This Has Gone Too Far, Palestine Needs to Be Resolved Today – To the Benefit of the Palestinians

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“Gaza Fights For Freedom”


Source: Electronic Intifada

Israel tacitly admits to punishing blameless civilians

by Maureen Clare Murphy Rights and Accountability | 24 May 2019

Palestinian fishers unload their catch at Gaza’s seaport on 2 April.
Ashraf Amra APA images

Israeli avocado growers have been banned from accessing their greenhouses in Jordan Valley settlements, the Israeli government announced this week. The decision was made after settlers set fire to fields belonging to Palestinian farmers in Asira al-Qibliya village last Friday, causing damage but no injuries.

Of course nothing in the above paragraph is true – except that Israelis from the notorious Yitzhar settlement did in fact set fire to fields in Burin and Asira al-Qibliya, villages near Nablus in the north of the occupied West Bank on Friday.

Settlers also threw stones at Palestinian homes and fired guns into the air while soldiers looked on and did nothing.

At first Israel blamed the fires exclusively on Palestinians, until the human rights group B’Tselem published video showing gun-toting settlers setting fields on fire:

“Predictably, none of the settlers who torched the area were arrested or investigated, and as always they enjoy almost full immunity,” B’Tselem states.

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And if anyone thinks there will be “peace” in the region, resolving the Palestinian issue living in Gaza Strip or an end to war, you better think again. These rabbinical paranoid lunatics will perpetrate war until the very end.

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