7, 2019

Donald Trump’s decidedly neo-conservative administration is waging economic warfare through the combined imposition of tariffs and economic sanctions against nations on six continents. Trump’s policies, which fuse bull-headedness with oafishness, have wreaked havoc on the stock market, pension funds, employment, and overall economic stability on a scale not seen since the Great Depression of the last century.

For the last several years, the United States imposed crippling economic sanctions on Zimbabwe to force long-reigning president Robert Mugabe from power. The Washington “regime change” industry received what it wanted in November 2017 when Mugabe resigned from office amid popular street protests. Emmerson Mnangagwa succeeded Mugabe as president, expecting the US would drop its sanctions on the Harare government. Not satisfied with the removal of Mugabe from power, the Trump administration recently announced that it was extending sanctions on Zimbabwe for another year, citing Mnangagwa’s government as a threat to US security interests in Africa.

Donald Trump, who has labeled African nations “shitholes,” will not be satisfied until all of Africa consists of Washington’s client states, voting in lockstep at the United Nations for US and Israeli interests. The extension of US sanctions against Zimbabwe bears the watermark of Trump national security adviser John Bolton, who developed a pathological hatred for countries like Zimbabwe, which regularly denounced US policies in the UN and other international forums.

Although Zimbabwe has implemented electoral reforms, committed itself to recognizing human rights, and improved press freedoms in the country, it is not enough for the firmly neo-con Trump administration. The Trump administration insists that Mnangagwa’s victory in last July’s presidential election was flawed, even as Trump and the completely “Trumpified” Republican Party faces legitimate charges of voter intimidation, election fraud, and other election malfeasance across the United States.

The Trump administration’s sanctions against Zimbabwe come after increased US sanctions against the Venezuelan government of President Nicolas Maduro. These sanctions, which include asset freezes and travel bans on Venezuelan officials, may be expanded to include individuals and entities with ties to the Maduro government. There is already a move afoot among Trump’s neo-cons to expel Maria Gabriela Chávez, the daughter of the late Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, from New York, where she serves as an alternate ambassador to the UN The Trump administration is also considering freezing Ms. Chavez’s financial assets in New York, including bank accounts. Such steps would mark a violation of the US-UN Treaty and provide an additional reason for the UN to move its headquarters from New York, where Trump enriches himself from the high rents some UN permanent missions pay the Trump Organization for offices in Trump-owned buildings.

Expanded US sanctions would be directed against Venezuela’s remaining allies in the region, including several Caribbean island nations. The US was already caught red-handed in Haiti, where a team of US mercenaries – some tied to the former Blackwater firm founded by Trump unofficial foreign policy adviser Erik Prince – were arrested during protests in Port-au-Prince. The American mercenaries were armed and had advanced communications equipment. They were eventually deported to Miami after the Trump administration applied pressure on Haitian President Jovenel Moïse, who has varied between neutrality on the Venezuela situation or has thrown his support to Maduro.

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Readers should start to seriously think about identifying a minimum of five dependable alternative news sources if not already to replace CNN and Fox News. Tucker Carlson of Fox News is a racist condescending duplicitous scumbag in our estimation. CNN and Fox News both represent oligarchical power structures in the US.

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Source: MailOnline

Harvard law professor says ‘slimy’ Jared Kushner is the ‘beating heart’ of the ‘corrupt and deeply evil’ Trump administration

  • Constitutional law professor, Laurence Tribe, made the comments on Saturday 
  • He said ‘slimy’ Kushner is ‘beating heart’ of the ‘deeply evil’ Trump administration
  • Tribe was responding to Newsweek columnist, Seth Abramson, who had called President Donald Trump’s son-in-law ‘the greatest domestic danger to America’

By Dailymail.com • 10 March 2019

A Harvard law professor has slammed Jared Kushner for being the ‘beating heart’ of the ‘deeply evil’ Trump administration. 

Constitutional law professor, Laurence Tribe, made the comments on Saturday. 

Tribe was responding to Newsweek columnist, Seth Abramson, who had called President Donald Trump‘s son-in-law ‘the greatest domestic danger to America’.

‘I’m with @sethabramson here. Smarmy, slimy, smiling Jared Kushner of 666 Fifth Avenue is the beating heart of this unprecedentedly corrupt and deeply evil administration,’ Tribe tweeted. 

‘He’ll eventually be exposed as an insatiably greedy Benedict Arnold,’ he added, implying that Kushner would betray the United States. 

Tribe responded to Abramson’s Twitter thread after he made the case that ‘Kushner is going to get us into a *devastating* war with Iran’. 

Please go to MailOnline to read the entire article.



Trump’s reported meddling with Jared Kushner’s security clearance is reckless — and totally legal


The reality is whatever Jared Kushner does regarding his close connection to the Trump administration being inside the White House on polices or relations with Saudi Arabia, it will ultimately benefit Israel. We have every reason to be extremely concerned about what Jared Kushner is doing in his working with and his frequent trips to Saudi Arabia.

When we are talking about Kushner belonging to the “doomsday cult” Chabad Lubavitch and nuclear technology moving to Saudi Arabia in the same discussion, we had all better start paying close attention to what is going on here.

Forget Russia. Look at the relationship in these oligarchic power structures between the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel. Do readers know who Stephen A. Schwarzman is? It’s time to get caught up and quick while it seems Trump is just along for the ride as the guy who “signs the sweet business deals”.

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Ultimately, what Jared Kushner is working on seems to be all related to a series of diplomatic moves involving the US, Saudi Arabia and Israel, all related to China’s Belt & Road Initiative (BRI) that we will start taking a close look at in coming posts. Italy has now opened up its ports for trade with China.

Jared Kushner Is China’s Trump Card

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