This Is What Happens When Government is Privatized – “Hunting Americans Online For Fun and Profit”

Ed.’s note: This is also what made 9/11 possible. This all comes down to the question why is Israel running the US? The Pentagon when General David “The Surge” Petraeus signed a contract with a UK-based PR firm works for Israel creating fake terrorist videos in order to traumatize Americans into thinking a terrorist threat actually exists.

Pentagon Paid $540mn to PR firm Bell Pottinger to Produce Fake Terrorist Videos

Alison Weir is up against very powerful forces that have used America to build the state of Israel since its inception in 1948. James Forrestal, the first secretary of defense, discovered that very quickly when he was tossed out his bedroom window of the National Naval Medical Center (NNMC) in Bethesda, Maryland on May 22, 1949. This is only partially true since the state of Israel was originally set up by the Soviet Union under Jospeh Stalin, which then used America to backdoor US technology to build the state of Israel into what it is today as the “startup nation.” The superstructure of all this is astonishing with the UK acting as Israel’s enabler almost as if we are on a historical timeline.

Watch: Alison Weir – The Hidden History of How the U.S. Was Used to Create Israel

Weir says ADL claims against her are intended to hide Israeli crimes

Americans at this point are facing the culmination of the creation of the state of Israel and will be used in one final military push to solidify Israel as the dominant regional power:

Israel’s Many Wars

Artificial Intelligence Will Make Our Forever Wars Truly Forever

Hezbollah Announces Start Of ‘New Phase’ Of Conflict With Israel


Source: The Saker

The Terrorists Among US – Cyber Terrorists Publicly Expose Themselves

September 2, 2019 | By GH Eliason for The Saker Blog

What happens when Intel community figures decide to make you an enemy of the state? How about if they aren’t satisfied with the elected government? Dive in and let’s find out.

Lawsuits and Jail Time 

Take the clear examples shown below to heart. Your congressmen and senators hire cyber terrorists to manipulate their own constituents in ways that only benefit lobbyist’s clientele and their own reelections.

Let’s allow the Intel community players attacking people in the US and EU as well as other protected groups like journalists publically expose themselves.

The US is at a critical juncture and in danger of losing itself to cyber terrorists posing as protectors at the gate. Private industry and lobbyists have infiltrated the Intelligence community to the point that the difference between private contractors and government agencies is no longer distinguishable. There is no longer a line left for them to crossover except being held responsible for their crimes. Let’s help them cross that line too.

The practice of farming out government responsibility in Intelligence and Security work has removed legal responsibility from the agencies who now call private contractors that aren’t under restrictions to act in what would be illegal conduct against US and EU citizens. It has gone beyond the pale now that it is having real world consequences. Private contractors are acting as judge, jury, and in some cases, executioner.

This is why Tobias Feakin, a senior analyst at ASPI said-“The process of the private sector becoming offensive actors in cyberspace has already begun. Where this leads is uncertain, but it’s hard to imagine it being particularly positive.”

The Tallinn Manual for International Law Applicable to Cyber Warfare defines cyber war as war. Cyber terrorism is terrorism. The medium doesn’t matter (conventional, nuclear, space, cyber, economic, etc) and the response can and should be in the real world.

Even though it is not a legally binding document, it is a practical resource for legal advisers on issues that up to now have mostly been tackled on ad hoc and case-by-case basis. “Tallinn Manual 2.0 is an invaluable tool for governmental lawyers responsible for providing legal advice in mainly two situations – first, when their state has become a victim of hostile cyber operations and would like to know its response options, and second, when the state is planning to engage in cyber operations, but needs to ensure that it does so in compliance with international law,” Vihul emphasises. Estonian World

In other words, Tallinn II is the resource in use in court. The manual is clear once an attack happens the response is not limited to “in kind” or even needs to be proportional. For attacks that don’t meet the threshold of war, jurisdiction jumps down to national and local levels. That’s exactly where we want it.  

State and local law is what governs how robust a defense against terrorism normal people can actually muster. Further, because attacks are anonymous and online, if you found the perpetrator 5 years after the fact, it may as well be happening in the present. That’s how the legal aspect reads.

How does your local law define a terrorist or terrorist act? Its definition will be like an act of political violence or intimidation that causes damage or death to a group of people.

You have to ask yourself how hard it is for someone like Weisburd to put a journalist working in a warzone on drone list. The answer is it’s already done. Weisburd testified before Congress on its effectiveness.

“I next turn to Mr. Andrew Weisburd, and he has been engaged in counterterrorism and the collection, analysis, and dissemination of intelligence since 2002, primarily focused on the use of the internet by al-Qaeda and other Islamist extremist organizations and movements. He has been a provider of expert services to a variety of organizations since 2003 and has engaged in research for organizations such as NATO and the United States Department of Justice.

He is a long-time contract instructor in the practitioner education program at the Combating Terrorism Center at West Point and regularly provides training and briefings to the FBI and CIA. He has a BS in information systems from Southern Illinois and an MA in criminology, and he has written various  books and included a chapter for the FBI Counterterrorism  Division textbook on comparing jihadi and street gang videos on  YouTube.”- SUBCOMMITTEE ON COUNTERTERRORISM AND INTELLIGENCE of the COMMITTEE ON HOMELAND SECURITY HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES DECEMBER 6, 2011

While Weisburd was training the alphabet agencies, he was also hunting Americans online for fun and profit. 

According to Andrew Aaron Weisburd started the Society for Internet Research (will be important in a later article) and after the attack on the Twin Towers and as a reaction to the 2000 Camp David Accords when Yasser Arafat rejected the agreement. The website had the taglines “Online Counter-Insurgency,” “Confronting Islamist terrorists and their supporters online” and “Defending Israel and the Jewish people. Weisburd’s World American Jihadi Targeting Americans in the US

Within a short period of time, he started collaborating with Israeli retired Colonel Reuven Erlich and the Israeli Intelligence and Information Center. More than likely it was through him that Weisburd was initially immersed in real OSINT tools.

After starting in 2002, Weisburd was already gaining media attention as early as January 2003. With no prior education and only a few months of web trolling experience, he was already touted as an expert by regional and national media.

According to Weisburd, it only takes a few words or images to determine a particular website needs to be taken down. “I understand enough of what they say to know they are my enemy, and that’s all I need to know.” 

In a 2007 CNN interview he further clarified his methodology “Aaron Weisburd, founder of Internet Haganah and director of the Society for Internet Research, is a fighter on the frontline in this new type of warfare. Weisburd, who works out of his Carbondale, Illinois home, describes his organization as a “global non-governmental ad-hoc intelligence network” which he’s modeled after al Qaeda’s network.

Whatever good intentions may have been there in the beginning were corrupted since the beginning. As soon as the smell of dollars hit the air, patriotism went out the window. Any wing nut with software can put you on a terrorist list today. Almost every wing nut with software is getting paid to do that.

How good are the founding fathers of inter-agency OSINT and online counter-terrorism? This effort put their skills together and was backed by former Homeland Security Czar Michael Chertoff through the Alliance for Securing Democracy

“(Clint)Watts worked on Hamilton 68 with JM Berger, a fellow with the International Centre for Counter-Terrorism who studies extremism and propaganda on social media; Andrew Weisburd, a fellow at the Center for Cyber & Homeland Security; and Jonathon Morgan, the CEO of New Knowledge AI and head of Data for Democracy, a volunteer collective of data scientists and technologists.

Laura Rosenberger, the director of the German Marshall Fund’s ‎Alliance for Securing Democracy, was brought on by Watts as the project “moved from wish to reality,” Berger told Business Insider on Wednesday.

Please go to The Saker to read the entire article.


Source: The Nation

How Israeli Tech Firms Act as Global Agents of Repression

Two private intelligence companies hack political enemies in Africa, Europe, the Mideast, and the United States, for a price.

By Richard Silverstein | JULY 27, 2018

The NSO Group logo displayed on the company’s old office building in Herzliya, Israel. (AP Photo / Daniella Cheslow)

Israel is, in many ways, an anomaly among nations. While it considers itself a democracy, it is actually a national-security state. Its military-intelligence apparatus is ubiquitous in the everyday affairs of its citizens. These sacrifices of privacy and civil liberties are prices most Israelis are willing, even happy, to pay in return for security.

The Israeli army’s signals intelligence (SIGINT) branch, Unit 8200, is the largest unit in the IDF and one of its most prestigious. It is integrated into the overall intelligence apparatus, foreign and domestic, and is used to penetrate the affairs of Palestinians in granular detail, permitting the Shin Bet, Israel’s internal security agency, to cultivate informants and plan covert operations like targeted killings or arrests of security suspects. The cyber-surveillance technologies developed by Unit 8200 and the other intelligence agencies are a key component in maintaining Israeli control over the Palestinian people.

But in the past two decades or so, Israel has greatly expanded use of these technologies. Veterans of these spy shops have transferred their knowledge into the commercial sphere and marketed themselves as agents of repression for clients around the globe. This is a dark, dirty secret that lies behind the hype of the “start-up nation.”

Two Israeli companies are at the forefront of this commercialization of dirty ops: NSO Group and Black Cube. Those following the Harvey Weinstein scandal will remember that Black Cube was the cyber-surveillance firm that Weinstein’s lawyer, David Boies, hired after former Israeli prime minister Ehud Barak introduced Weinstein to the company. Black Cube employed covert schemes to trick Weinstein’s accusers into exposing themselves so that his legal defense might have more ammunition to discredit them in court and in the public realm.

When The New Yorker revealed Black Cube’s seamy activities, the involved parties scrambled into damage-control mode. Black Cube at first refused to confirm or deny working for the disgraced Weinstein (later, it apologized). Boies admitted signing a contract with the company, but insisted he had no role in determining the activities it would carry out for Weinstein. That allowed Weinstein’s victims to be exploited twice over—first by his sexually predatory behavior, and then by Black Cube, which sent agents posing as sympathetic individuals offering aid, comfort, and financial support, but who were actually preying on the victims and serving Weinstein’s interests.

Although this was the most public scandal involving Black Cube, it wasn’t necessarily the most consequential. Black Cube represents not only individuals like Weinstein; it also contracts with companies involved in litigation against competitors and, perhaps most momentous of all, it fulfills the goals of foreign intelligence services and political leaders by sabotaging those they consider to be enemies.

In Romania, two Black Cube agents were arrested in 2016 for attempting to hack the e-mail accounts of the nation’s corruption czar. You would think this might have restrained the company’s ambitions and perhaps lit a yellow light of caution in Israel’s political and security apparatus. But that didn’t happen.

When Cambridge Analytica whistle-blower Christopher Wylie exposed some of the darkest secrets of his former company and its efforts to sabotage the US presidential election, he also revealed that Black Cube partnered with his firm to dig up dirt on Nigeria’s presidential candidate Muhammadu Buhari during that country’s 2015 national election campaign. Apparently, the campaign didn’t work, as Buhari was elected.


After President Trump threw out the P5+1 Iran nuclear deal, former members of Barack Obama’s team who had negotiated that agreement revealed that they too had been hoaxed in a manner that mirrored the tactics used in the Weinstein case. According to Rebecca Kahl, the wife of Colin Kahl, national-security adviser to former vice president Joseph Biden, a mysterious woman e-mailed her in 2017, offering financial support for their children’s school. Rebecca’s e-mail correspondent repeatedly asked to meet with her to discuss how the correspondent’s financial firm could benefit the school. Fortunately, Kahl and her husband were savvy enough not to take the bait.

Trita Parsi, head of the National Iranian American Council, an Iranian-American NGO that supported the nuclear deal, was also approached in 2017 by a purported journalist. He sought to get Parsi to say that Kahl and another Obama administration official, Ben Rhodes, expected to exploit the nuclear deal for personal financial gain. Like the Kahls, Parsi smelled a rat.

The UK Observer reported in May that “aides to Donald Trump” hired “an Israeli private intelligence agency” to conduct a “dirty ops” campaign against Colin Kahl and Rhodes; the purpose of the mission was, presumably, to lay the groundwork for Trump’s abandonment of the Iran nuclear deal. (The Observer‘s claim that Trump aides hired the agency has not been confirmed, but on the day after its article was published, Ronan Farrow in The New Yorker reported that the agency in question was Black Cube. The company says it has no relation to the Trump administration, has not worked with Trump aides, and refuses “to confirm or deny any speculation” about its work.)

Please go to The Nation to read the entire article.


Always the screaming, gnashing of teeth and yelling to beat the population in submission to “democracy.” When people like Weisburd talk about “securing democracy”, what they really mean is “securing you” because you are a “terrorist” if you disagree or are a political activist. You then become the hunted online:

David Weisburd

Andrew Weisburd is a non-resident fellow for the Alliance for Securing Democracy at GMF. For the last 15 years, he has provided training and expert services to elements of the U.S. intelligence community and select non-governmental organizations. His areas of expertise include leveraging open sources of intelligence, and the use of the public internet by a broad range of threat actors, to further counterintelligence, counterterrorism, and criminal investigations. Weisburd has a BS degree in Information systems management from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and a masters in criminology from the University of Illinois Chicago.

Who is Peter Thiel?

Peter Thiel a Jew in All But Name

Of course you would expect The Daily Beast (the “online Russian analyzer is a dud”) to host Weisburd’s “intelligence”:

More on contracts between the Department of Hebrew Security, we’re sorry, we meant “homeland security”, and Israel:

News Release: DHS S&T and Israeli Partners Call for Proposals on Advanced First Responder Technologies

Is it any wonder why Don the real estate guy wanted a border wall? After all, Israel has a wall, several of them in fact:

How Israeli high-tech firms are outfitting the US-Mexico border

Homeland Security Made in Israel

Trump’s Russia ties are really Jewish ties

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